The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/14/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Via phone, Ridge tells Thorne that he’s glad he’s staying at his house now. Since the charges have been dropped against Shane, he is afraid he might show up there looking for Phoebe. He walks into the bedroom at Brooke’s and has this flashback fantasy of Brooke in her black teddy. Viola, it turns into a real occurrence as she stands before him and giggles that there she is. Hungrily, he kisses her and says how lucky he is. She strips off his shirt and coos he doesn’t know just yet how lucky he is. She goes and sits seductively on the bed and he sits beside her before they kiss and languish back into the bed.

Stephanie and Felicia talk over coffee in the living room. Felicia remarks how much it sucks that Dante is gone. Stephanie offers to keep the baby if Felicia wants to fly over to Italy to see Dante. She declines saying one of them should be here for Dominick. They segue way into talking about Stephanie’s problems and she insists that she is not a victim. Felicia tells her she does not pity her. In fact for the first time in her life she feels like she really understands her mother. It makes sense……why she smothered them all with so much attention and protected them all like some priceless china dolls. Seriously, she tells her mom that she may not believe this, but she hopes she will be as good a mom to Dominick as Stephanie has been to her. Stephanie remarks that may be the nicest thing she’s ever said to her. Felicia thanks her for being a royal pain in her a$$ and they hug. She tells her she is a better mother for what Grandma Ann put her through, although she would never tell her that or give the old bat the satisfaction. Stephanie says she won’t have to. She’s out of her life and no one else is going to have to deal or put up with her.

Brooke laments to Ridge that after that he might get a real big Christmas bonus. Isn’t it fun to be unemployed? They can have so much fun! He just wishes everyone else was having as much fun. He opines that his dad has lost a lot of his enthusiasm for starting up a new company. But, he may not have to and he fills her in on the fact that they might get Forrester back. Taylor is giving therapy to Nick. If she can get into his real issues, he might find that running Forrester isn’t as much fun as he thought. And it could work. Just look at his own mom. She wasn’t exactly the therapy type either. He also tells her that he asked Taylor to stop by. He hopes she doesn’t mind. She answers of course not. If his mother has a problem, they will deal with it together.

From Dominick back to Ann, Felicia says that is why she finds Stephanie’s mother’s behavior so fricking appalling. If she found out somebody was abusing her child, she’d be a homicidal maniac. And Ann just blocked it out and ignored it. Is this why Stephanie told them she was dead? Stephanie admits that yes, she had to find a way to shut her out. And that was the only way she could control the situation. At least that is what Taylor says. And she has tried to control everything ever since. But she hopes no more. She wants to give all of them all the space they need. Felicia remarks she doesn’t want too much space. She wants Christmas to be just like last year with everyone there, exactly except for the dying of cancer part. Stephanie promises nothing will spoil Christmas. What she just realized was that she had spent the last thirty years hoping against hope that her mother would be able to acknowledge what happened, but she couldn’t. So she is done hoping as Ann is never going to change. The doorbell rings and Stephanie goes to the door and opens it to look into the faces of Pamela and Ann.

Taylor drops by Brooke’s house and tells Ridge this will have to be quick, she has a session at her office soon. Brooke asks if it is with Nick? Taylor replies it is. Brooke finds that hard to believe that he’d be in therapy, let alone have an epiphany about giving the company back. She admits she is not guaranteeing anything, but she thinks she might get Nick to see why he wanted Forrester in first place, and that he doesn’t need it. But, analysis is a difficult thing. And Ridge adds that it will take a long time. He tells her that is why he invited her over. His mother is sort of acting like this whole abuse thing is all wrapped up, already in the past. Taylor says she can see where he might be concerned. Brooke opines that it seems she is getting on with her life. Taylor agrees and that is good, but this has been from a lifetime of anger and pain. That kind of stuff doesn’t just evaporate overnight. Ridge asks then how can they help her with this? Taylor says mainly just be there for her, to support her. Stephanie is the one who has to do all the work. She’s already becoming aware of when she is controlling, and she’s done the most important part of facing her mother and dealing with her. Brooke states that Ann still has not acknowledged her father’s abuse and while Stephanie says she is okay, she knows there must be a hell of a lot of anger underneath it all. Taylor says that is very invalidating for Stephanie, but she will be working through a lot of that anger. But, unless her mother is willing to reach out to her in some way, Stephanie is not going to get any sort of real healing.

