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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie boxes up her personal things from her office and reminisces as she looks over some documents. She remembers her father constantly being angry, taking off his belt and threatening her when she disappointed him by spilling her milk during their alone time together.

Taylor interrupts her thoughts and gives her a big hug. She remarks she came because Stephanie wasn’t returning her phone calls. Stephanie laments that she didn’t know you could fill so many boxes with so many personal things. You close them up, and tape them over and all you really see is boxes. Taylor recognizes Stephanie’s melancholy mood and takes her by the hand and puts it on Stephanie’s heart and says “memories are stored here. They’re yours. No one can take them from you. Yours alone.”

Nick sits with Jackie and tells her that she is looking at the new owner of Forrester Creations. She’s astonished – signed, sealed and delivered he says. She thought Stephanie was going to fight to the bitter end. Nick states that’s where she is – the bitter end. For one scant second Jackie is happy, now nothing will stand in his and Brooke’s way. Until he tells her otherwise, the marriage is over. Brooke sold her stock to him. “She chose the Forrester’s. She chose Ridge.”

Stephanie denies to Taylor that she is avoiding her calls. Taylor tells her she is used to it. It’s very normal for a patient to seek out help, and then suddenly want to stop because they are afraid what therapy is going to reveal. Stephanie says she understands, but tries to brush Taylor off by saying not today and telling her to look around and think of all the work it took to build this. She sighs that her marriage is ALWAYS in crisis, but Taylor is good at what she does and she got her to thinking of the good times. Taylor questions if they really were all that good? Stephanie offers that she doesn’t think she has anything to hide. Taylor brings up her father and once again Stephanie steers it to another subject by saying she doesn’t want to talk about that today. She looks toward the door at Eric. As he walks in, that conversation closes. Taylor gives him her condolences about the company and he opines they will survive.

Stephanie steps up and reveals that actually Taylor came to see her. After their argument the other day, she’d gone to see Taylor professionally. Before he can ask anything, the movers come in for some advice. As he leaves, she tells him that they talked about a lot of things, her childhood for one, and he thinks that was a good start. Stephanie tells Taylor that she thinks he knows she is trying. But, Taylor remarks that ‘trying’ isn’t going to cut it with him. And she doesn’t think her marriage will survive if she doesn’t deal with her past.

Jackie tries to take up for Brooke for choosing Ridge. Nick bought the company, so Brooke’s hands were tied. Nick reminds her what that woman did to her, and he had a right to take Forrester Creations and now they need to focus on themselves. They move forward, and when he thinks back on his family, the only person loyal to him was Bridget. He states he wants her to be part of the company; part of the new Forrester Creations.

Bridget comes into the office and greets Stephanie with a kiss, along with Thorne, Felicia, Sally and Taylor and soon by Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie tells Brooke that she really didn’t have to sell her stocks to Nick, and it’s a gesture she won’t forget. Ridge points out they are all in this together – family. And that word family is echoed by the others. Stephanie says then it shouldn’t be a wake. Eric opines, “well, a lifetime to build. And two days to haul it all away.” Sally quips that you can’t keep a Forrester down. Stephanie goes and stands by Eric. He says no they can’t and he thinks they learned some of that from Sally, and now she’s a Forrester too. Ridge starts by saying their names may not be on the designs, but one by one they say they’ll always be Forrester’s – the gold standard, and all because of those two as he points to his mom and dad. He gives his dad a big hug. Eric comments that the employees are all waiting downstairs. Before they all file out, Stephanie tells them to wait.

She reminisces about when they were all little and then later when Felicia was born how she’d bring her to the office and she’d rock her back and forth, working with the books in one hand until Felicia slept – and she snored. Felicia tells her that she loves her, and Stephanie repeats she does too. Even though she used to drive her crazy with her rebellions, but they all knew she was talented. She pats Eric and says that talent came from her father. And the point is the four of them turned out to be wonderful, wonderful adults….strong and demanding of themselves. She tells Thorne he was always the one who kept his head….and Sally was always nipping at their heels…closer than either Eric or her wanted to admit she was. “I think we both agree that ‘panache’ was created for you.” Sally thanks her for that.

