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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

In Taylor’s office, Stephanie looks pretty shell shocked and bewildered at her newest revelation – when her father drank, he lost his temper. She slumps into the couch, broken spirited. Taylor surmises that he hit her a lot. Stephanie whispers, “yes, he hit me.”

At Forrester, Nick lines up the staff and introduces them to Jackie and he praises them that they are the best in the business and they are looking forward to working with them. He introduces Donna as the lead model and creative consultant, and he is the business man. He says this is still Forrester’s and there won’t be reason for that many changes. One brave guy speaks up that to hell it is, it won’t be without the Forrester’s themselves. Nick tells him the only thing he doesn’t tolerate is ignorance, so he is fired. And he looks at the others gathered and tells them that anybody that feels the same can walk out now. Slowly one by one, at least half of them leave with only four remaining. Nick questions them, do they think they can do the job? It doesn’t matter to him who they reported to or what they did in the past, it only matters to him what they think they can do now. He brags that he thinks he can make Forrester Creations the biggest success it has ever been. They’ve got to work together.

At Eric and Stephanie’s, the room is filled with flower arrangements and cards from clients, suppliers and buyers – wishing them good luck and giving them their support. Ridge quips to Thorne at least they didn’t send a funeral wreath. Thorne says they may as well have. Their dad certainly doesn’t need to be reminded that they don’t own Forrester anymore. Eric walks in and asks if their mother is there? When told no, he says good. Looks like Taylor probably dragged Stephanie off to another one of her therapy sessions….not that it would do any good. Thorne thinks otherwise since she is not just a therapist but her best friend. Eric is pessimistic that Stephanie just can’t open up to anybody, at least certainly not him. If she can’t change, then something else is going to have to.

Taylor questions Stephanie, how does she feel about that? Devastated, Stephanie replies that she ruined the table so her dad had every right to be angry. Taylor tells her she gets angry at Thomas and the girls, but she doesn’t hit them. Stephanie retorts those were simply different times. Taylor offers that she’s just trying to justify what her father did to her. Stephanie says in his mind, he was justified. He wasn’t a cruel man. She admits she got punished when she deserved it. But, why are they talking about this anyway? She’s here to discuss how she can work things out with Eric. Taylor laments that she thinks she came here because Eric was tired of her trying to control everything and Stephanie just about figured it out for herself. But, Stephanie says this has nothing to do with her father.

Taylor suggests that is does. She had just described herself to her as a child. She has no control, no consistency. She couldn’t predict her father’s behavior. She couldn’t protect herself. She couldn’t know when he’d lash out at her. HE had all the control. She was just a little girl….just a little girl who…..Stephanie shrinks back with tears welling in her eyes and a frozen expression on her face. Taylor finishes……”a little girl who was…….. powerless.”

At his desk with Donna by his side, a mountain of papers being handed to him with reports, sales figures, Nick tells the staff that he needs the quarterly reports. Donna tells him when he hits the ground running, he isn’t kidding. He opines that he has to report to the Marone board that this company  makes money…..and a lot of it fast.  Clarke pops up in the doorway and quips that he’s been summoned to the new inner sanctum? Nick asks if he got his fax? Clarke says yes and Nick says there is no need then for B.S. Is he interested or not?

Thorne tells Ridge and Eric that he’s already spoken to a broker and there is some smaller manufacturing space on the other side of town. It’s not as upscale as Forrester, but then it’s not as pricey either. They discuss they would need legal and marketing but could shop out the advertising, payroll and shipping and if they could keep their cost low, they’d show a profit within five years.  Eric utters, “oh God, it took forty years to get Forrester Creations to be what it is…..what it was. If we could do it in half that time, I don’t think I have it in me.”

Clearly Stephanie doesn’t want to hear this as Taylor says her father’s home was his castle. His rule, his law. She misbehaved and she was punished with violence. She comes and sits with Stephanie and puts her hand on her knee and says it’s okay, it helps her understand who Stephanie is and why she’s done some of the things she has done.  Stephanie looks her in the eye and states that she is NOT going to blame her problems on her dad. Taylor tells her that abuse is about control. Stephanie asks her not to use the word ‘abuse’. Taylor explains that when an adult strikes a child out of anger, that is abuse. Stephanie will only admit that he occasionally lost his temper. Taylor asks if she ever told anymore? A teacher, a friend? Stephanie replies no. And Taylor asks if anyone ever suspected? Was it something she had to hide or did she have to lie about her injuries? Adamantly she denies there were any injuries……then she shrugs and finally admits okay sometimes she didn’t want to change into her gym outfit. Taylor guesses because of some marks or bruises. Stephanie admits sometimes there were. Taylor probes more – and no one knew or ever noticed? Not her sister or her mother? Stephanie jumps up and stares off in space. Taylor continues, did her mother ever know what was happening to her? Did she tell her mother? Stephanie opines this is leading nowhere and she has to go. Before she reaches the door, Taylor tells her that if she is ending the session, she has to ask her one more question. “At your mother’s funeral, did you cry?” Stopped dead in her tracks, Stephanie spins around ad with a seriousness on her face, mocks “her funeral?” She sighs, gives a shrug, like the absolute last thing she wants to share and tells Taylor she has to tell her something. But, she has to give Stephanie her word of honor that it will not leave this room.

