Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad and Melane lay in bed together after making love. They wake up and kiss.

Daniel and Rafe talk at the Town Square. Rafe apologizes to him and hopes Daniel won't have to be involved in this anymore. Rafe reveals that he researched on how to fake a paternity test. Daniel asks Rafe if he's sure about this and warns him that he doesn't know how he's going to keep EJ from finding out that he's the father. Rafe is willing to take the risk. Daniel questions Rafe's state of mind with going through a divorce and what happened with Carrie. Daniel suggests Rafe ask himself why he's doing this and if it will be worth it in the end.

Carrie sits at the Pub and thinks about kissing Rafe and then hearing Rafe say he's the father of Nicole's baby. She then looks down at her phone.

Daniel tells Rafe that he knows he's trying to be a good guy. Rafe calls it more complicated than that. Rafe realizes he messed up when he claimed the baby was his. Rafe brings up how he and Nicole weren't even friends that long ago. Rafe talks about how he didn't want to imagine EJ making the kid's life hell. Rafe decides it's payback for everything EJ did to him. Daniel calls it understandable. Rafe tells him that he's never felt like this before. Rafe questions things he's done like kissing his wife's sister. Daniel suggests there could be something between them but Rafe shoots it down since she's working things out with Austin. Daniel suggests Rafe tell Carrie the truth. Rafe agrees that it's what he needs to do. Carrie then calls Rafe. Carrie asks him to meet her at the Pub because she has something important to talk to him about. Rafe tells her that he will be right there.

Nicole leaves a phone message for Stefano wanting to talk to him about sabotaging EJ's election.

Billie goes to the DiMera Mansion and finds it empty. She decides to start looking through the front desk. Billie hits a button on the desk that makes a drawer comes open so Billie takes a folder from inside and begins to look at it. EJ walks by the living room and stops at the doorway to look inside.

Daniel asks Rafe if he's going to see Carrie or not. Daniel compares it to how he went around the world to get over Jennifer. Rafe thinks he owes it to Carrie to tell her the truth. Daniel encourages him and thinks it's the best for both of them so Rafe makes his way to the Pub.

EJ slams the door and pretends to have just gotten home to startle Billie. Billie puts everything back and sits down to act as if she wasn't doing anything. EJ goes into the living room and claims not to have known she was there. Billie asks when Stefano is coming back. EJ says he hasn't heard anything since Stefano always keeps them on their toes. Billie asks EJ about his meeting with the city counsel. EJ reveals it was canceled so he is working from home today. Billie informs him that she is working from home too.

Rafe arrives at the Pub and meets with Carrie. She thanks him and he's glad she called. Rafe tells her that he misses her but understands if she doesn't since she's back with Austin. Carrie adds that things are good so Rafe states he's happy for her. Rafe tells Carrie that he really cares about her a lot. Carrie tells him to stop pretending like he cares about her. Rafe is confused. Carrie says it's not right for him to keep saying those things while she's married. Rafe apologizes for upsetting her. Carrie states that they just worked together and things happened that they didn't plan or expect but now she's working on her marriage so they need to forget those things. Rafe tells her that it's not that simple for him because he'll always care what she thinks of him. Carrie doesn't want to get into it but Rafe wants her to hear him out. Rafe tells her there's something she needs to understand. Carrie says she's listening but Austin arrives before Rafe can continue. Austin greets Carrie and apologizes for being late. Austin sits with them and thanks Rafe for joining them on short notice. Austin says he knows there's been a lot of tension between them but he hopes they can put it all behind them. Rafe asks how he suggests. Carrie says she was just about to tell him and hands Rafe a folder. Rafe opens it and inside is a solution to business partnership. Carrie reveals that she wants to officially end their partnership so that they can both move on with their lives.

