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Written By Wanda
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On the company plane, Eric tries to make Stephanie comfortable about the situation since he knows she is nervous and dreading this meeting with her mother. She laments that she thinks she had very good reason to tell everybody that her mother was dead. That hurt her as a child that her mother would turn a deaf ear about her father’s abuse. And it hurt just as much thirty years later when she went and talked to her, so will it hurt any less now? He tells her that Taylor thinks this is very important. She quips yeah, well Taylor isn’t he one taking the trip, she is!

Taylor and Thorne stand before the fireplace at her house kissing and can’t keep their hands off each other. He tells her this feels so good, having her in his arms. He tells her he hates to spoil the moment, but he’s worried about his mom and he knows she has been seeing Taylor professionally. He assumes it is because of her being furious with his dad for selling the company. Taylor admits she has some other issues that Stephanie wants Taylor to talk to them all about. He’s surprised when he hears his mom and dad went to Chicago.

Ann is fussing around the apartment looking for her favorite album. She wants everything to be just right for Stephanie’s visit. She calls Pammie to find it for her. Then wonders why Stephanie is visiting after all these years? She quips she must think she doesn’t have much time left. Or perhaps Stephanie realizes you only have one family in this life. She plays the Doris Day song, Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), and Stephanie is also remembering the song and a loving family with her mom and sister sitting on the floor playing Monopoly. She opines to Eric that she didn’t have such a terrible childhood, there were many, many good times. She was a stay-at-home mom and spent every minute she could with her and her sister. And they always had a lot of fun when they were together. She was there when they got out of school and helped them with their homework. She wanted them both to excel. He agrees that he doesn’t begrudge her those memories, but a different story of what her father did……and for her mother to allow that to happen. She agrees that she is making excuses about her father. Her mother is an old woman now, so what’s there to be afraid of? And Taylor thinks it is important so how bad can it be?

Stephanie urges Eric not to make plans to stay the night. She wants to get this over with and go right back home. He tries to convince her that her mother may have changed. Perhaps this time she will actually hear her. She doubts it and reminds him that he knows how she is, very much in control of her emotions. She calls him a psychiatrist when he says keep an open mind. And he points out that any time she has to do something she doesn’t want to do…..every time she is NOT in control, she gets this way….like grumpy. She admits it and says she is sorry. She gives a big sigh and says it’s just that she doesn’t know if she can stand seeing her. “She’ll just be cheerful in that pathetic, vacant way that she has and just deny everything.” Eric says she may have to force the situation a little. She thinks that will be easier said than done. She says she just wants to get this over with and then high-tail it right out of town. She asks him to please file the flight plan right away. She promises she will try to stop controlling everything, but just not right now. He nods in agreement.

Hector interrupts Thorne and Taylor and he tells Thorne to relax, this is the last time he will be bothering them. He plans on moving out. There is only room for one man who is crazy about the lady of the house. He knows he has caused her some real problems although he really did his best to help Taylor and Phoebe. Thorne adds that he knows his heart was in the right place. Thorne ponders for a moment and offers his Malibu place for free. Hector doesn’t want his charity. But Thorne tells him it’s going to be vacant soon and Hector will actually be doing him a favor so he won’t have to hire someone to patrol it. And they chuckle over the fact that Hector might learn to do some new things, like painting – Thorne loves modern art. Hector says they are both being terribly generous, the world would be a better place with more people like them. He holds out his hand in gesture and Thorne shakes it. Hector says he will take very good care of his beach house.

As Ann and Pammie set out some of their best stuff, Ann laments that Stephanie has cut her off from her family. Is that what family does? Pammie says she hopes this isn’t going to be unpleasant. Ann replies that of course not, she won’t LET it be! Then gleefully she joins in Doris’s rendition of Que Sera Sera. Pammie looks worried. The song is playing as Eric and Stephanie approach the door and she hears that dreadful song.

