Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/11/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami brings EJ his dry clothes back. EJ tells her he will leave her to unpacking and reminds her that their neighbor situation stays platonic. They agree and bring up everything they have done to one another. They agree that it's best for them not to be together. They shake hands on it and get close before EJ says goodnight and exits. Johnny runs up to Sami asking if EJ was there and wonders why he didn't say goodnight. Sami tells him that they thought he was sleeping. Sami goes and gets EJ to come back and say goodnight to Johnny. EJ comes back and Johnny hugs him. Rafe and Nicole arrive at the apartment complex as Rafe tells Nicole that this will be a better place for her to live.

Stefano tells Francesco that they tricked him with the contents of the egg. He orders him to stop John and Hope from getting on the plane. Stefano answers the phone call and finds out that they are headed to Salem so he orders his contact to not let them get on the plane. Stefano realizes that they have been deceiving him all along and know that they are John and Hope instead of the Pawn and Princess Gina.

John and Hope prepare to get on their plane but the airport attendant gets a phone call.

Chad, Melanie, and Gabi sit together at the Pub. They joke about seeing movies. Gabi praises a movie's plot that has a guy leaving his fiancee for his best friend. Melanie disagrees. Chad jokes with them about the movie. Gabi thinks people get hurt in relationships and likes seeing true love win.

Stefano orders his contact to bring John and Hope back to him.

The attendant tells John and Hope that they have been denied permission to board the flight. Hope argues that they have to get on the flight.

Sami and EJ talk with Johnny. Rafe and Nicole overhear it and see them together in Sami's apartment. Rafe and Nicole both call it bad luck. Sami and EJ spot them at the door. Nicole suggests keeping the door closed. Johnny runs up to Rafe and tells him that they miss him. Sami explains that EJ was just about to tuck Johnny back to bed. EJ takes Johnny to the bedroom. Sami questions what Rafe and Nicole are doing here. Rafe explains that Nicole was looking for an apartment. Nicole says that she'll look somewhere else now that she knows Sami and EJ are there. Sami quickly adds that they aren't living together. Nicole comments that Sami didn't waste any time and Sami tells her the same.

Hope and John argue about needing to get home. The attendant warns them that they would be risking their lives on the flight and takes their passports to check for clearance. John gives him some money in hopes that he can get them on the flight. Hope states that she has to get home to Bo.

Gabi and Melanie continue talking about the movie they saw. Chad jokes about it. Melanie goes to the restroom and Chad then tells Gabi that he's been dying to get her alone which excites her. Chad then asks Gabi what she's doing tonight.

Sami insists that she's not living with EJ. Nicole adds that she's not living with Rafe. Sami starts complaining about Rafe getting Nicole pregnant. EJ returns and asks if there's a problem. Rafe brings up them living across from one another. EJ wonders why Rafe cares since he's divorcing Sami. Sami states that Nicole and Rafe deserve each other since Nicole barely left EJ before she went right after Rafe. Rafe questions Sami. Nicole tells her that she has it backwards since she broke up with EJ since he slept with Sami. Sami accuses Nicole of having sex with Rafe on purpose while her and EJ did on accident. Nicole mocks her idea of accidental sex. Sami clarifies that they didn't plan it while it just happened. Rafe tells her that doesn't change anything. Nicole wishes they just told the truth. Sami doubts it would have changed anything. EJ doesn't want to rehash the past since they all know what happened. Nicole tells EJ that they could've been happy together after he promised no more lies. EJ thinks they still can spend their lives together. Nicole talks about how they were going to be together until it all fell apart. Nicole thinks EJ being at Sami's proves that he didn't really love her. Nicole calls herself a fool. EJ states that he moved across the hall for the children. Sami accuses Nicole of getting pregnant to spite EJ. Nicole brings up not knowing if she'll carry it to term and reminds them what happened last time she was pregnant with EJ's baby. EJ points out that she said his baby.

John and Hope worry about Stefano finding out that they were double crossed. They try to talk to the attendant but Agent Spencer appears and tells them that they aren't going anywhere. John wonders where Spencer has been.

Francesco tells Stefano that John and Hope aren't going anywhere. Stefano remarks that they will never learn.

Chad tells Gabi that Melanie can't know but he wants to set up a romantic day for her. Gabi thinks he's talking about them being together. Chad gives her a key to his apartment to go set things up.

Sami questions Nicole saying EJ's baby but Rafe clarifies that she meant her last baby while this one is his. EJ apologizes for upsetting Nicole. Sami accuses her of always playing the victim. Nicole decides she can't take the stress and leaves so EJ follows her out. Sami tells Rafe that they need to talk. Outside the room, EJ tells Nicole that he has something to tell her.

Chad tells Gabi that he'll stall Melanie while Gabi sets things up for them with champagne and rose pedals. Gabi then realizes that Chad is setting up for he and Melanie. Chad says he wants it to be perfect because tonight is the night. Melanie returns as Gabi is unhappy.

Stefano instructs Francesco to call his contact at the airport so he knows what's going on. Stefano declares he does not want them to get away.

Spencer tells John that he's saving them from being arrested since the fake passports were caught. Spencer wants to know what happened. John wants to tell him about it on the flight. Spencer says intel first and then maybe he'll get them home.

Sami tells Rafe that she noticed he took off his wedding ring. Rafe assumes it was past time and noticed she did as well. Sami claims Rafe was the one who wanted to move on. Rafe stops her and doesn't want to hear it. Sami calls Rafe a liar and a hypocrite.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn't want any more drama tonight. EJ wants her to know how sorry he is and that he means it. EJ admits he's caused a lot of pain to a lot of people over the years especially Nicole. EJ calls what he did with Sami and then lying about it was the worst thing he's ever done.