Billie and EJ both sit in the living room working. EJ suggests Billie work in her own room but she calls it too drafty. EJ asks her for privacy for a conference call he is having. EJ suggests she go to work at Countess Wilhelmina. EJ mentions that he will see her late since she'll be stopping at the hospital to see Bo. Billie takes her things and exits. EJ goes back and grabs the folder from the drawer that Billie was looking at earlier.. EJ reads the contents and quickly puts it down. EJ opens it again and then slams his hand down.

Chad surprises Melanie with a present. She opens it and inside is a pink robe. Melanie thanks him as Chad jokes with her that it stays at his place. Chad hopes she spends many more nights with him. Melanie says she would like that very much.

Rafe doesn't think formally ending their business partnership is necessary. Carrie explains that it will protect him in the future. Rafe comments on how good Carrie is and asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Carrie thinks it would be best for both of them so Rafe signs the papers. Carrie thanks him. Austin states that now he has something to say. Austin says it's been an extremely difficult period for all of them and it kills him that Rafe and Sami weren't able to work things out. Austin needs to know that Rafe respects that he and Carrie are going to fix their marriage. Rafe says he does. Austin is glad to hear it since they are all still family and nothing would make him happier than to put it all behind them and be friends. Rafe agrees on being friends. Carrie tells Rafe that they won't keep him any longer so Rafe shakes hands with Austin and then exits. Austin tells Carrie that he thought it went a little uncomfortable but it went great. Austin states that Rafe gets that they are committed to their relationship and is going to respect that. Austin tells Carrie that she was wonderful and they kiss. Austin informs her that he has to go back to work but can't wait to spend the day with her. Austin kisses her again and then exits.

Billie calls Agent Spencer and leaves a message that she thinks she hit the motherload at the DiMera Mansion since she found files in a hidden compartment. Billie says she didn't finish since EJ came but is going back for a thorough search as soon as she can.

Nicole goes to the DiMera Mansion and starts to go upstairs but overhears EJ's anger and goes into the living room. Nicole comments that she thought EJ was in meetings all day so she was going to get her things. Nicole asks him what is wrong. EJ states that he hoped his life would turn a corner by becoming mayor and become a legitimate force in the town for his family, his children, his wife, and his father. EJ calls Nicole leaving him like having the air sucked out of his lungs. EJ says losing Stefano would be like losing the ground beneath his feet. EJ reveals that Stefano betrayed him. Nicole apologizes and says she was going to tell him but wanted to talk to Stefano first. EJ can't believe she knew and didn't tell him. Nicole says she didn't want to get involved. EJ asks how she found out but Nicole doesn't think it matters. EJ wants her to tell him how she found out that Stefano was trying to undermine him while he was trying to frame John. Nicole is shocked to learn that EJ framed John. EJ thought she knew but Nicole reveals that she was talking about the election. EJ is confused and demands Nicole tell him what she knows so Nicole reveals that Stefano stole the election from him. EJ questions what she means and says Abe did that. EJ declares that he won the personal vote and they uncovered Abe and Jennifer's fraud. Nicole says that's only partly right. Nicole says she did make it look like Abe cheated but that was after she found out that Stefano was working against him. Nicole reveals that Stefano rigged the election so that Abe would win and that Stefano made sure he lost.

Carrie exits the Pub and runs back into Rafe. Rafe says he came to give her back her pen since it was one that her parents gave her. Carrie thanks him and starts to leave but Rafe stops her and says he thought they were friends but it seems like she can't get out fast enough. Carrie asks if he honestly doesn't know why.

Billie walks through the town square and comes across Austin. They greet each other as Austin finds out that the student he was meeting is going to be late. They sit together and Austin wants her to tell him what it's like living in the DiMera Mansion. Billie says she's just glad that Stefano is gone so she can be with Kate alone. Billie jokes that she can get to know EJ. Austin remarks that he doesn't think anybody knows EJ.

EJ questions Stefano rigging the election against him. EJ laughs and says it doesn't make sense since they are on the same team. EJ calls a victory for him shared with Stefano. Nicole reminds him that it's Stefano that they are talking about and no one should put faith in him. EJ points out that he's his father and a father doesn't do that to his son. EJ wants to know why his own father would want to destroy him.