The ladies stand there and finally Ann asks Stephanie if she is going to invite her in? Stephanie asks what does she want? Sensing something, Felicia comes and asks who is it? Ann tells Stephanie that she’d like to talk to her, but she doesn’t want to do it in the doorway. Stephanie slams the door. Felicia says she thinks they wanted to talk to her. Stephanie tells Felicia she doesn’t care about one thing she would have to say. Felicia asks if she isn’t a little curious? Stephanie replies no. Felicia tells her she doesn’t think Aunt Pam would bring her mother here just to berate her. Angrily, Stephanie says then Pam should have come alone. And she tells Felicia not to get it when the doorbell rings again. Ignore it and they will go away. Felicia does open it though. Pam and Felicia exchange pleasant greetings and then Ann says she must be Felicia, she recognizes her from pictures sent at Christmas to Pamela. Stephanie says, “you’re not welcome here, mother, I want you to go.” Pamela says it wasn’t her idea, but doesn’t she want to know what her mother has to say? Stephanie says no, and Pam should know better. Stephanie asks her mother again, what does she want? Pleasantly, Ann says just to talk to her civilly, like mature adults. Stephanie asks what about? Ann asks her if she thinks this is easy. They’ve come a long way and traveling across country in her condition. She states she is not a well woman. She’s tired, in fact she needs to sit down. Felicia goes to get her some water also.

Stephanie tells Pamela that she ambushed her. Pam explains that she knew Stephanie wouldn’t see them if she had known they were coming. Stephanie agrees – damned right! Pamela says she knows she is angry and she has every right. And mom knows it too. She has been different ever since they came to Chicago. Her visit had a real impact on her. Stephanie turns to her mother and says okay, she has something to say – say it, then get out.

Ridge says he doesn’t remember much of his grandmother. Brooke laments she must be pretty cold-hearted to let her own child be abused. Ridge wants to know how they can help? Taylor says sometimes they can’t. Sometimes they are more concerned abut their own comfort. She doesn’t want to make any judgment. Perhaps she was afraid of her husband too or what other people think, anyway she is still in denial. Ridge wonders if it would make any difference if they contacted Ann? If the grandkids let her know what this denial has done to their mother and how it has affected all of them. Brooke mentions that a person can’t feel guilt unless they think they have done something wrong. Ridge wonders if deep down she does and perhaps they could encourage her to open a dialogue with Stephanie. Taylor says if he does, just try to do it face to face. She wishes Stephanie could have done that before her father died. And it’s been a long time; she doesn’t know if Stephanie can find it in her heart to forgive her.

Ann asks Stephanie not to be so hostile? Stephanie quips doesn’t she have the right? Ann says, “it’s not necessary, darling. I came to visit my daughter. To admire your beautiful home and see your children….so lovely and so grown up.” Stephanie chastises her for small talk. Ann says can’t they catch up, have a normal conversation? Stephanie reminds her they never had a normal relationship. Ann admits they had problems. Stephanie says yes, is she ready to deal with them? If not, then she’s going to be wasting her time.

Ann tells her she has been thinking a lot about her visit to Chicago. She is sorry it ended the way it did. “The things you said to me, Stephanie, really got to me. Truthfully, they bothered me, hurt me.” She goes on with the awful things Stephanie said about her father when he’d been so good. Stephanie tells her to stop it. She knows what happened and she is not going to be denied. Ann tells her alright, she won’t pretend any more. She confesses it’s true, all true. Her father did hit her. She’d heard it time and time again. “I saw it and did nothing to stop it.” And that each time it happened, she told herself it would be the last time. And then when it did happen, she’d tell herself that she’d find the strength to step in, but she never did. And she hated herself for it. She couldn’t even look at her bruises or her welts. “I should have said something, done something. I was your mother. I should have stopped it.”

She tells her she is so ashamed. “Oh, not of you, not of you, my baby. Of myself.” Her weakness, her failure as a mother. She knows she doesn’t have the right to ask her this, but she’s begging please, “can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Forgive me, please.”

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