Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/10/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will enters the coffeehouse after hours where Sonny is closing up. Will offers to help clean up so he starts cleaning tables. Sonny asks him what's up. Will responds that he ran some errands this morning and came out to his grandma. Sonny asks him to say it again. Will reiterates that he told his grandma he's gay and is now telling Sonny. Sonny calls it a huge major deal.

Kate goes downstairs at the DiMera Mansion and looks into the mirror. She thinks back to sleeping with Ian and clutchs her phone.

Stefano calls his guard Francesco back into his office. He apologizes for shooting the messenger but has to know if Kate was betraying him. He responds that she was. Stefano adds that he knew testing her would be a risk but he always thought in his heart. Stefano declares that he will never forgive her for this. Francesco offers to deal with Ian but Stefano tells him that he will handle it himself.

Ian arrives at the DiMera Mansion. Kate warns him that he can't be there but Ian says he's not afraid of Stefano and only cares about her. Kate states that she loves Stefano and isn't going to leave him for Ian. Kate orders Ian to go and not come back.

John and Hope look at the coin from inside the egg. They talk about it being engraved and how whatever it is, Stefano went through a lot of trouble to get his hands on it.

Sami looks at an old photo in her apartment then looks at her wedding ring. She takes off the ring and moves the pictures as EJ arrives. She answers the door and invites EJ in but tells him to keep quiet because Sydney is asleep. EJ asks if Sami is alright. She says she is and EJ then grabs her and kisses her.

John and Hope talk about not being Gina and the Pawn anymore. John tells Hope that the coin from inside the egg is their ticket home.

EJ finishes kissing Sami and claims he was proving a point that they have no chemistry. Sami freaks out about it as EJ says he had to know there were no feelings left. Sami agrees that there is no romantic feelings between them. EJ talks about wanting everyone else not to think there is something going on. Sami questions if he's just trying to convince her or himself. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to convince her since she knows she's not attracted to him. Sami tells him to rejoice that it's true. EJ wonders why this keeps happening to them if that's true. Sami goes over grieving over her son when they last slept together. EJ talks about what normal people would've done and how they made love. Sami calls it grief sex. EJ thinks it doesn't explain how they always end up in intimate positions. Sami doesn't want to discuss one of the worst nights of her life and says she won't ever get over it. EJ reminds her that she's not the only one that lost everything. EJ tells her that he's not leaving until they make sure that it never happens again.

Sonny pours Will some coffee and congratulates him on coming out as he adds that it takes a lot of courage. Will talks about being nervous about telling him. Sonny is glad he figured out so he doesn't have to pretend to be someone he's not. Will talks about how Marlena took it great since she knew but stayed supportive. Will asks Sonny how long he's known. Sonny jokes with him about catching him kissing Neil. Sonny says he would've called him on it but didn't want him to run away. Will wants Sonny's advice on his next move.

Sami questions EJ's sudden need to make sure they won't have sex again. EJ tells her that Lucas and Nicole both accused him of moving across the hall to be close to her. Sami agrees that they are toxic together and screw up everything. EJ notes that they do have two children but need to find a way to co-exist peacefully for them so they don't screw it up. Sami agrees with him. EJ asks if they both understand now that they are friends without benefits.

John and Hope return their room with a similar coin to the one that was inside the egg. They talk about their plan to take the similar one and paint it gold, saw it in half and recreate it's engravings to make it look like the original. They hope to use it to get home. John reminds her that they have to continue playing Gina and the Pawn or else they will never see their families again.

Ian comes in and promises never to let Kate down again. Ian says pushing her away was the biggest mistake of his life but he realized it's not too late. Kate tells her it is too late since he's married. Ian reminds her that he's married too and Madison would gladly divorce him. Kate brings up what Stefano is capable of if he thinks she betrayed him. Kate tells Ian that they have to pretend that none of this happened. Kate then gets a phone call from Stefano. Stefano greets her and Kate tries not to cry as she tells him that it's good to hear his voice. Stefano notes that she sounds flustered and asks if he called at a bad time. Kate says she was just getting ready for bed. Stefano says he couldn't go another evening without hearing her voice. Kate wonders why he hasn't called in weeks. Stefano apologizes for leaving so abruptly. Kate says she was getting worried since she hadn't heard from him since he left. Stefano tells her that he's just been dealing with a tough job but it will be over shortly. Kate calls it good news but Stefano tells her not to lie. Stefano thinks she is angry with him for being negligent. Stefano says he will make it up to her if she forgives him.