Stephanie says but now it is over. She chokes up as she says she is walking through these memories. She knows they all sacrificed for this, all of their lifetime of work for her. “Thank you. And I am just sorry it had to end this way.” They say their good-bye’s and Eric tells the kids they will be down in a minute. They all hug Stephanie as they walk out the door. Alone, Stephanie comes up behind him and says she needs him to forgive her. Slowly he turns around toward her and smiles. He says that she is his wife. Simply, he will never not love her and he will always forgive her. He takes her by the hand and she reverently gazes into his eyes. She admits she is constantly amazed by him. She doesn’t want this to be over. “I’m very proud to be your wife. I’m very proud to be Mrs. Eric Forrester.” They call each other Mr. and Mrs. Forrester – and they are ready. He grabs his coat and they stand and look around the room, the stripped shell of an office, one more time before closing the door to all those memories.

Nick is not far behind. He walks in and flips on the light probably hoping to shed a little brightness to the place, his hollow victory. He walks to the desk and touches it and then sits in the chair, trying it on for size. Bridget walks in and he looks up. She asks him please don’t do this. He says simply that it is done. She offers that he knows how sorry her family is for what happened to his mother. He sniffs that sorry isn’t going to cut it this time. Stephanie is going to be held accountable for what she has done. She wonders why he is doing this to all of her family? He says because they have forgiven too much. Then he softly tells her that she knows how strong his feelings are for her. And he would never presume to think they could recreate what they once had….but he does need her help. She’s caught off guard. Her help? He says yes, he wants her to be a part of the company. She’s a Forrester. This is Forrester Creations. Incredulously, she asks if he is asking her to betray her family? She states she is a doctor, the one who isn’t interested in the fashion business. He tells her she can succeed at anything she puts her mind to. She says no she can’t. He tells her that she has a child on the way and working here would give her the flexibility she needs, and he will make sure she has everything she needs. She stammers as she tries to stop him to please not go on. She doesn’t need his help. She doesn’t need his flexible hours. She doesn’t need anything……she lost the baby.

Downstairs as Eric and Stephanie get off the elevator everyone, employees and family, is gathered and give a rousing applause. Eric thanks them and reminds them they all started this company a long time ago. It was a dream and the business grew and their family grew. And every time he came into the building, he felt that connection to all of them and such love from all of them. And he wants to thank them for that. He states it was never his intention to leave, certainly not like this. “But, I’m resolved to come back to it again someday.” He says they will reclaim their position in the fashion industry, he promises them that. And when they do, they’ll all be together again. “Someday I’m going to get this company back!” More rounds of applause led by Ridge, Thorne and a tearful Felicia. Eric puts his arm around Stephanie and she lovingly lays her head on his chest.

Nick tells Bridget that he is sorry. She concurs that she doesn’t even want to think about it or talk about it, just get on with her life. He tells her this can be her life, but she fires back that she will not play the fool, not again. He tells her that is not what he wants. She fires again that he GOT what he wanted. He just took what her family loved the most. He stripped the company from them. He denies that, they were given a choice. She asks WHAT choice? Her family is downstairs right now trying to say good-bye to a lifetime. And she should be with them. That man that she fell in love with….that honest and decent man. God, she hopes he’s still in there somewhere. “Don’t lose yourself in all of this.”

Pretty deflated, Nick sits as Stephanie comes in. Sitting like the king, she tells him don’t get too comfortable. She is not through with him by a long shot. Calmly, he says that he has taken her company, don’t tempt him to take anything else. She advises that he’s never going to succeed in this business. He doesn’t know a thing about fashion. Revenge is what this is all about. He says he calls it justice. She informs him that he’s made an enemy for life. He hands it right back – so has she. She says an enemy who understands his weakness…..and that weakness is Brooke. He’s lost her, and no matter what he does, he’s never going to get her back, and she gestures – nor this, looking around the room. He surmises then they both are feeling a loss as her family has lost the company. He strolls past her and spouts, “all of that blood, sweat and tears – squandered away by you, their bitter matriarch.”

Smugly, she picks up a fire poker and asks what does the letter ‘F’ stand for in his business? She believes it is freighter, and she smashes the stained glass window engraved with the initial F……looking at Nick she says or maybe it’s fraud, which he is. And she smashes a second letter F…..or perhaps its fool, which she states he is also, and she smashes another F. Then she smirks or perhaps it’s just the conventional F. He asks her to go on. She says she wouldn’t want to say it in polite company. She breaks another window. Then she tosses the poker down on the couch in front of him and states that he may have their name above the door on the outside of the building, “but you will never, never have the talent required in the building. Ever!”

He reaches down and picks up the poker and holds it out to her like a scepter. He says Forrester Creations is his now. In the palm of his hand. “And until the day you die, that’s where it will remain.” But she walks away with the victorious look.

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