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Written By Wanda
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Felicia fills Taylor and her brothers in on Grandma Ann’s visit with Stephanie slamming the door in her face. Ridge opines what did the woman expect when she still continues to deny that the abuse happened? Felicia states that she opened the door and she doesn’t regret it. Grandma Ann poured her heart out to Stephanie. Then Stephanie walks in and says yes, but it didn’t change anything. It just made her more overly protective of her kids. She says it’s a miracle and she is surprised that any of them are still talking to her. Eric says that is because they all love her. She quips that so did her mother, but she wasn’t there when she really needed her. Thorne chimes in that they will be. She hugs Felicia and says now she just wants to put all of that behind her and concentrate on getting the company back for their father.

Taylor speaks up and says there is a chance she might be able to get Forrester back. They are all surprised that the brave old sea captain is going to let Taylor treat him professionally in therapy. Taylor laments that she thinks there is something to Nick that compelled him to want to take the company away and make him in this mode for payback. Stephanie wants to know if it’s something besides revenge? Taylor answers that Nick has some very deep issues that she believe are responsible for what he is doing and he is very elusive. But, she is determined to find out what they are, and she’s going to help him.

Nick and Jackie butt heads over a designer and he doesn’t think he will ever cut it. He asks Jackie to work with him. Then asks how she’s doing? Is she stretching herself too thin? She says she is fine, which he doesn’t believe since he knows she still has the headaches. She wants to change the subject. She asks about his session with the good doctor. Now it’s he that wants to change the subject. She tells him she knows it’s just a very convenient way for him to spend time with the lovely, intriguing woman…..and why he doesn’t ask her out to dinner, she doesn’t know……He tells her there are countless things he’d like to do with this woman, but she wants to hear about his idyllic childhood. Jackie asks has he told her about his childhood and called it idyllic? He says sure, he loved his childhood and growing up by the sea and being with the sailors who were all messed up and didn’t treat him like a kid. She says she is glad he feels that way. He retorts well why not, that is the way it was, wasn’t it?

Felicia tells Taylor that Nick is still hopping mad at this family and shrink or no shrink she doesn’t see that changing any time soon. Taylor says she understands how they feel, she gets it. Stephanie wonders if Nick knows what she is up to? Taylor says Nick does know. She was completely upfront with him. Anything less would have been unethical (isn’t what she’s blabbing now a breach of confidentiality?) She tells them she knows it’s a little unorthodox….and she’s late, she has to go. Stephanie grabs her by the arm and tells her that she does not think this is a good idea. She knows that her heart is in the right place, and she appreciates that, but she doesn’t trust that son of a bitch. She thinks he will end up trying to use her.

Nick rankles when she mentions ‘his father’ – the Frank Payne that he thought was his father. She mentions that she kept his real father from him for so many years, and he could have hated her for that. He snarls that what he HATED was what Frank did to her…….and why are they talking about this anyway? He points out the man is dead and he doesn’t even want to think about him, much less talk about him. She wonders again if he mentions Frank in his sessions with Taylor? He reminds her that SHE is the one who encouraged him to see Taylor in the first place. She opines that is because she is the ONLY woman he has paid any attention to since Brooke….which tells her just how much he still cares for her. She states that if there is nothing romantic brewing and Taylor’s just asking a bunch of silly questions that don’t mean anything then why bother? He states that he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to just anybody but he does with her…..they have things in common. Jackie points out but she is even more connected to the Forrester’s now that she is engaged to Thorne. He’s shocked that she would be suggesting that he be careful what he tells this woman. She coos that she doesn’t think Taylor would divulge anything deliberately, but they both know her motives aren’t altogether completely altruistic. He states that she has not claimed to be otherwise. She says her point is this journey of self-discovery that Taylor has him on could benefit her husband and his family just as much as Nick, even more so if he ends up selling the company back to them. The reason for taking the company in the first place was to punish Stephanie for what she did to her. He tells her to stop, she’s worrying for no reason at all. “I will never give up Forrester Creations – ever!” She has another one of her staggering headaches and Nick must go retrieve the pills from her handbag.

On the way over, Taylor remembers some of her past conversations during therapy with Nick. She knows he is struggling with something. A part of his past is so ugly and so dark, they have to find out what it is……and she intends to do that today.

