The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/26/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Forrester, Jackie berates the poor workmanship of the designs the models are wearing. Nick only halfway hears what she is saying as memories of Captain Jerry Kramer keep popping up in his mind. He wishes she would help him with this. And she wishes he’d just forget and quit obsessing about a man they hardly knew. He needs to know why later in life he hated this man and remembered telling him to leave and never come back. He picks up the phone and calls Taylor and tells her he needs to see her at the boat. Jackie looks worried and calls after him that she likes Taylor, but she is NOT helping him.

He thanks Taylor for coming over so quickly. This is driving him crazy. All he can remember is wanting to take this man and throw him right out of the apartment, right on his a$$. And he doesn’t know what happened in between to make him feel that way. She says they will find it, but he has to be willing to go there.

Stephanie walks in on Jackie and immediately tries to tell her what’s wrong with the fabric, the cut, the models, the everything. She tells Jackie she doesn’t know what she is doing. There is a WORLD of difference in being a shop girl and running a fashion house. Then she notices and points out that her cruise line is just Clarke’s reworking of Eric’s 2003 cruise line. Jackie defends that every one of them are new. But Stephanie tells her she will be the laughing stock of the business if she releases them. She laughs and says she hates to see the company run down this way, but then they’ll just be able to buy it back at a real cheap price. Jackie maintains that Nicky will NEVER ever sell them back the company, not after what she did to Jackie. Stephanie gloats that Taylor seems to think otherwise.

Taylor tells Nick that she doesn’t remember all the things that happened in her life either, but it’s usually the things she doesn’t want to think about. He makes a remark about the ‘cracks’ of his life, and she tells him then let them shine a light down there and see what they can find. He remembers that Kramer hit him once for sassing back at his mother. Kramer was a sailor and Nick had left home at sixteen to be a sailor. She tells him that he can just pace back and forth and tell her that he’s not bothered by this or he can just tell her that he is bothered and they can try to figure out why. She urges him to please come sit down, he needs to relax. She tells him this is a scary process so it’s okay for him to be scared. She tells him he’s a strong man and she’s there to help him. She tells him to close his eyes, take a deep breath, think of Seattle, think of the apartment they lived in….the sounds…..then this Captain Kramer would come by and bring him gifts. Then something happened that made him want to cut him out of his life. Remember what that was? Remember….remember….remember…..

Jackie tells Stephanie that Nicky in therapy with Taylor is a complete waste of time. Stephanie says WRONG….that son of hers is one messed up soul. But, it’s not surprising considering that he grew up with her as a mother. Jackie offers the only thing bothering him is that Stephanie hurt him so badly when she pushed her off the landing. Stephanie can’t believe she is still beating that dead horse. Stephanie fires that she never meant to hurt Jackie, and she knows that. She chuckles that Jackie just can’t admit he’s a real jerk, can she? He lost his wife because he blackmailed Eric. And Brooke had the opportunity to see her son for who he is and what he is. Jackie goads that it’s old evil Nick who really plays into Stephanie’s fantasies of persecution, isn’t it? Stephanie says she wishes they were JUST fantasies. She is NOT happy with these sessions he is having with Taylor. “I think it just gives him another chance, another opportunity to hurt another member of my family.” Jackie sets her straight by pointing out that it was HER that went to HIM and told him she could give him inner peace if he’d sell the company back to the Forrester’s. “Excuse ME, but who’s got the agenda?” Stephanie tells her not to impugn Taylor’s integrity. Jackie asks what is she going to do – throw her out the window? Stephanie deadpans – if she thought she could get away with it.

Taylor asks Nick if he hears the ship’s horn? She makes him probe deeper. He says he sees them coming and going all night….. all day…….and all night. He was in his room……he’d gone to bed…..he remembers getting up and hearing sounds in his mother’s room, but she told him to go back to bed, everything was okay. He tells Taylor someone was doing something; someone was hurting his mother. Damn it, but he can’t remember.

Jackie iterates that she has no issues at all with Taylor, but she will repeat she does not think Nicky needs therapy. Stephanie begs to differ. She can only imagine what sort of childhood he had. Jackie utters that it was healthy. Stephanie quips that she thought she had one too, but that’s another story. She tells Jackie that she made her precious little Nicky exactly who he is. Jackie asks who the hell does she think she is and what does she know about her? Stephanie asks if she thinks she is a mystery? That phony accent, those phony manners? She’s a fraud and she knew that the very first time she met her. Hmmmm, maybe Ms. Hayes will find out just how big a fraud she is!

Nick paces more and tells Taylor he knows it’s there, but he just can’t say what it is. She tells him to sit down again. He was doing good as long as he was sitting, just focus. She urges him to close his eyes again. He sees it, someone was hurting his mother…..could those sounds possibly be someone making love? He’s shocked – no, he’d been around sailors his whole life, he’d heard them talk – he knew what sex was. She says yes, but to a child those sounds can be very frightening. She asks him to close his eyes again and calm down. As he does, a ship’s horn startles him and he hops up again. She asks what is it about a ship’s horn? All he can figure out is that it was Kramer’s horn on his boat. He would blow it when he came near their apartment. And then he would come to their apartment. Taylor asks if Nick would always awaken from the sounds coming from his mother’s room?

He remembers looking through the keyhole, seeing Captain Kramer put back on his shirt and offering his mother money. She didn’t want to take it at first. He was her boyfriend. That is what she wanted. But before Kramer left, he made her keep it and she took it. Taylor asks if perhaps he was just lending it to her? Try to remember. He remembers other times, seeing other men taking off their clothes and her taking money and stashing it away. And the men climbing on top of her.

Sweat breaks out all over his face, he’s choking as he tries to breath. He remembers the men…..the sex and the money. He cries and gasps that his mother was a whore. “My mother was a WHORE.”

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