The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/28/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Jackie reveals that yes, she slept with Captain Kramer. And Captain May and two others. He mocks no first mates for her, only Captains. She states maybe she was just lonely. He reminds her they had each other; at least they did until then. She admits there are grown up children that their mothers can say ‘I did the best I could’. She’s not sure she can say that to him. She tells him that she was a very sheltered, spoiled English girl who was just never taught anything useful except ‘presenting’ herself and she hated that. So she rebelled and married a man she knew her parents would disapprove of. They did and they disowned her. Then when Frank died, she was alone but with the only good thing in her whole life – she was with Nick. And with absolutely no idea how to get on in this world. He taunts – so she proceeded to ‘present’ herself to Kramer? She admits it wasn’t much different than when she was married. At least with Kramer there was food on the table, Nick had new shoes….and yes she slept with Kramer and the others…..she did it for the money.

Taylor goes ballistic that Stephanie is standing there and has been eavesdropping. Stephanie is giddy – she always knew Jackie was a tramp, but Jacqueline Payne was turning tricks for the Navy, the whole Navy? Taylor scampers to close the door. She reminds her she was recording confidential patient’s notes. Stephanie’s mouth is hanging open. She admits she didn’t mean to listen. She was just standing there; this must be her lucky day. She chuckles, Taylor said she’d find a way to get the company back, and now she has!

Nick confesses that he used to have this fantasy. That he’d bring Kramer home and his mother would like him and they’d get married and he’d have a dad. She said she had that fantasy too. And Jerry called her elegant and he meant it, just not in the same way. And she recalls the first night, how it all started…..when he’d pushed money into her hands. That’s when she knew just how elegant she was.

Stephanie points her finger and mocks that they blackmailed them. Smugly she says, “and you know what I say? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Whoo-hoo. Oh Nick will do anything to keep that five letter word out of the newspaper over that picture of Mummy! Taylor objects and says no, she heard nothing. She wasn’t even here! Stephanie asks whose side is she on? And what point was the exercise anyway? She points out that Taylor said if she had Nick in therapy, she could get him to sell them back the company. Taylor denies that….what she did say was that she could perhaps get him to see that payback was not the proper way to react and the company would mean nothing to him if he could figure out his past. Stephanie says fine, but she doesn’t understand Taylor. Taylor asks if she understands this – she could lose her license? Stephanie utters that Taylor didn’t call her up and betray some confidence. She just accidentally walked in when Taylor was recording the notes. And she will say that if it comes to that. Taylor rails that it won’t come to that as she is NOT saying a WORD!

Jackie reveals he didn’t want to take the money. She wanted to give it back until Kramer told her to go ahead, buy something for the boy. It didn’t seem so wrong so she took it. He questions how she could have done it the second time. She offers excuses of recessive times, the gas rationing and he shouts that he would have lived with her on the streets, ate in soup kitchens, lived in the basement of churches. What about unemployment or welfare? That’s what pride is. When she says she couldn’t do that to him, he barks that she couldn’t do that to HER! The spoiled English woman – that’s what she couldn’t sacrifice. So she let Kramer come around any old time he wanted to. She admits that he’s right. It seemed just like a transaction until finally she couldn’t stand it or open a door without drinking. And she remembers one night when she got all ready, put Nick to bed and the doorbell rang, and it wasn’t Jerry. It was Captain May and he’d said Kramer told him to bring her these yellow daisies, and he’d brought something else for the boy.

Nick asks, “Kramer pimped you?” Why didn’t she slam the door in his face? She replies because she was already lost. And afterwards, when she counted the money, she asked herself if she was worth that much? He asks what was HE worth? And don’t tell him she did it for him as he won’t accept that. “You didn’t sell yourself, you sold ME.”

