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Written By Wanda
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Stephanie asks her stoic mother to tell her that she didn’t like her or that she was some other woman’s child. Otherwise, how could she listen to her scream and hear that slap of the belt on her flesh? Ann glances at a framed photo of John and Stephanie tells her do not look at him. He’s dead, but she’s here! And tell her why when she needed her the most that she didn’t defend her. Ann stares back at her but is mute.

Thorne watches Ally sleep on the couch, never made it to bed. He laments to Taylor that they can teach their children to be careful of strangers, but what can they do when the danger turns out to be within their own family? Also Ridge explains the circumstances to Brooke. She wonders if it’s something that Stephanie just didn’t remember? He says no, she just never talked about it. Brooke thinks she will have to go back and think about Stephanie’s anger and look at it differently now. He damns his grandfather. She commiserates that the one man most important to a woman is usually her father. He agrees that drinking too much, getting ugly, losing control is all unforgivable, but the one thing he can’t comprehend is why his grandmother wouldn’t put a stop to it.

Ann finally speaks and tells Stephanie that it was a great disappointment to John that his first born wasn’t a son. But, Stephanie was so strong and independent. He used to say beaming with pride that their little Stevie could do anything a boy could do. And that’s why she didn’t teach her to sew or sing…..her father wanted her to be a leader of men. So she climbed trees, and played baseball and had schoolyard fights with other kids. She says she dreaded those calls when some parent told her that her daughter beat up their son. Pamela reminds her of the time that she fell off a colt that her dad wanted to race, broken ribs and a swollen face so badly injured she had to eat through a straw.

Ann says, “yes, I saw bruises. And I said nothing because I knew where they came from. Your own stubborn nature.” And now Stephanie wanted to take her to task for allowing her to be the person she wanted to be. And now Stephanie wants to blame her, and worse yet her own father who can’t defend himself, for the fact that she can’t get along in life. Her husband can’t manage her and she is a trial to her children, that’s how she’s always been. “You like nothing better than trouble, and stirring it up is the only reason you are here today. Well, Stephanie my answer is the same as it was then – shame on you.” Eric snaps no, shame on HER.

Hope pouts to Brooke that she didn’t get to practice her dance for the dress rehearsal tomorrow. She used to do it with Nick. Can he come back? Brooke offers she is sure Nick would love to practice with her, but he’s sleeping right now. Ridge cajoles her to teach him and he’ll practice with her. Thorne tells Taylor there is a little boy in Ally’s pre-school that he wonders about. He’s always scraped up and has bandages. He’d asked him but all he said was that he had fell off the monkey bars. Taylor reminds him that children often want to protect their parents even though they are the ones abusing them. He agrees that he will speak to the teacher and see if she can ask some questions. They both agree it is sad for someone to suspect but do nothing about it as they expect the next person to.

Eric asks Ann how does she live with herself? She tells him he is a guest there, all but a stranger. He asks her whose fault is that? She keeps guilt-tripping his wife because she chose to wash her hands of her mother years ago, so what’s the matter with Ann? Couldn’t she pick up the phone and call every once in a while? “No, no, no, it’s a lot easier to just sit here and enslave her sister with your passive-aggressive wheedling.” Ann sniffs that this is between her and her daughter and she will thank him to stay out of it. Stephanie turns and says it’s of no use. Eric continues that what is it missing with Ann? He had a daughter who was dying of cancer and her screams of pain drove him crazy. It was like a nail being driven into his brain. How could she sit and hear her daughter being beaten in the next room and not have it drive her mad? Emphatically she says, “it did not happen!” He asks if that is what she said to herself back then?” She tells him he wasn’t there. He tells her that SHE wasn’t there. She’s barely here now. And that she has the opportunity right now to be a living, breathing mother to Stephanie and she is refusing. He tells her that he used to be grateful to her for raising such an extraordinary woman – the strongest, most intelligent, loving, protective woman he’d ever met in his life. Stephanie listens with interest and surprise as he rails to Ann that he loves Stephanie more right now than he ever has because Ann proved to him today, without a shadow of a doubt, that Stephanie did that all by herself. While Ann was plugging her ears and covering her eyes, Stephanie built herself from the ground up. “And the real tragedy here is that you will never know what a MAGNIFICENT job she did of it.” Ann turns away and bites her lip.

