The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/19/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Jackie continues once more to try to listen at the door to Taylor and Nick’s therapy session. Taylor encourages Nick to tell her more about this Captain Jerry Kramer who would come by the apartment when he was in town. Nick acknowledged that he did; people came by. She tells him she is on his side, but she wonders if something happened that made him not want Kramer to come around any more? He paces his office, but doesn’t answer. She asks if he really felt Kramer was his friend? He ponders then sinks on the couch and says that Kramer brought him presents and to his mother as well. And he liked Nick. Taylor says she doesn’t get it as later Nick says he wants no part of the guy. He doesn’t know either, he was too young. Maybe he just outgrew the whole present thing. Jackie is caught eavesdropping but manages to talk her way out of it by saying she was just waiting for her son to finish a meeting.

Taylor laments to Nick that he is a complex man, and maybe he has just blocked out some parts. The mind plays tricks on you, you bury things and there is nothing to be ashamed of. He tells her that he is not ashamed but she seems to refuse to believe that he has nothing to hide. She tells him he’s right; she doesn’t believe him. But if she is wrong, she’ll be the first one to admit it. She urges him to dig a little deeper, try a little harder. She thinks it will be worth it. She reminds him that every time he talks about Kramer and gets that far with not wanting to see him again, that’s when he wants to end the session. He scoffs that perhaps Kramer just stopped bringing presents. Perhaps it was that simple. She probes – what happened? He sighs and tells her he can’t do this. He has a business to run. He can’t sit around all day yapping about himself. She gathers her things and tells him she will see him tomorrow. He states after Christmas and she makes him promise. Both Nick and Jackie outside the door look apprehensive.

At the Forrester’s, Ridge tells Thorne that he just doesn’t think it is wise to let Taylor take this chance. Thorne rebuts that with all due respect, it isn’t Ridge’s call. Ridge says even though she is a shrink, she shouldn’t be playing mind games with a malicious nut-job like Marone. And he just doesn’t want her to get hurt. Thorne tells his big brother to hold on a minute. He’s the one who is marrying Taylor. Yes, Ridge is the father of her children and will always be in her life, but he and Taylor are looking out for each other. So he doesn’t need him coaching him. Ridge holds up his hands as if to back off and tells him okay, but if he ever needs backup…… Thorne says he will be the first one he turns to, which reminds him, there is something he needs to ask him, a favor.

Jackie finds Nick pacing and deep in thought. She asks how was his session with Taylor? He replies – interesting. She has him thinking about things that were completely forgotten. He tells her people, places, he doesn’t know what good it will do. He doesn’t feel any differently, but interesting. She retorts that she’s always thought digging around in the past is perfectly pointless. You don’t need to pay someone to help you remember the good times, and the bad times just forget them. He laments that it was Seattle. He hadn’t thought about those times in a while, living in that apartment. They agree they were poor but had great times. She asks if he holds that against her and he says no, that she did the best she could….living by the ports, watching the ships come and go, and the men who sailed them. Suddenly he asks her – Jerry Kramer. Does she remember him? A cloudy look passes over her face. He reminds her that Kramer brought her the pearl earrings from Australia that he gave her one Christmas when he was about ten. She remembers the earrings and said she was so touched. He asks does she still have them? She confesses that she has everything he has ever given her. He asks if he can see them? She remarks that it’s been such a long time but they are probably in her jewelry box and she will look there. He asks if he was a decent guy? She says she guesses so, she can’t remember his face. Nick says he does remember his face and he knows his mother wouldn’t let someone hang around if he wasn’t alright. She shrugs and wonders why he’s bringing this all up, someone they barely knew. Surely he has more to do than be thinking of this right now. He opines it’s just because Taylor brought it up and it seems it changed for some reason like he didn’t want the guy to be coming around anymore. Like he was mad at the guy or something. She growls – memory exercises! If Mr. Kramer was worth remembering, she is sure he would! She loses her temper and orders him to let it go. She laughs when she tells him that these men were fun men that he hung around with, but they also were vulgar….and drank too much. He laments yes drank too much and taught him how to cuss and smoke. Not everyone can say they grew up like that. She extols that everyone has different life experiences and the point is that he had a healthy childhood and look at him now. He’s a big business tycoon with a lot of responsibility. And how he got here or what happened decades ago doesn’t matter. And if she must say so, if Taylor is so interested in ‘dealing’ with his issues, then she should be concentrating on helping him get over the pain of losing Brooke. She should be dealing with that and not delving into his past. She’s all worked up and he has to calm her down and says it’s okay. Taylor is not out to hurt him. It’ll be alright, won’t it? She smirks that of course it will be. She’s really bothered by time she leaves his office.