Taylor asks Stephanie how would she feel if someone broke into her office and stole her files? Stephanie puffs they’d have nothing to gain. This IS different. This is an eye for an eye. Taylor refutes that, this is wrong. Stephanie refers to them as Nick and the whore and they did wrong. They stole the company and she is shocked that Taylor doesn’t see that. Taylor remarks that she’d like to know what happened to the new and improved Stephanie? Kinder, wiser and more sensitive….what happened to that? Stephanie snorts, “alright, I’ll work extra hard to take care of the orphans……now tell me, who is Captain Kramer?” Taylor is beside herself that Stephanie would expect her to discuss that with her. And she’s not going to discuss this with anybody else. She tells Stephanie that she has a right to demand her silence. She has taken her back as a friend and is part of the family again, but one word and she swears she will not do another thing to help her with the company. “And any relationship you and I ever had is over!”

Nick says he doesn’t want to discuss this any more. He was the only twelve year old in school who knew what the word whore meant. She reveals she had hoped he’d never find out. She thought she had taken every precaution. He says he knows she loved him, but all those men came first. And that’s what her love meant to him. All that love and attention from her was gone so he left. She moans that she didn’t want him to leave….and she had to rebuild herself and she did. She threw herself into a crappy job, stopped drinking, changed her phone number and moved away so Jerry and the others couldn’t find her. She got back a bit of self-respect. And she doesn’t expect him to forgive her. He tells her this isn’t a matter of forgiveness. It’s about him seeing her as she really is. And he does. With tears in her eyes, she laments that she can’t do this any more tonight and turns to leave. He asks if she remembers what he said the first time he shipped out? Slowly she turns and says yeah, he’d said he’d always love her and if she ever needed anything, he’d be there for her. He offers he made that promise to someone who doesn’t now exist. She exits without a backward glance.

Nick is shuffling Navy papers when Taylor comes aboard. She asks how he is and wants to caution him about engaging his mother on what they talked about. He says too late, she just left. And what she’d said before about his strict code of conduct, she was right. He smirks that he is not sure this is working for him. They can talk until they are blue in the face and the fact remains…he is just a man who has no children, no lover, no parents….”I’m a stray heap of DNA. But one thing I got – I’ve got my PRIDE.”

Jackie comes bounding into Taylor’s office. Stephanie jumps up and wonders if she is there for therapy? She says no, she just wants to see Taylor. Stephanie tells her she is just waiting for Thorne; Taylor is on an errand. But she regales in the fact that Jackie looks like she has had a HORRIBLE day. And then she offers her a JOHN down the hall if she needs to freshen up. Then she smarts that she bets Jackie is there to learn the LAY of the land. But she knows she is not going to tell her about Nick’s therapy. Jackie says Taylor owes her an explanation and she can tell her that. Stephanie chides that according to Jackie, everyone OWES her something. Why should the lovely Jacqueline not just be able to LIE back and collect? Jackie tells her to stop needling her. Stephanie lost her company because she deserved to. Stephanie extols she thought she lost it because of Jackie’s consummate performance as a victim. What she really deserved is just the clap – oh, a clap-clap. Seriously, Jackie asks her what has she lost – a building, a label?…..some people have a lot more important things at stake than that. Stephanie looks her in the eye and states, “hard times are a’coming, Missy. You may be selling, but nobody is going to be buying at these prices.”

Nick throws down the papers and tells Taylor at least his mother didn’t lie. He pours himself a stiff drink. Taylor asks what did his mother say? He offers that she said she did it for him. She tells him he may find that unacceptable, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. And he was a child so it wasn’t his job to rescue her from the bad choices she made. He wonders how she can spend every minute of every day trying to make people’s lives a little better but making no difference at all? He asks why is she here? Simply, she says she didn’t like the way he looked when she left. She thought he might need her. He retorts for what? If she wants to rescue him, then she’s too late for that.

He gives a long pause, then gulps and tells her she better get out of there. But, she doesn’t. She walks even closer. He tells her he means it. She turns him around and looks deeply into his eyes and soul. He softly whispers that he wants her to go. She puts her hands around the back of his neck and hugs him to her. He hangs on like a drowning man and breaks down and weeps.

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