Eric asks Stephanie if she is ready? Somewhat stunned and touched, she nods yes. He takes Stephanie’s hand and tells Pamela that he is sorry they met again under such difficult circumstances, but if she ever needs anything……she tells him she is sorry, then breaks down as she tells Stephanie the same. The sisters hug and comfort each other in a parting good-bye. They tell each other that they love one another. Eric tells Ann that the next time they hear of her, it no doubt will be Pamela telling her that Ann is gone. “They say with age comes wisdom. Well, may you spend the days wisely between now and then.” Her eyes tear up, but she doesn’t turn to look at them as they leave.

Stephanie tells the pilot to please get this plane off the ground and back to L.A. as fast as he can. She plops on the couch and sighs to Eric that her mother is old and she’s all but alone. And she laments that her mother has spent her lifetime with that smile plastered on her face and her head in the sand. And she is sure it has done her more harm than herself, but she can never forgive her. Because the one thing she needed from her as a child, she never got. She never gave her safety….she never felt that until now…… this very moment. They clasp hands and Eric puts one arm around her and she cradles her head lovingly on his shoulder.

Ridge practices with Hope and flirts with her that she was sandbagging him. She knows that dance backwards and forwards and could probably teach it to a monkey in a zoo.

Thorne puts Ally to bed, to the tune of Every Mother’s Prayer. Ann remembers too “lead her to a place guide her with your grace to a place where she’ll be safe.”

Ridge tries to call his mother but only gets voicemail. He tells her to call him at Brooke’s no matter how late it is. And that all he really wants to do is tell her that he loves her and wants to thank her for being his mother….and an amazing, wonderful mother at that!

Pamela tells her mother if she’s not going to bed, she is! Ann says she doesn’t blame Pamela for anything that happened tonight. Coldly, Pam says she can’t imagine why she would. Ann remarks that she knows how susceptible she is to her sister and how domineering Stephanie has always been. So she forgives her for the things she’s said. Pamela responds, “whatever makes it easiest for us to go on.” Ann says what she won’t forgive is the disgraceful things Stephanie said about her father. Pam says she doesn’t think her father would consider Stephanie a disgrace. Ann retorts that sometimes she thinks that Pam would like nothing better than to walk out on her too. Pam replies that sometimes she does. And says her good-night. Ann besieges her to start her music. The dutiful daughter does. Ann looks at John’s photo and her eyes brighten to the music of Que Sera, Sera, before finally turning sour.

Eric pours them a drink and sits with Stephanie. He tells her he is sorry that it didn’t exactly go the way she had hoped. But, she spoke her mind and he thinks her mother heard her. And the best thing is that her sister backed her up. She says yes because of him. He mentions because he lost his temper? She says he didn’t lose it, he found it. She laments that hearing him praise her that way, defending her, she needed someone to do that her whole life…and she didn’t know why her modus operandi has always been to believe she could never count on anyone. He tells her he thinks he saw why today. She says yeah but it’s almost destroyed her…..”us”. He smiles and says it’s never been easy trying to convince her that he’s on her side. She knows that being on her side has cost him the company. She asks are they going to make it? He replies they have been together for so long, there are some that would say they already have made it. She says that isn’t what she means. Is he going to forgive her? He says, “please. How many times have I married you? My forgiveness is on autopilot.”

She remarks she has never loved him the right way. He quips if loving him the right way to her means fighting him every inch of the way, then she had given him everything she could give. She asks him to please not say that. She has so much more to give. And she knows trust has always been an issue, but not after today. Then she adds, “just don’t marry Brooke anymore.” He says he will do his best. But, he wants to ask her something. “Are you going to put out?” She giggles that he is so male! Seriously, will he believe her when she says she loves him? And she advises that they should try to keep their quarreling to a minimum….maybe just once a week. He says maybe once a year. She quips monthly may be more realistic. He gives her a kiss which she reciprocates and tells her, “anything you say, sweet girl. Anything you say.” She shakes her head and asks him does he think that her mother has any idea what she did to her? Did she hear anything she’d said? Then she states that she doesn’t ever want to see her again…..ever.

Ann rocks in her chair, holds John’s photo, and smiles for a while to Que Sera, Sera. A pained expression covers her face and she finally drops the frame to the floor. She closes her tear-stained eyes.

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