Nick wants Jackie to go home and rest, but she tries to convince him that she has a few more things to do and she is fine. Taylor comes in and Jackie feigns innocence that there is another session, so soon. Taylor offers that yes, she and Nick are making real progress, at least they were starting to. Jackie gets up to leave and Nick prompts her to stay and quips that perhaps Taylor can help her with her deep dark secrets of the past. He chuckles when Jackie tells him not to joke about this; Taylor might get the wrong idea. Taylor laments that it seems his sense of humor is lost on his mother. He says yeah but that is the way they survived, especially after Frank died. He left them penniless, but it seemed to even bring them closer. Taylor tells him that she thinks that is an excellent place for them to start their session today. What was it like growing up in Seattle with him and his mother against the world?

Thorne can’t answer anyone’s questions about Nick’s sessions. He kids them that they haven’t they heard about patient confidentiality? And Ridge is making it sound like they are dating, this is strictly professional. Stephanie says she has already said she doesn’t trust Nick. She wouldn’t put anything past him. And she states she thinks it is dangerous for Taylor to be around him, in more ways than one.

Nick takes off his jacket and gets comfy, but states that it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t him and his mother against the world. It sounds like she wants him to say they got a raw deal. He reminds her they were penniless, but now how times have changed. She agrees, now he has power and wealth yet he’s still not happy. It’s not easy when you lose someone and she doesn’t think he’s really processed that, losing Brooke. She meant everything to him. He had to be devastated. He turns the tables on her and asks is that the way she felt when Forrester left her for Brooke? When she says they are talking about him, he realizes he has hit a nerve. He was hoping she would open up about herself a little bit, but she says he is not analyzing her. He’s the one in therapy. He quibbles – really? It’s not really like therapy since they aren’t in her office on the couch. Can’t they bend the rules just a little bit here? She confides that her marriage falling apart is not the issue here. She sighs – although she is willing to admit there are several parallels in their situations. He slaps his knees and says, “now, we’re getting somewhere.” She tells him this is not all fun and games. Broken hearts…..broken families…….it still hurts. He tells her that he knows she is moving on……moving on with Thorne. I guess the question is –is she going to marry him because of obligations, that’d be a poor substitution. She says she loves Thorne. He says he heard that, but there is a difference in love and guilt. Does she feel guilty because she robbed his daughter of a mother? She worms around in her chair.

Felicia points out that it was Taylor who pushed Nick, not the other way around. Stephanie still warns Thorne not to underestimate Nick. His brother did and he paid a steep price. Thorne is shocked that they would think Nick could be a threat to his relationship with Taylor. Ridge opines that he’s on the rebound from Brooke, so he wouldn’t put it past him at all to use Taylor as another way to stick it to the Forrester’s. Thorne declares that he doesn’t like the fact that Taylor is inter-acting with Marone any more than they do, but he states emphatically Nick is no threat to what he shares with Taylor. And Taylor says herself that she is going to help this guy AND get Forrester Creations back. That’s a win-win situation. Stephanie says he hopes she is right, but……He tells her but she still thinks there is a catch? She surmises that Nick might work some angle that Taylor doesn’t see, she hopes she is wrong. “But, if it were me, I’d keep my fiancée away from him as far as possible. Why don’t you set the wedding date and tie the knot?”

Taylor tells Nick that she’s going to make a boundary with him. Her personal life is off limits. He answers – really, even if it is related to what they are discussing? She asks if he has a problem with that and he quips no, she’s the shrink and he’s the shrinkee. She reminds him that the last two sessions that he has ended them abruptly. He remarks that he had things to do. She wants to know if that is the only reason?

Once again Jackie listens at the door, but can’t hear a thing. Taylor continues that the last time they talked he had told her about a Captain Kramer who had done some nice things for him. Gave him some pearls so he could give to his mother at Christmas. That was very nice of him. Nick seems unusually quiet and uncomfortable but blurts out that like he told her, they were buddies. He was the Captain of the biggest ship in the harbor, the Pacific Star. Everybody looked up to him. He says he remembers the time just after he had brought the pearl earrings home for his mother. He has flashback memories of when he was that little boy. He was pretty sure his mother was pretty beat up from pounding the pavement that day looking for work, so he brought her slippers to her. She hugs and assures him that he’s not to worry, she will find a job and everything will be alright. He hears the ship’s horn and flies to the window and sees Captain Kramer heading for their place with his arms laden with presents from all over the world. He remembers his face lighting up like the fireworks from the 4th. He gives a long pause and then says but at some point that changed. “I would hear the sound of that horn, and I HATED it.” He’d go to the window and his stomach was in knots and he’d hope and pray to God that Kramer wouldn’t show up…. praying that he’d just stay the hell away.

Taylor asks why? What happened in the apartment? When he looks blankly at her, she says something did. What was it? Think……remember. With a cold look on his face, he grimaces as he remembers.

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