Thorne tells Ridge that he and Taylor just want a simple wedding, just family, no bells and whistles. Ridge says he hopes he’s going to have at least a couple of rings. Thorne says yes and someone to help him lose them at just the right minute to cause a big panic. Ridge laments that would be the best man. Thorne just looks at him. Ridge asks if he is asking him what he thinks he is? Thorne asks what would his answer be? Ridge asks if he has checked out the Best Man in the telephone book? Thorne quips yeah, Clarke is busy. Ridge offers well in that case, he’d better do it. Thorne would just rent some guy and no telling who he’d get. Thorne tells him thanks, this means a lot to him. And he was only kidding about losing the wedding rings. The full focus should be on his beautiful bride. They give each a big brotherly hug.

Jackie knocks on Taylor’s door and walks in and asks her how did the session go today with her son? Taylor reveals that she can’t discuss that – patient confidentiality. Jackie walks toward her and says there is nothing wrong with Nick. And if she really wants to do him some good, she’ll help him get over Brooke. “And I don’t mean by talking.” Taylor chuckles and says she appreciates that piece of advice, but psychiatry doesn’t work that way. There isn’t a road map that she follows into a patient’s mind. They pretty much tell her what they NEED to talk about and they go from there. That’s why it can take a long time. Jackie asks if that is because they don’t want to tell her? “Or maybe you’re just wandering around looking for something that isn’t there.” Taylor replies that is something that can happen, but usually by time a patient is willing to sit down and ask for help, there is something else going on in their life that isn’t working. Jackie scoffs - perhaps this is way over her head but what she does know is that Nicky had a very healthy childhood. It wasn’t perfect, they were poor. And the man who he thought was his father wasn’t particularly nice to him, but she loved him and that’s what was important, right? To know that his mother loves him and will protect him. Taylor tells her it’s a little more complicated than that, but she will tell her that he hasn’t uttered a word that would contradict anything she just said. Jackie wonders then why is she digging into his past? What does she hope to accomplish? She should be digging into his life today and helping him get over Brooke. He’s just getting over losing his family. Taylor tells her they will get to that, they will. Jackie tells her that IF she wants Nick to have a revelation and wants him to give the Forrester’s back their company, that is what she should be concentrating on, and NOT the past. She softly walks toward her and says she really is fond of Taylor….she knows she is a doctor and deals with people in a certain way, but why can’t she see Nicky as a man. “He would be so much more suitable for you than Thorne.” Taylor responds that he is her patient. Jackie retorts then help him. Deal with the issues now! Stop rooting about in the past. Taylor accuses her of being so concerned. Jackie says she admits it, she is. She would do ANYTHING for her son…….ANYTHING! Then she shuffles off saying Taylor is not hearing her anyway and she’s taken enough of her time.

To herself, Taylor thinks, “Oh, I’m listening. I heard everything that you just said.” Nick wanders around his office and has more flashbacks of the ten year old giving the earrings to his mother from Kramer. She loved them, but didn’t think she could accept something so extravagant. He tells her she has to. They will look better on her than him and they aren’t worth nearly as much as a friendly face and a home cooked meal to a lonely sailor. Then he remembers a little later when he catches Kramer at his home, making himself too comfortable and Nicky asks him to leave…..he wants him to leave and never come back……never come back……never come back…..

With a wide-eyed, bewildered look, Nick states that something is missing……..what did Kramer do?

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