Ann greets her and Eric with charm and good manners and offers them chocolate angel cake, yet manages to get a polite zing in that she would have had them dinner, but it was promptly at six……the way it always had been.

Eric tells Ann that he looks at her and it’s like time hasn’t moved at all. She calls him an old smoothie, as ever. Stephanie remains pretty stone faced throughout. Ann asks Pam to offer them some tea. Stephanie says no at first, then quickly changes her mind. Ann wants Pam to remember the honey since she remembers that Stephanie always liked that. Stephanie tells her mother that she looks well. She remarks she is not as strong as she once was. Then Stephanie says she likes the new apartment. Another polite zinger – Ann says she’s lived there for twenty five years. She offers it’s not as grand as the place on Normandy, but there was so much upkeep. Stephanie suddenly remarks is that her father’s tobacco that she smells? Ann says she sure does have a sharp nose. She rises and goes to a table where she says she keeps their father’s pipes and a humidor of his favorite tobacco. Sometimes she just opens it and breathes in. It’s rather comforting…..would Stephanie like to be her guest? Stephanie politely declines. Ann tells her that her father would be terribly proud of her. Who would have imagined they would be so successful when he lent them all that money years ago. Eric opines that $50,000 was a lot of money back then. Ann giggles that his friends thought he was crazy, but then he was so generous. He bought the girls everything. Eric says and they are very, very grateful, and if there is anything she ever needs……..She remarks no, they are quite comfortable, aren’t they Pammie? Pammie shrugs but doesn’t get a chance to speak.

Ann tells him that they brought out some family pictures as she knew Stephanie would like to look at them. She chatters on about the memories and about her perfect little family. What a blow it was to lose John that early. And now it might not be long before she joins him. Que Sera Sera. She tells them that it’s really been wonderful to see them. And it’s amazing they can go without seeing each other for thirty years, and then pick right up where they left off. Stephanie is about to ask her something when Ann decides it’s time to cut the cake. She asks Pam if she will get the honey. Stephanie says she doesn’t need any, but Ann insists Pam bring it anyway. Ann tells them she never could understand why they chose to live in L.A. where it’s hot and smoggy and all those insincere people, actors and heaven knows what all. Eric tells her she really must come and see them sometime. She states she is too old for travel now. She prefers to stay where things are familiar. But, she’d love to get a card from her grandchildren, perhaps at Christmas? She is shocked when Stephanie says she told them she was dead.

Taylor praises Thorne for helping Hector, especially for how he forgave him when he had every right to be upset with him for a lot of things. She tells him she loves him for being such a real person, for being a real man. He jokes that let them go upstairs and he’ll show her what a REAL man is. She tells him to wait, she has something to tell him first. His mother went to Chicago to see her mother…….his grandmother is not dead. He can’t believe it. Thorne doesn’t understand why his mother would tell him that his grandmother is dead.

Likewise, Ann is shocked. Guess if you can’t say anything good about your mother, just bury her! Stephanie says, “I have good things to say, but there are other issues.” Ann denies it and says she wouldn’t know about that; things are fairly simple around here. And she calls on Pammie to tell her they don’t go around looking for trouble. Pam says Stephanie is right, there ARE things they need to talk about. Ann says yes there are many things they need to catch up on, but she is afraid she tires much more easily than she used to and she starts to dismiss them. She tells Stephanie it was good of her to visit and for her to please not forget how much she loves her. She asks Pam if she will go turn on the electric blanket……she likes things her bed nice and cozy.

Stephanie stands and says that her mother likes everything nice and cozy. “But, that’s not the way life works out.” Her mother stands up to her and says life is what you make it. Stephanie replies, “Que Sera Sera.” As she leaves the room, Ann tells Eric it was good to see him again, and to take care of her daughter. He takes her by the hands and stops her from leaving and tells her that her daughter has something to say to her. She’s going to listen, she’s going to hear what she says whether she wants to or not.

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