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Written By Joseph
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Nicole walks through the town square and reads about maternity yoga at the health spa. Rafe joins her and asks her about it. Nicole isn't sure if she's ready to be so out in the open. Rafe talks about how keeping their secret is going to be hard and Nicole agrees since EJ believes he's' the father.

Lucas finds EJ at the coffeehouse and tells him that Will isn't there. EJ brings up Luacs going back to Hong Kong but he says he's staying in Salem. Lucas wonders why EJ is there if he's not looking for Will. EJ talks about being diverse. Lucas thinks EJ always has an angle and begins questioning why he moved Sami into an apartment and then moved in across from her. Lucas accuses EJ of trying to get Sami back and warns him that it's not going to happen.

Brady enters the Pub and finds Madison. Brady talks to her about going off on Ian the last time they saw each other. Brady sits with her as Madison reminds him that she's still with Ian.

Ian holds Kate and tells her that he never stopped loving her. Ian promises to never let her go now that he has her back and they kiss again.

Stefano questions why John and Hope had the newspaper on Bo as he thinks they are still Gina and the Pawn. John claims the hotel gave it to them as Hope questions who Bo is. Stefano doesn't believe them. John insists that the clerk gave it to them and offers to call the front desk. Stefano tells them that they must have gotten mixed up with someone else. Stefano brings up the egg and says the sooner that they bring it to him then the sooner they can go on with their lives. They respond that that's what they want more than anyone knows.

Rafe reminds Nicole that she can't take the paternity test until she's 10 weeks along so that gives them time to come up with a plan. Rafe warns her not to get stressed and suggests she do some of the maternity yoga. Nicole doesn't want to but Rafe convinces her to get a brochure.

EJ questions Lucas thinking he has other intentions with Will and Sami. EJ states that he's only helping Sami and their kids because they had no where to live. EJ admits he will enjoy spending more time with his children. Lucas thinks he wants to spend time with Sami too. Lucas believes EJ hired Will to have another connection to Sami. EJ points out that Will attempted to blackmail him. EJ warns Lucas to consider the consequences. Lucas tells him that he can't threaten people as the mayor. EJ says he will talk to him as he pleased. Lucas brings up Nicole divorcing him because she's pregnant with another man. Lucas tells EJ that soon everyone will know that she left him because he cheated on her. EJ warns him to keep his mouth shut. Lucas asks if he's going after Sami to get back at Rafe. EJ questions Lucas being so invested in Sami and brings up his fiancee. EJ asks why Lucas is still in Salem unless he has unfinished business with Sami.

Rafe gives Nicole some registration forms. Nicole talks about still being afraid. Rafe tells her to imagine being with her baby. Rafe encourages her to stay positive.

Brady tells Madison that her being Ian's wife doesn't mean anything. Brady wants to know what Ian has on her to make her stay with him. Brady tells her that she doesnt' need Ian. Madison tells him that he has to stop since Ian will make their lives harder. Brady tells her that he still has the offer for her to be with him and he will protect her. Madison states that she can't leave Ian. Brady wants to know why and talks about what they had. Brady tells her that she's tossing away what they had like garbage. Brady wants to convince her that what they had was special. Brady then declares that he's done and starts to leave but Madison stops him.

Ian and Kate make love and then lay in bed together. Ian talks about his regret of leaving her in the past. Kate understands it was to protect her. Kate wonders if they would've been together all this time. Ian talks about how much she meant to him. They agree that they hated it ending. Kate is glad she knows why he left now. Kate asks about Madison. Ian declares that they are finished because he wants to be with Kate and he will make it happen. Kate talks about how she's felt like she's been in Marlena's shadow for so long that she's forgotten what it felt like to come first for a man until now as they then continue kissing.

Stefano asks John and Hope if they have retrieved the egg. Hope says yes but John says no.

Lucas tells EJ he won't let him turn things around on him about Sami. Lucas insists that he doesn't want Sami back since they are just friends. EJ laughs and calls him hysterical. Lucas warns EJ to leave her alone since he's done enough to her. EJ wonders if he's this protective of all his friends. Lucas doesn't want to see Sami get sucked into EJ's pit. Lucas threatens that EJ either leaves Sami alone or he'll have to deal with him. Lucas then exits.

Nicole tells Rafe that she still doesn't know what she did to deserve everything Rafe has done for her. Rafe talks about how they both got screwed over by the ones they loved. Nicole calls Rafe her best friend now and thanks him for saving her from herself. Nicole hugs him as Lucas approaches and tells them to get a room then remarks that they already did.

Madison tells Brady that she wants to help him and Basic Black to turn business around. Brady questions wanting to talk business and he doesn't want to. Madison worries that his company will go bankrupt and wants to help him. Madison asks him to let her help. Madison reveals that she invited a businessman named Serg to talk up Brady and fix the problems he made with his drunken rant. He then arrives and greets Madison. Madison praises Brady and talks about his opinion on things. Serg is surprised that they are on good terms with their complicated relationship which Brady agrees with.

Ian gets up from bed and puts a robe on. They talk about ordering room service. Ian makes the call as Kate looks over her wedding ring. Kate thinks back to being with Stefano. Kate then worries about what she's done and tells Ian that she's made a terrible mistake.

Stefano asks again if they have the egg. John says they haven't gotten it but know how they are going to get it. Stefano warns them that his temper is running short and there will be consequences if he doesn't get the egg soon. Stefano then exits. Hope asks John why he didn't give him the egg since he would've given the passports to get them home to Bo and Marlena. John reminds her that Stefano can't be trusted and says that will be their ticket out.

