The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Eric is fussing over the tree and Stephanie good-naturedly cajols him to stop dressing the tree; it’s not a mannequin. He fires back then she should stop addressing the Christmas cards as it’s too late anyway. She laments she is only sending to those who sent them one that she didn’t have on her original list. She tosses one to Pamela aside and he asks about it; isn’t she a good, faithful person? Stephanie admits she is. Eric urges her to get her Yule Log recipe thing. She quips – he means her mother’s recipe for Bush Noel. He asks if Bush Noel means Yule Log because it ended up tasting like Yule Log sawdust. She offers that she thinks she misjudged the amount of eggs. She remarks how her mother cooked a week before Christmas although she never used a recipe, just a little pinch of this and dash of that. She would be singing and carrying on and it would turn out perfectly. And she would look at her father and say ‘Stevie helped’. And then give her that private little look. He tells her some people aren’t very good at love, but they keep doing it anyway. Maybe her kind of love is not what Stephanie needed then, but maybe it is what she needs now.

Ridge is snuggled in bed with Hope and R. J. reading them The Night Before Christmas. Brooke joins them and Hope wants another story. Ridge suggests they need to get ready for Grandma and they will hear about Jesus and the manger – the real meaning of Christmas. Hope wants to know how many more days before Christmas and Brooke answers just a few. Hope can’t wait to see the rest of the family especially Alexandria since she has to be so sad without her mother.

Thorne and Taylor are helping Alexandria decorate their place and they will combine and use everything. Allie holds up her Mommy’s stocking and asks about it. She wants Taylor to use it as hers. Sweetly, Taylor explains to her that Thomas and the girls are used to seeing her with her own stocking, but Darla is part of the family still and they will use it.

Stephanie continues to open cards and displays them. She remarks to Eric that he seems to now be seated in his mother’s rooting section. He tells her no, he’s seated in HER rooting section. And maybe she is not able to forgive her or even understand her, but maybe she doesn’t have to. When she was a little girl, she didn’t need to understand her. She was her mother and she accepted her. Stephanie laments she was a fool to do so. He claims that love makes fools of all of them – look at him! He gives her an impromptu kiss and she grabs him in a clinch. Felicia walks in bearing gifts and chuckles that she doesn’t see any mistletoe. Gosh, are they having sex again? Stephanie retorts, “surprise.” Felicia quips, “joyful all ye nations rise.” Felicia tells them that most of these gifts are for Dominick and Dante – that’s right, her Italian Stallion is coming home for Christmas. Stephanie lights up and wonders if they can talk about a wedding? Felicia remarks they can cut to the chase. Picture the dream wedding she has always wanted for her, and she’s NOT having that. And she doesn’t want to set anything in stone until Dante gets home. He gets a vote too. Eric quips, “wait, the husband gets a vote. When did they pass that law?” Felicia tells her just to concentrate on bossing Thorne and Taylor around, then everybody will be happy except them, and they aren’t here. Stephanie opines that they don’t want a big wedding. Eric states it will be different this year without Darla. Stephanie suddenly remembers something she forgot and must go. Felicia remarks that her mom is going all out. It should be a Christmas they won’t forget. Eric states that it should be. He just wishes he could have thought of that extraordinary gift to put under the tree to show her how much he loves her.

Brooke teases Ridge with his wrapping skills; how for someone so artistic that he makes everything look like a paper mache ball. Brooke does praise him for his storytelling skills with the kids and he remarks it is so amazing to see the world through their eyes. All you have to do is dream, and dreams do come true. He loves looking at Hope and though she’s been through so much, she still manages to smile the whole time and is eager for what life sends her way. Brooke says she is a survivor alright and Ridge adds just like her mother. Brooke reminds him that survivors also will be Thorne and Alexandria and Stephanie this year. Ridge comes and puts his arms around Brooke and says that maybe that is part of the power of stopping long enough to realize how far they’ve all come. “And realizing that one of the things that made it possible to get through all of this, is the people that we are always standing beside us when we were there. And knowing we don’t want to ever be without them, ever again."

Taylor asks Thorne if he thinks Allie is okay? He says that Christmas would have been hard at home with just the two of them. But when you’re in a new house with a new family, it’s got to be better. Taylor knows that it’s hard on Thorne too; he misses Darla, is he alright? He states that sometimes it seems like Christmas is what you had and lost. Taylor says for her it’s about endings – the end of the year and all the hopes that you had. The end of people who were in your life and now they aren’t. And the end of all the negative things they’ve allowed to happen in their lives. And understanding that with every ending, there is a new beginning. “And you and I – we’re having a new beginning.”