Sonny tells Will that he's an expert on all things gay. Will asks for advice about coming out to his dad. Will thinks it will be different since Lucas has no idea. Will tells Sonny about how Lucas warned him about what other people would think. Will thinks it will be such a shock to Lucas and worries that he will be letting him down. They talk about not getting married to a woman and having a family. Will asks Sonny how he came out to his dad. They sit down as Sonny explains how he jumped right in to get it out the best way he could. Sonny tells him to help them understand that it's what makes him happy. Will worries about the marriage and settling down part. Sonny tells him that he can still have that just not what was expected. Will can't picture it and Sonny jokes that he can't either but it happens. Sonny asks if Will is going to tell his mom at the same time but Will says absolutely not.

Sami thanks EJ for the apartment but tells him he should leave since it's late. EJ stops before leaving and asks Sami if everything with the apartment is good. Sami mentions a leak in the sink so EJ comes back in to try and fix it. Sami helps by getting out the tools. Sami brings up Rafe and says she hates him for getting Nicole pregnant but also misses him. EJ suggests that Sami forget about Rafe as one of the pipes then shoots water out at EJ and they laugh about it.

Kate tells Stefano that she has nothing to forgive him for and wonders when he will be home. Stefano says he will be home as soon as he can. Stefano then tells Kate about the package he had delivered and admits to her that he's been keeping tabs on Marlena. Kate wants to know why. Stefano calls it leverage to use against John but Kate does not understand. Stefano calls it one of the harder parts of his business. Stefano then claims he told Kate so that she wouldn't get the wrong idea about it. Stefano tells Kate that she is the love of his life so he doesn't want any secrets between them. Kate says the same to him. Stefano then hangs up the phone and calls her a bitch. Kate turns back to Ian and declares she has made the biggest mistake of her life.

John and Hope continue looking at the coin as Hope complains about being unable to figure out what the inscription says. John insists that it's okay. Hope apologizes and says she just needs to get home. John tells her just to hang in a little while longer because it's showtime as he finishes making the copy of the coin.

Will tells Sonny that he's not talking to his mom right now and even if he was, he doesn't want her knowing something that personal about him. Sonny asks if it's because he's still mad about EJ. Will doesn't want to tell her because she's going to make it all about herself. Will calls Sami the most selfish self-centered person in the world and says there's only so many times that he can forgive her before he loses all respect for her. Will realizes that Sonny thinks he's wrong and that he should tell Sami. Sonny feels Will is holding out for the wrong reasons and using it as a way to hurt Sami. Sonny points out that Sami will find out if he comes out to Lucas and notes that she'd be devastated that she didn't hear it from him which Will calls good. Sonny encourages Will to stick with making positive moves but Will feels that Sami doesn't deserve to know. Sonny tells him that she does deserve to know since she's mom and he shouldn't hold it against her. Sonny wants Will to do the right thing and let her know who he is for his own sake.

EJ finishes fixing Sami's sink. She hands him a towel and he notices that she removed her wedding ring. Sami states that's what you do when your marriage is over. EJ mentions that he hasn't moved into his apartment yet so Sami offers to put EJ's wet shirt in the dryer so he removes it and hands it to her. EJ starts removing his pants as well but Sami tells him just the shirt. EJ points out that his pants are also soaking wet.

Kate tells Ian that everything with Stefano and Marlena was all a misunderstanding. Ian questions Kate just believing Stefano. Ian thinks Stefano must be obsessed to have Marlena tracked. Kate responds that it was business and states that she betrayed him for no reason. Ian tells her that they made love because they both know they belong together. Kate calls it a terrible mistake and asks him to go. Ian tries to stop her but Kate screams that he's ruined her life and she hates him for it.

