The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/29/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

The Forrester living room is aglow with festivities. The men are in their tux and the ladies in their glamorous finery. Ridge asks Felicia how the slumber party is going on at the guest house and she answers whatever they are paying Catherine to watch the kids, it isn’t enough! When Taylor offers to go help, Thorne puts a nix on that. He won’t miss his first New Year’s Eve kiss. Stephanie announces that Pam just sent her and Ann’s love and happy, happy good wishes for the New Year. Taylor says it’s too bad they aren’t here. All agree Eric must be losing his touch not to make that happen. He asks what should they make a toast to? Ridge says to the success of their new fashion venture. Thorne agrees, by this time next year they should be up and running. Stephanie beams that she knows they have lost the company, but she feels they are going to get it back sooner rather than later. Felicia wants to know if she knows something they don’t know? Stephanie gloats that as a matter of fact she does. Glancing at a disapproving Taylor, Stephanie offers that she thinks this is just the perfect moment to tell them.

Holed up in a very darkened living room in his home with a drink of booze, Nick is interrupted by Jackie coming in. He tells her he just wants to be alone. She says she knows the pain she has caused him and she hates herself for that. He informs her that he really doesn’t want to do this. He gets that she is remorseful, and that she didn’t want him to know about the men in her past. But, at least he got to know himself a little better. He can understand now why he left home and what he was running from. “It just doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.” She drags on about how ashamed she was for this horrible mistake and raising his disappointment in her, sex for money.

Taylor tugs on Stephanie and wants to see her out on the terrace immediately. Thorne likens this to her taking his mother out to the woodshed, but why? Taylor lays into her, how could she make a pronouncement like this? Stephanie justifies it by saying she is worried about her husband and she thought this might ease his mind. Taylor reminds her they don’t know what Nick will do yet. He’s just made the breakthrough. Stephanie declares he will give the company back as he’s given his word. She helped him and he’s grateful. Anything less will be unacceptable.

Nick tells Jackie again he doesn’t want to do this. She begs for him to let her stay. He shouldn’t be alone on New Year’s Eve. He holds up the bottle and says that he is not alone; he has plenty of company. She tells him alcohol isn’t the answer. She better than anyone should know that. And he tells her that it wasn’t booze that made her sell herself for money. She spouts no it was desperation and low esteem. And a host of other reasons why decent people end up doing things they couldn’t possibly imagine under different circumstances. And then they end up hating themselves to the point of suicide or trying to drink themselves into oblivion. But alcohol can’t dull the pain for very long. You free-fall into more self-loathing and misery. Then one day if you’re lucky, a miracle happens. You find a tiny piece of your pride and you grab onto it and you crawl and grab your way up and out. And then you never stop working tirelessly so that you don’t fall back into that dark place. That’s what she did. She turned her life around and made a success out of her life. But, that doesn’t mean a darn thing if she has lost her son. Nick tells her he knows she regrets what she did. And he’s sorry too. He’s sorry that things are never going to be the same for them again. He’s never going to be able to look at her the same way again. “It’s killing me. Just like it’s killing you.”

Eric confesses that he has no new designs and that he is completely blocked. Ridge confides that every designer feels that way, but he’ll get over that, he’ll get through it. Felicia hugs him and tells him they all know he’s the greatest. He says she is for saying that. But, he needs to get his creative juices flowing again. Stephanie concurs that he is going to get those juices flowing again as soon as he walks through the front door of Forrester Creations. Taylor tries to sssshh her but Stephanie continues. This is what she has to tell them. Thanks to Taylor, Nick has had a breakthrough. He’s going to give them back the company. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

Taylor’s cell phone rings and it’s Nick. He realizes it’s New Year's Eve and she has plans. He needs her to come over and he wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t terribly important. She tells the shocked group that she needs to go help Nick with something right now. Thorne is doubly shocked, tonight of all nights. He doesn’t want her to leave. She vows she loves him and doesn’t want to go, but she will be back as soon as she can. Stephanie advises him not to tiptoe around this – get Nick to promise to sell them the company tonight!

Felicia is a little down and Eric knows she is because of Dante. She confides that sometimes she thinks he is more concerned about the sculpture commission than his own family. But all she gets is excuses from him. He was away at Christmas and now at New Year’s. What does that say about his priorities? Or the way he feels about her and their son?

Thorne catches Ridge and Brooke smooching and vowing not to be away from each other again. Thorne quips if he can’t kiss his fiancée, they can’t either. Ridge tells his little brother that Taylor will be back soon. And Stephanie adds with hopefully good news about the company. That really cost Eric dearly and she is not going to rest until she gets it back for him.

Nick thanks Taylor for coming by on this busy, special evening. He says his mother came by. Taylor asks what happened? He states he can not even look at her. She did something that he is not sure he will ever be able to get past. “And it scares the hell out of me because I don’t like to feel this way.” She reminds him that she told him they can not change the past, but they can learn from it and be happier. He reminds her that she also said that they could uncover his anger inside and in turn he wouldn’t want Forrester Creations any more. She acknowledges that was the challenge, the deal they made. And she feels she has delivered. Doesn’t he agree?

Thorne laments to Felicia that it’s New Year’s Eve and the woman he loves is spending it with another man. She tells him it’s for a good cause and he has the rest of his life to spend with Taylor. Eric says the point is it doesn’t matter what the year has in store for them, this family hasn’t had a more wonderful year to look forward to. He confesses he was a little blue before, but he apologizes. And looking at all of them reminds him what is really important. “It’s the love we have for each other.” They are all here together no matter what….it would be nice to get the company back. But, the most important thing is they are here, and all healthy (as he looks at Felicia)…and they are relatively sane. Brooke notices the time and they all count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Happy New Year! Mr. and Mrs. Forrester salute each other and tell each other they love one another.

Nick tells Taylor she offered her professional services and in turn he would give back Forrester Creations. He thought that was nuts, a joke. But, he’s not laughing anymore. She tells him it was his discovery, she was just there. He points out she was there because he couldn’t or wouldn’t see the truth. He actually let himself justify his actions – an eye for an eye. Somebody hurt people that he loved and he’d go after them with all he had. But, she made him see things. And he didn’t ask her here tonight to discuss his mother. He has something for her. As she opens the present, he tells her that he circumnavigated the globe and Marone Industries gave him this. It’s a cute little globe crystal ball. He states he just thought it was fitting that she have it since she pretty much had given her a new world. This is all new to him and he knows he has a long way to go, but he feels better, a whole lot better. Thanks to her and they wish each other a Happy New Year. First kiss is just on the cheek by her lips. But, as she stands looking at him he kisses her on the mouth and she doesn’t pull away.

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