John wants to know what Spencer needs to know. Spencer talks about them pretending to be Gina and the Pawn at the casino. Hope says they need to get out before Stefano realizes they double crossed him. Spencer informs them that he thinks Stefano so they need to play along. The attendant returns with their passports as John wants to leave but he says they have to come with him. John argues but the attendant pulls out a gun.

Gabi leaves as Chad is sending her to prepare his room. Melanie suggests they leave too but Chad says they can't leave yet.

John questions the airport attendant as he tells them to come with him. Spencer interrupts and asks if there's a problem. Spencer takes him down and knocks him out then he and John drag him away. Spencer warns that there isn't much time. John and Hope explain that Stefano changed them to Gina and the Pawn to get an egg with an old coin inside.

Rafe questions Sami calling him a hypocrite when she's the one that slept with EJ and then renewed their vows. Sami thinks Rafe is turning into a liar and brings up him falling in love with Carrie then getting in bed with Nicole. Sami calls Rafe a hypocrite again.

EJ tells Nicole that he's admitting he was wrong and says he's never hurt anyone as much as he hurt Nicole by being with Sami. EJ regrets breaking their vows and shattering her trust. EJ tells Nicole that he loves her and knows part of her still loves him too. Nicole responds that she hates this. EJ wants Nicole to tell him that there is still hope that they can be together again.

John and Hope talk to Spencer about Stefano being desperate to get his hands on the old coin. Spencer explains how they are trying to put Stefano away with an investigation. John wants to get back to Salem where they can work on the investigation but Spencer tells them that isn't happening.

Melanie tells Chad that she wants to go back to his place. Chad continues trying to stall and decides that he wants more coffee. Melanie tells him not to take too long because she wants to go back to his place which makes Chad happy.

Gabi sets up in Chad's room with champagne and flowers. Gabi then starts lighting candles and wonders why she's doing this. Gabi looks at the bed and imagines seeing Chad and Melanie making love. Gabi then knocks over a picture of Chad and Melanie and cracks the frame.

EJ wants Nicole to give him another chance and promises not to disappoint her. Nicole says she's sick and tired of this. EJ tells her that he would raise her child as his own even if it was Rafe's. EJ says he knows she would only be with another man because he drove her to it.

Rafe tells Sami to stop making it all about her. Rafe calls the kids the real victims. Rafe talks about Johnny and Sydney's relationship with EJ and how Allie barely saw Lucas before and how Will avoids Sami. Sami claims she's a good mother and wife but things happen. Rafe tells her that she just doesn't see the lies, chaos, and hurt that she causes and even if she did, she'd just deny it like she is now.

Francesco can't get a hold of his airport contact. Stefano orders him to go find out what's going on so he leaves.

Spencer tells John that he can't be apart of the team investigating due to a conflict of interest. John just wants EJ and Stefano in prison. Hope brings up that Stefano admitted being behind Bo's attack. Spencer states that it's only a matter of time before they nail EJ and Stefano. Hope wants to get back home.

Chad brings Melanie back to his room. Melanie is surprised that he set this all up. Chad tells her that he had a friend do it. Chad talks about wanting tonight to be special for Melanie and a night that she'd never forget. Melanie calls it the beginning of spending the rest of their lives together as they kiss. Chad offers to start with champagne but Melanie says they can have it later as they keep kissing. Chad tells her that he loves her. Melanie says she loves him too and they continue kissing.

Sami tells Rafe that he lusting after Carrie and then sleeping with Nicole is different from her having sex with EJ over grief. Rafe points out that if Will hadn't walked in then they would still be living a lie. Sami decides she's done with the conversation. Rafe tells her that he loved her even though he knew she was messed up with flaws. Sami tells him not to pity her. Rafe says he isn't anymore and isn't trying to rescue her either from her lies and selfishness. Rafe says he stayed as long as he did because he loved the kids like they were his own. Johnny comes back in and is surprised that Rafe is still there. Sami thought Johnny was asleep but he says he was thirsty. Johnny asks Rafe to read him a story like he used to.

Nicole admits to EJ that she still loves him with all her heart and she wants to believe what he says is true. EJ tells her to believe it because it is true. EJ wants her to say she will come back to him. Nicole admits that she wants to come back to him but she can't as she starts to cry.

Spencer tells Hope and John that he got a private jet to take them back to Salem. Hope hugs him and thanks him. Spencer says he's breaking many laws but they will be in Salem tomorrow morning. Hope declares she's coming home to Bo as they rush off.

Johnny wants Rafe to read to him but Sami says not tonight. Rafe tells him that they will do it another time. Johnny hugs Rafe and says he loves him. Sami takes Johnny back to his room as Rafe says goodnight to him.

Stefano makes another phone call to Francesco and can't believe John and Hope have disappeared. Stefano warns him to tell his contact to disappear.

Chad and Melanie continue kissing and begin undressing. They kiss into bed and begin making love.

Gabi sits outside the Pub with the photo of Chad and Melanie then she tears it up and starts crying.

EJ wants Nicole to give him one last chance. Nicole asks him to let go of her as she holds back tears. Nicole tells him that she can't get her hopes up just for him to break her heart like he always does. Nicole points out that she came back to him every time because she loved him but he hasn't changed and never will. EJ thinks things can finally be different between them. Nicole tells him that he didn't just break her heart but he shattered it so there's nothing left. Nicole decides maybe it's a good thing that they're finished and calls it their happy ending as she then storms off. Rafe comes out of Sami's apartment and follows after Nicole.

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