Stefano arrives at Hope and John's room with his guard Francesco. Stefano remarks that he thought they weren't going to come through. Hope goes back to pretending to be Gina and tosses Stefano the egg. Stefano talks about how valuable it is. John tells Stefano that he has the egg now so he has to live up to his end of the deal and let them go. Stefano first opens the egg to check if the coin is inside where they put the fake copy of it.

EJ offers to help Sami unpack her things but she says it's ok. She tells him that she might as well throw away her wedding album but EJ suggests that she might regret it. Sami remarks that it feels like a lifetime ago since now Rafe is having a baby with Nicole. EJ reminds her that he doesn't believe the baby is Rafe's. Sami thinks it still means that Rafe is willing to make a huge commitment to Nicole. Sami adds that they have to find a way to move on. EJ doesn't think so and says he isn't running away from Nicole yet. Sami reminds him that she wants nothing to do with him. EJ declares that he's not going anywhere if Nicole's baby is his. Sami states that it's definitely over for her and Rafe and she can't believe it's her fifth ruined marriage. EJ laughs and jokes with her about it but Sami says it's not funny and worries that it means she's completely unlovable. EJ says it's the exact opposite and calls her very lovable. Sami recalls Stefano forcing them to get married but EJ tells her that he wouldn't have done it unless he wanted to. Sami states that they blew it like they do everything together and adds that they have learned their lesson.

Ian tells Kate not to be ashamed that she followed her heart. Kate tells Ian to go back to Madison but he responds that he loves Kate and not Madison. Kate warns Ian that if Stefano finds out that they slept together then Stefano will make sure he loses everything if he doesn't kill him first.

Stefano closes the egg and tells John and Hope that everything looks to be in order so he returns them their passports. John shakes Stefano's hand and assures that they are good as Stefano wishes they go enjoy their life together. They take their things and start to leave but Stefano stops them and wants to know where they are going. Hope responds that they are going to Paris where they first fell in love. Stefano tells them bon voyage as they then exit and rush off together.

Will thanks Sonny for his input and tells him that he will consider talking to his mom. They joke about Sonny's advice as Will tells him that he's sure he will have more questions about being comfortable being gay in Salem. Will thanks him and tells him that he never would have gotten this far without him. Will talks about watching Sonny and how he is the same way with all different kinds of people. Will adds that he admires him and wants to be like him. They joke around and then Sonny tells Will that he's happy for him since he's a great guy. Sonny assures him that everything will be okay and then they hug.

John and Hope rush to the airport to leave but are instructed to get in line. John and Hope talk about having the real coin from inside the egg. They discuss their plan to find an expert in Salem to crack the code so that they can find out why it's so important to Stefano. John reminds her that they aren't home free until they get on their flight.

Francesco finishes a phone call and tells Stefano that John and Hope are at the airport and fixing to board. He adds that he's waiting on confirmation that they are headed to Paris. Stefano reopens the egg and takes out the coin. When Stefano picks it up, some of the paint rubs off revealing it as a fake which infuriates Stefano.

Will and Sonny end their hug as Will decides he will go unless Sonny needs help closing up. Sonny says he's good and thanks him. Sonny tells Will to keep him in the loop about coming out to his parents. Will agrees to and then exits.

Sami brings EJ his dry clothes back. EJ tells her he will leave her to unpacking and reminds her that their neighbor situation stays platonic. They agree and bring up everything they have done to one another. They agree that it's best for them not to be together. They shake hands on it and get close before EJ says goodnight and exits.

Ian tells Kate that he's not afraid of Stefano. Kate calls him a fool. Kate asks him to go if he cares about her at all because he's only making it worse by being there. Ian agrees to go since she asked but adds that making love has changed everything and he's not going to give up without a fight. Ian kisses her on the cheek and exits as Kate then sits down and cries.

Stefano tells Francesco that they tricked him with the contents of the egg. He orders him to stop John and Hope from getting on the plane. Stefano answers the phone call and finds out that they are headed to Salem so he orders his contact to not let them get on the plane. Stefano realizes that they have been deceiving him all along and know that they are John and Hope instead of the Pawn and Princess Gina.

John and Hope prepare to get on their plane but the airport attendant gets a phone call.

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