While trimming the tree, they mention Sally being with C.J. this year, but as soon as she is back, they need to have her over. Thorne thinks maybe she could use some stealth shrinking what with losing so much – her daughter, her business, her friends. Taylor says since women live so much longer than men, it looks like they all will end up in Sally’s situation. Thorne laments he has good genes, just look at his Grandmother Douglas. It’s her own fault that she is alone.

Felicia and Eric continue to discuss what to get Stephanie for Christmas. She really doesn’t care about jewelry and he doesn’t dare buy her something to wear. It’s hard to think of anything that won’t annoy her. Felicia quips how about a rare tropical bird or an iguana? He says well he was thinking of something she needs but she doesn’t know she needs it….he’s going to invite her mother for Christmas.

Brooke wraps some presents and Ridge slips up behind her and brushes her neck/ears with his lips and wants to wrap her in that paper and put her under the tree. How many nights did she say before Christmas? She sighs too many. She wants him to open his present right now. He teases her about liking to be unwrapped. “Logan, you are all I want, all I have ever needed.” She tells him well it took him long enough to come to his senses. He remarks he had a few minor hurdles to get over and he’s counting the days until he can look into those beautiful eyes and say “I Do” to a lifetime commitment sealed with a kiss. And they both agree for the very last time. As they kiss, there is a knock at the bedroom door and it’s Stephanie. She asks if they are decent and they tell her she is early, but come on in. She tells them she has a photo album for Alexandria and she hopes to make it a really merry Christmas for her.

Ridge tells them he is going to get Hope and Stephanie says it’s okay, she wants to talk to Brooke anyway, and she quips that is okay, she didn’t bring a gun. She tells Brooke that she just got to thinking that they have had their battles, more than enough and they’ve both done lots of things that given the opportunity they’d like to take back. But, here they are, almost soon to be mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and she just wants to tell her again that she is happy to be given a second chance. It’s going to make this Christmas very special. Here they are having the family reunited, and it wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for Brooke! Brooke seems touched and they hug. They also tease each other about this warm and fuzzy moment and expecting gifts. And Stephanie wants to know if they are going to get married after the first of the year and if she is going to have a front row seat? And they lament how unreal this seems, to be able to forgive each other after all they have put each other through.

Stephanie says she knows she has a knack of driving people crazy, but gosh she has learned so much about herself this year. And faced some issues that she never knew she would have to face. Brooke extols that she is seeing things differently now. Stephanie says yes, she is so grateful that Felicia is healthy and she is happy about Thorne and Taylor and Brooke and Ridge. “God, the house is peaceful again, you know. Brothers and sisters, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters.” Brooke asks if she thinks she’ll ever be able to forgive her mother? Emphatically, Stephanie answers no. There are some things that are unforgivable. Her mother died for her thirty years ago. And seeing her here again didn’t change one damn thing. As far as she is concerned, she is dead and buried and she doesn’t want to see her again.

Allie fills her mommy’s stocking and Taylor laments that little girls are like their mothers. Thorne mentions that one thing that makes him happy is that Allie will never have to think there was unfinished business with her mother. Darla was her best friend. Taylor says they must keep reminding themselves that the bond survives. It is so special that no one can replace it, not her or anybody. Thorne wonders how his own mother feels with all her unfinished business with her mother? Taylor offers that the bond survives even if they wish it didn’t. Thorne says he can see new beginnings everywhere. Maybe she can too someday.

Eric calls and Pam picks up the phone. He asks what are the two of them doing for Christmas? She says a whole turkey or ham is too much for them, so usually they just go out. He says as long as they are going out, why don’t they just come to L.A.? Ann is resting on the couch but perks up at Eric’s name and wants to know what does he want? Pam says she thinks he wants to talk to her and hands her the phone. He tells her he’s inviting her for Christmas dinner. She wonders if Stephanie changed her mind? He lets her know they will be surprising her. Ann is not sure that is a good idea. He realizes she didn’t exactly get a warm welcome the last time she was there, and she remarks she is not really up to traveling. He tells her that he will send the plane for her and they will be very, very comfortable. The pilot will send a car and they won’t even know they are traveling. Ann says, “let’s be frank here, Eric. May daughter hates me. Not without reason. And so do you.” Eric says, “and you holing up half a continent away helps solve that problem in WHAT way exactly?" Ann says he can’t say she hasn’t tried. He reminds her that yeah – once. But, now she is giving up. Is her hotel dinner with Pam all that appealing? She relents a little and says she’d like nothing more than to give Stephanie the peace she deserves. What will people be wearing? He answers everything from Santa Claus to Sunday best….and he know she will be beautiful. He’ll talk to the pilot and have him call them with details. He thanks her.

Felicia tells him well he’s done it now. He replies yes, it seems he has. Now her mother will have to call him something other than jellyfish. Felicia quips believe her, her mother will. This could have been the nicest Christmas ever. And now it’s going to be a train wreck.

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