Madison talks about her complicated relationship with Ian and Brady. Brady explains how Ian is the new CEO of Titan. Serg thinks their rivalry is more personal. Serg asks about John. Brady says that John is out of town working on a new line. Serg wonders if this means Basic Black and Mad World are going to collaborate. Madison says maybe but Brady wants to confirm it. Madison wants to talk about it later but Brady thinks they should say it now.

Rafe warns Lucas that things won't end well for him if he keeps up like that. Lucas apologizes and congratulates them on having a baby together. Rafe says they are happy about it. Nicole brings up having Sami to thank when she slept with EJ. Lucas suggests that they could've forgiven Sami and EJ but now Sami will go back to EJ. Lucas informs them that EJ moved Sami into an apartment and then moved in across from her. Rafe asks to talk to Lucas alone so Nicole walks away. Rafe warns Lucas not to upset Nicole since she has a high risk pregnancy. Lucas wonders why they care. Rafe tells him that he no longer cares what Sami does and tells Lucas that he should give up on her too.

John and Hope talk about how Stefano wants to leave them as Gina and the Pawn forever. John tells Hope that they need a little leverage and the egg is going to give it to them.

Kate gets dressed and starts to leave as Ian tries to stop her. Kate says she has no idea what she was thinking and feels it went too far. Ian tells her that he loves her and she loves him. Kate reminds him that she's married to Stefano and loves him. Kate declares that she betrayed Stefano and storms out.

Serg gets excited about getting the first scoop on the Mad World and Basic Black collaboration. Madison tries to cover but Brady tells him about the new line that they are working on and cross branding it. Serg praises them and thanks them for getting him the new headline then leaves. Madison questions Brady doing that. Brady points out that she set up the meeting to help him in the first place.

Lucas tells Rafe that he's not going to give up on Sami since he cares about her. Rafe doesn't want to see him get sucked into her drama. Lucas reminds him that he was married to her and says he knows her better than anyone. Rafe brings up Lucas being engaged. Rafe thinks he should be focused on Autumn and not Sami. Lucas worries about Sami ending up with EJ again. Rafe doesn't care and says they share something that they aren't ready to let go of which he realized too late. Rafe tells Lucas that it's not too late for him.

Nicole goes to the coffeehouse where EJ is. EJ approaches her. Nicole doesn't want to fight. EJ apologizes if he seemed angry before. EJ promises to be better for her and the baby. Nicole hopes he means that. EJ wants to talk about the baby so they sit down together. EJ apologizes for pressuring her into a paternity test. EJ says he recognizes what drove her to claim that the baby is Rafe's. Nicole says it is but EJ tells her that they both know that's not true. EJ calls the baby proof that they are meant to be together. EJ questions why she would throw away their chance at happiness. EJ tells her that everything they ever wanted is right within their grasp. EJ wants Nicole to tell him that the child is his. Nicole hesitates and looks down then asks how long it would take until EJ would take the child away and have it with Sami. Nicole tells EJ that she knows that he moved in across from Sami. Nicole remarks that EJ wants Sami and has never gotten over her.

Madison tells Brady that it's her fault that Ian set him up. Madison blames herself for letting things get as far as they did. Brady questions her only helping him because she felt bad. Madison talks about Serg thinking that they are going to work together. Brady tells her that they are going to have to follow through and he thinks they can make it work.

John asks Hope what she knows about the egg. Hope goes over what she knows and then remembers that the egg has a secret compartment with something inside. John declares that will be their leverage.

Stefano talks with his guard and says they haven't gotten him the egg yet but they should soon since he told them they can take off together when they get it. Stefano confirms that he isn't planning on turning them back to John and Hope. Stefano laughs and says everything is great with the world. The guard informs him that there's some news from Salem that is not good. Stefano asks if it's about his wife.

Ian questions Kate choosing Stefano over him. Kate talks about falling in love with Stefano over time. Ian brings up Stefano wanting Marlena. Kate doesn't care since Marlena loves John and detests Stefano so their feelings will never change. Kate reiterates that she loves Stefano. Ian tells her that they know they love each other. Kate tells him to stop and pretend this never happened. Kate worries about what Stefano will do if he finds out.

EJ tells Nicole that he moved across from Sami to spend time with his kids. Nicole thinks EJ wants Sami. Nicole wants him to just leave her alone to live her life with her baby. Nicole then gets up and storms out. EJ makes a phone call to Sami and leaves a message that he needs to see her to talk about their future.

Brady and Madison leave the Pub talking about needing to nail down the idea to work together. Brady kisses her. Madison tells him that he needs to stop doing that. Brady jokes with her about it. Brady tells her that she inspires him. Madison says he has to behave if they are going to work together.

Ian tells Kate that he's not afraid of Stefano as he loves her and wants to be with her. Kate packs her bag as Ian thinks she's being dramatic. Kate thinks Ian is being naive. Kate hopes that Stefano is not keeping tabs on her. Kate tells Ian that they can never see each other again as she then exits.

Stefano's guard tells him that Kate spent several hours alone with Ian in his hotel suite. Stefano responds that the only conclusion is that his wife failed the test and has betrayed him. Stefano orders the man to get out so he leaves. Stefano mutters in his rage and then shatters his glass in his hand. Stefano warns that Kate and Ian are going to pay.

John and Hope talk about the egg as he tries to get it open and see what's inside. Hope tries and she gets it open. They look inside and are amazed by what they see as Hope tells John that he was right.

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