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Nick grouses to Jackie that it is so frustrating to do business with imbeciles. She says she knows that ship has sailed, but he should be running this company with Brooke – together. He quips she better just make sure she doesn’t as he couldn’t do it without her. He points out that he had more resignations on his desk this morning. It’s like rats on a sinking ship. She remarks she doesn’t know how they are going to set the fashion world ablaze, if word gets out their own employees hate them. He says it better turn around fast as failure is not an option.

Thorne and Taylor bask in the afterglow of lovemaking in her bed. His wife – does she know how good that is going to sound? And his family, everyone so happy for them. How often does that happen? His father is going to be so excited designing her wedding veil. The only thing missing will be the Forrester Creations label. She tells him she has been thinking about her wedding gift to him. He teases how about more of what she just gave him? She quips he doesn’t have to worry about that. He giggles as she says it is something she thinks his whole family will appreciate. What if she could get Forrester Creations back for him?

Phoebe is having flashbacks of Shane when Ridge walks into the house and says hi to her and asks about boxes moving in with Thorne and Ally. He says he’s picking up some things from the garage, obviously the space is needed. And wonders how Phoebe is about all of this with her mother’s engagement to Thorne? She’s fine with it since her mother is so happy in such a long time. He asks how she is and she starts in on Shane. He tells her not to worry about it, the police are going to catch the guy. In fact he’s going to prison for what he did to her. She explains that he doesn’t understand. Hector was the one who completely overreacted when he hit him with that bat. Shane had absolutely no intention of raping her. Ridge can’t believe she is defending him when he was the one who ran off. She says how could he not when they were all calling him a rapist and he would have been arrested. That’s why he is hiding. He wants to know how she knows this? Has she seen him again? She explains he only wanted the opportunity to tell her how sorry he was. Ridge still thinks he is a stalker and hopes she called the police. Phoebe tells him that he ran when he heard the sirens. Firmly he tells her Shane McGrath is trouble and she is to call the police if he ever shows his face again.

Alone, Bridget is startled when she hears a thud, rapping, sound on her window and sees a bloody hand through the glass and discovers it is Shane. He groans and she helps him up and inside and asks what happened to him? He tells her he had a little disagreement with some of his good buddies on the beach. They wanted to fight him for his last couple of dollars. She knows he couldn’t have won. He remarks he knows she doesn’t want him there, but she is a doctor and she has to help him, okay? Tentatively she examines him, maybe needs some stitches above the eye, possibly broken ribs.

Jackie asks Nick if he has given any more consideration to Taylor’s offer? He replies yes, he fought with his demons last night, and he won. Jackie acknowledges that still doesn’t mean he can’t ask her to dinner. He points out that she is engaged to another man. Jackie asks can’t she have friends? He tells her that Taylor wants to cure him and if she feels like she can, then he has to give the company back to the Forrester’s. Jackie laments that Taylor is not always right. But, she is human so just talk to her. Reveal himself. He sighs and Jackie continues that she is sure Taylor will do the same. There must be something she wants to get off her chest as well. Perhaps all she needs is the right person, a confidant. Why not him? He’s ten times the man that Thorne Forrester is!

Thorne tells Taylor that he loves her, but if she thinks Nick is going to give back the company, she’s lost her mind. She confesses that she went to see him, offered her professional help. He imagines Nick turned her down flat. She admits that is exactly what he did. But has he ever known her to turn down a challenge? He thinks Nick certainly is that! She offers that he’s been through some difficult emotional times lately…a lot of pain. Everything that happened with his mother, and then all his anger at Stephanie and losing Brooke. She thinks he’s just a decent man who’s been through a string of bad things lately and if he could understand what’s going on inside him, he’d know running this company is absurd. He’d realize he’s not going to get any happiness from it. It’s a long shot him giving back the company, but what have they got to lose?