Melanie brings Chad breakfast in bed and tells him that he has a long day ahead. Chad decides breakfast can wait and kisses her some more then removes her robe.

Austin explains to Billie everything that happened with Abigail lying about them sleeping together. Billie can't believe it and calls it outrageous. Austin regrets not telling Carrie from the start. Billie is glad that things are going to work out for them. Austin says he's trying to get back to the man he was and knows if he can do that then he and Carrie will be golden. Billie hopes so. Billie tells him that marriage is between two people and she hopes that Carrie is as committed as Austin is.

Carrie tells Rafe that she thought he was a great guy and that's why she had feelings for him. Rafe admits that he shouldn't have while he was married to Sami. They both agree that their feelings were real. Rafe tells her that he still cares about her. Carrie says that if he really cared about her then he never would've slept with Nicole. Rafe questions what she's talking about. Carrie tells him not to lie because she knows Nicole is pregnant with his child.

Nicole can't believe EJ is shocked since there's no honor among thieves. Nicole brings up them stealing millions from John. EJ reveals that was all his plan and not Stefano's. EJ says he planned it, executed it, and brought John down. EJ shouts that he did it to prove to Stefano that he was ready to run his company but he stole that from him like he stole the election. EJ screams in frustration and calls himself a fool. Nicole sees he's upset and very angry but tells him to keep his head on straight. Nicole warns him not to tell anyone that he set up John. Nicole asks why he thinks Stefano was undermining his plot to frame John. EJ points out the folder and calls it plenty of evidence that leaves no doubt. EJ screams about Stefano pulling his strings and probably laughing behind his back.

Austin admits to Billie that there were times he didn't think that he and Carrie were going to make it since she was pulling away. Austin thinks finding out that Abigail lied turned things around. Austin says she can tell now that Carrie wants their marriage to work. Billie thinks it's one thing to say it and another to make it happen. Austin jokes about her support. Billie doesn't mean to negative and just hopes it works for them. Austin thanks her for her support. Billie thanks him for all of his support as well. Austin tells her that he is determined to be the guy that Carrie originally fell in love with and if they get back to the way they were then she will never look at Rafe again.

Carrie shouts at Rafe that he should've said he never slept with Nicole but Nicole ended up pregnant. Carrie tells him that she was willing to leave her marriage because she thought he was such a great guy. Rafe tries to get through to her and tell her that what they had was real as Carrie states that if he were a great guy then he never would've slept with Nicole.

Chad and Melanie continue kissing in bed. Chad tells her that he loves her. Melanie says the same as they continue.

Nicole tells EJ that Stefano could have his reasons for what he did and may have been trying to protect him. EJ thinks Stefano does not care about him or anyone but himself. Nicole reminds EJ that he's not the only one that's hurting and brings up the investors that poured millions into John's fund. EJ shouts back that he was going to give them the money back and that was the whole point of the class action lawsuit. EJ states that John was the only person that was supposed to be hurt. Nicole asks what happened to all the money if EJ stole it. EJ reveals that he put it into the folder of offshore accounts that were supposed to be secure but it's now all gone with not a penny left.

Austin brings coffees for he and Billie as Billie says she was just waiting on a business call. Billie suggests Austin call Carrie to check in and say hi. Austin explains that he just saw her and they dissolved her partnership with Rafe. Austin tells her that it went great and he really thinks that whatever feelings Rafe and Carrie had are in the past now.

Rafe asks Carrie to trust that he really cares about her. Carrie asks about Nicole and his baby. Rafe calls it complicated but Carrie thinks it's very simple that they are having a baby together. Carrie hopes Rafe does right by Nicole since he's not the man that she thought he was and that's what hurts the most. Carrie starts to leave but Rafe stops her and announces he's going to tell the truth.

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