Clarke and Nick jabber back and forth whether he is in or out. Jackie points out this would be a feather in his cap, but this is a new era with Forrester, the pinnacle of success for any designer. He sticks out his hand and says he’s in. He realizes Eric and Ridge would have never given him this opportunity. Nick tells him smart man, now sign the contract and he just started to work today. He wants an overview tomorrow. Clarke is delighted to tell him that he’ll have it in the morning. Nick tells Jackie he will need her there at the meeting as well though he knows this will be a lot for her. She tells him she’ll be there as she knows how much this means and how much he wants to succeed. He tells her that he has already succeeded. He’s done something nobody else could do – he held Stephanie accountable; he’s held the entire family accountable.

Ridge tells his dad that Nick may have won the battle, but he’s sure as heck hasn’t won the war. Thorne adds unless they throw in the towel. Eric says no, no, no, he’s not going to do that. He loves designing too much. That’s what he loves about fashion – design. Not the business part of it so much. He points out that he knows they both have received other lucrative offers. Ridge could market his ideas anywhere and Thorne could be the toast of New York. They have families and children to send to college, so a new business may not be exactly what they had in mind. And Eric tells them he just wants to concentrate on a few things in the line, quality, not quantity. He wants them to know this is his decision. He respects them too much to influence theirs.

Taylor opines to Stephanie that whatever she says in this room is confidential. She can tell her anything. Stephanie takes a deep breath and tells her that her mother is alive. Without missing a heartbeat, Taylor  states - her mother isn’t dead? Stephanie extols that she’d dead to her. She hasn't spoken to her or seen her in thirty years. She’s had absolutely no contact with her family or herself and that’s the way she wants it to stay. Taylor asks if she cut her out of her life? Stephanie vows that after her father died, she swore she’d never see her again. Taylor asks wasn’t that a little extreme? Stephanie answers well Taylor asked her if her mother knew what her father did to her. “Yes, she did. Because I told her, and she did absolutely nothing.”

Eric tells his boys that is his decision. He’s staying here and just doing a few designs a year and he’ll be very, very happy. But, he will understand if they want to move on and go make their phone calls. Thorne looks at Ridge, Ridge looks back and they tell their dad that they aren’t going anywhere. Ridge tells him that they are with him. He rallied around their mother. He rallied the entire family around her and now they were rallying around him. Eric smiles, gives each a big pat on the back and hug.

Taylor questions Stephanie. She asked her mother for help? Stephanie says she just wanted her mother to listen, and she couldn’t even do that. Taylor asks about her sister? Stephanie answers that they don’t talk about it. Taylor wants to know if Pammy has cut their mother out of her life too? Stephanie answers that no, she lives in Chicago with her mother and takes care of her. Taylor tells her that she has to go to Chicago and see her and deal with the past. Adamant, Stephanie says no, you can’t change the past. Taylor tells her no, you can’t, but it has already followed her here. And that Stephanie has admitted she can’t stop this overwhelming need to control her children and the way she wants to control everything. And the way she rides Eric’s back about weaknesses she perceives in him. She said she wanted to know the root of it, well this is it!

Stephanie grits her teeth and proclaims that no, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her mother. Taylor stands firm and advises her she knows this is not something she wants to do, but she has to do it if she wants to save her marriage. She has to stop avoiding it and staying in denial. “You need to talk to your mother about it. Confront it. Use my phone.” Stephanie is shocked. Taylor expects her to talk to her mother now? Taylor says yes, she’s lucky she is still alive. If she were her, she wouldn’t wait too long.

Stephanie fumbles, she almost stumbles as she walks across the room and stares at the phone on the desk. She finally picks it up and dials the number. Pam answers and Stephanie tells her it is Steph and Pam says it’s a surprise, how are things? Stephanie obligingly says fine, and how is her mother? Pam says she is fine too. Stephanie asks if she is still in the same place? Pam answer she’s right there with her. With a frightening, wide-eyed look on her face, Stephanie says, “well, I was thinking about you and as long as everything’s fine….take care of yourself.”

The second she hangs up, Stephanie has a grip of a panic attack, fighting the urge to scream out or hit something, not knowing quite what to do or express herself. Pam walks into a room with an elderly lady sitting before the window in a rocking chair. Pam tells her that she will never believe who just called – Stephanie. And she asked about her. Mother stops rocking for a second and says, “did she?” Her expression doesn’t soften much, just looks curious.

Stephanie expounds to Taylor that she can’t believe she just did that. It was such a mistake to make that phone call. She paces the room in a short distance until she is hyperventilating. Taylor approaches and tells her that she has to face her mother. It is the only way to face these issues. Stephanie barks no! Taylor pushes that she has to. Does she want to keep living like this? Does she want to save her marriage? Stephanie answers of course she does! Taylor says then she has to. She always told her she’d do anything for her family. Stephanie bows her head, grits her teeth, gestures with her hands, makes faces and sobs. “Not this, you have no idea what you’re asking me. I can talk until I am blue in the face and she wouldn’t hear me. She will NEVER listen.” Taylor tells her she mother WILL listen. She’ll hear what she has to say. If she is serious about changing, then she has to go to Chicago and confront her mother. “The time has come.”

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