Phoebe tells her dad that he doesn’t know Shane like she does. He has fallen in love with her. He growls that Shane is dangerous, not to mention the fact that she is too young for him. She points out that she is eighteen now. He tells her it’s not just Hector – even her mom and Harry all agree, he is trouble! She’s still defending him with Ridge telling her this is not fate when Bridget calls. She blurts out that Shane is there and he got beat up pretty badly. Phoebe tells her she is talking to her dad, but she will call her back in just a minute. Ridge tells her he is not taking any chances on her. She is a wonderful, incredible young woman and she deserves far better than that bum Shane. He’s going to go get a few more things out of the garage and then perhaps they can go grab a bite to eat. She agrees.

Thorne is not sure about this counseling thing. He doesn’t really like her hanging around with this guy. As far as he is concerned, this bastard is the enemy. She wonders what all this ‘enemy’ stuff is with guys? She sees all of them scrambling around trying to start a new company, but it’s never going to have the same meaning that Forrester Creations does. That company has been the lifeblood of the entire family. He agrees – exactly – and that is why Nick is never going to give it back. She says he may feel that way now, but when he has a little reality check she thinks he is going to know he’s never going to be happy running a fashion empire. Thorne doesn’t think it has anything to do with being happy. He took Forrester Creations out of pure vengeance. Nick hates Ridge and he hates his mother. She says yes, but if she can make him understand the source of that hatred, owning Forrester Creations won’t mean a thing to him. Thorne opines, “he can’t be trusted. Look, I’m sorry, Taylor, but I don’t want the woman I’m going to marry to be hanging around this guy.”

Phoebe steps out on the terrace and calls Bridget and asks how badly is Shane hurt? She listens as Bridget says a cut above his eye and probably a broken rib. She wants to talk to him, but Bridget says she can’t. He’s in the bathroom cleaning up. She gave him some of Nick’s old clothes to wear, but she really thinks she ought to call the police as there is a warrant out for his arrest. Phoebe begs her not to, she doesn’t care about the warrant. Just please let him stay there the one night to be safe. She pleads with Bridget that he’s not dangerous, just understand that. Bridget reluctantly gives in just for one night. Tomorrow they are settling this and he moves on.

Shane apologizes to Bridget for getting her involved. She tells him she is not going to turn him in, but he does have to move on in the morning and he should have an X-ray. He imparts that he’s never met anyone as kind and good as Phoebe or her either. Bridget tells him not to take advantage of Phoebe, she is only eighteen. He swears that trouble has a way of following him sometimes. And he doesn’t want her to get wrapped up in that. He’ll be gone tomorrow morning. She tells him she will go get him a blanket. When she returns, she tells him the phone is for him, it’s Phoebe. She tells him she is so sorry about everything and that she is getting the charges against him dropped. She knows he never meant to hurt her. He remarks how much that means to him, but feigns perhaps he really should leave town. She begs him not to, she doesn’t want him to disappear. He is delighted when she says they will show everyone what he can do. She might be the only one, but she believes in him. He tells her sweet dreams.

Taylor’s phone rings and she gasps as she sees it is Nick. He can barely get the word out – counseling. She says it’s not a four letter word, it’s ten. He quips that he really doesn’t think he has any demons, “but if you want to take a crack at it, I’m all yours.” He tells her he’s a busy man so why don’t they schedule this for tomorrow in his office. She says okay, that works for her and they can schedule a few sessions. He seems surprised that he won’t be cured in one day. She confides that is not the way it works. She’ll see him at Forrester tomorrow.

He turns to his mother and asks if she is now satisfied? She responds with he could have picked a slightly more romantic spot. What was wrong with the Café Russe? He says his office is just fine, if she really wants to help, it can happen there. Jackie gloats that wouldn’t it be interesting if they could help each other? “She’s a wonderful woman. Call it mother’s intuition, whatever you like, but I think something miraculous is about to happen, and it couldn’t happen to a better person.”

Thorne asks Taylor if Nick agreed? She says yes, she doesn’t know how serious he is, but he did agree. Thorne says at least it is a start. She states she is going to do it; she IS going to get Forrester Creations back.

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