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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Piled in bed though fully clothed, Hope and R.J. sit among Ridge and Brooke as Hope finishes her storybook. Ridge tells her that sometime fairytales do come true and everybody ends up happy, as he shoots a look at Brooke.

At the Marone manse, Nick remembers what Brooke told him about not wanting her kids to be around him anymore. Donna interrupts his drinking and asks him if there is anything she can do? Or perhaps she should just go and let him lick his wounds in private. Hesitating, he asks her to stay. She laments she wishes she knew what to say, but he’s thought he lost Brooke before and didn’t. This time he reckons he has, although he still stands by what he did by holding Stephanie accountable. She sympathizes it must be an empty victory knowing he lost her sister because of it. He surmises it wasn’t just because of that. She commiserates perhaps they are both fighting a losing battle – her with Ridge, him with Brooke. But, she tells him for what it’s worth she respects him for finally putting Stephanie in her place. Although she pities poor Eric when Stephanie finds out what he’s done.

Poor Eric indeed! Stephanie breathes fire as she rails at him for selling the company. He had a choice alright, but he took the EASY way out. Nick threatened him and Eric buckled. He didn’t even take the time to try and defend the family. “You just turned tail. What kind of man does that?” He fires back the kind of man that loves his wife, that’s who. A man who wants to protect his family and his wife from yet another self-inflicted tragedy. She screams that she is going to shoot him if the next words out of his mouth is that he did this to keep the mother of his children out of jail. He tells her that is exactly what he did. But, instead of coming in there and thanking him, she belittles him and emasculates him for the thousandth time. She goes on and on that he did that a long time ago. Gratitude? She can’t believe it! She’s forgiven him for a lot of things over the years, his philandering, but she is NEVER going to forgive him for this….not as long as she draws a breath!

Disappointedly, Donna says she always knew this day would come. Ridge and Brooke back together and her slinging hash again in San Francisco. He asks if she is thinking of leaving town? She says she should, but she hates to leave him high and dry. She knows how much he was counting on Brooke and then his mother. She opines she hasn’t been there long, but she could take on some responsibilities, whatever he needs her to do. She knows it wouldn’t be the same as having Brooke by his side, but Nick has the name, the power now and they could still do big things with this company. “Just say the word and I’m in.”

After putting the kids to bed, Brooke and Ridge discuss the situation. How will Hope take this with Nick, now that he is no longer married to Brooke? Especially hopes he doesn’t let her down after what he did today. Brooke says she never dreamed any of this would happen or that she’d give up her shares….still on what would be one of their happiest ‘days of our lives’……..he finishes – they have found a whole bunch of joy. “Getting back something much more important than any stupid business.” Their love, their family and his very beautiful Logan is everything! She smiles and they give in to a passionate kiss.

Eric wags his finger and continues to bark at Stephanie that once again her temper got the better of her and she lashed out at the world. Only this time somebody got hurt. She tries to convince him that it was an accident; why does he believe that woman? He tells her the point is that woman and her son were not going to back down. Stephanie was going to jail (a little quick to just automatically assume that) so he made the decision to get the family together and protect her. A decision, she reminds him, that she would have NEVER asked him to make. How ironic he muses, all his life she regrets him having no backbone….and suddenly when he does get one, she goes off on him. Well, he’s finished and he’s giving up. He confesses that he gave up this company today…..a company he’s worked building up his whole life for his family and for her…..because God help him, he still loved her! But, instead of gratitude, she crucified him. How they can be so out of sync? How can they lie together in that bed every night and not……oh, there it is, isn’t it? They were partners all these years, but never, never really lovers! Astonishingly, she says yeah the children were by immaculate conception! He says he is talking about intimacy, about genuine human contact. He reached out for her and she turned away. “I want to be with you, and you can’t be bothered.” She scoffs, they are hardly teenagers! He says, “intimacy has nothing to do with age. Besides, it’s been that way most of our marriage.”

They continue to bicker and he reminds her that this is what it is for her – just one mistake after mistake after mistake – and all of them his. Their marriage is just riddled with mistakes! She tells him that is ridiculous. They should be trying to salvage this and what is he doing – battling like Dr. Phil. Calmly, he tells her that this is what he’d like. He’d like to look into her eyes and see love, not disappointment. What he wants to see is that he matters to her, that their marriage matters to her. He wants to look into her eyes and see into her heart. He wants to know her heart as well as he knows his own. “I want you to let me in. But, you can’t.” Something keeps from letting her and he doesn’t know what it is. And the real tragedy is that he doesn’t think she knows either…..or even cares.

Nick tells Donna he really doesn’t want to talk about this. She admits that she knows he will never have Brooke out of his heart. Nick knows it and Brooke knows it. But, for now, he has to face the situation head on. Show the strength that sends fears through the people he deals with. He admits he’s not feeling exceptionally strong at the moment. She tells him he will, with help, and she’s offering that help. He perks up – a little help. He hasn’t had much of that lately. She adds that she will give it everything she has got and then some. But, he’s got to want it as much as she does. The Forrester’s are convinced the company can’t succeed without them. But, the two of them know better. She vows that Forrester Creations can and will succeed with him at the helm. “You can make that happen.” He says she’s right. There is no need for him to be sitting around wallowing in his own pity. He’s got to make a move and treat this like his own company…that’s what he has to do.

Stephanie tells Eric he is making way too much of this. He tells her that is exactly what he thought she’d say. She asks was he expecting her to admit she wasn't perfect? He says no, he’s not expecting perfection, but he just doesn’t want to be shut out anymore. She denies that she is doing that. And she offers that the children need her, the business needs her. She’s human and only has so much to give. He tells her and that is exactly where her priorities lie when it comes to their marriage…..maybe not at first, but over the years. She taunts him, please – over the years whatever was lacking in their marriage, he managed to find elsewhere. There were plenty of women who took him into their hearts and into their bed. He harks that now she is making him sound like some shameless philanderer here. “Shameless?”, she scoffs. He was always appropriately penitent when it fell apart or they grew bored with him. Which, she admits, was probably why she took him back every time. And he points out why he stood back and let it all happen. “I just stayed out of your way and let you do what you do best. Control. Control me. Control the children. When all I really wanted was what you couldn’t or wouldn’t give.” She says she didn’t realize he required so much of her. He confesses not so much, really. Just to know she cared. She tells him she DOES care, and she certainly doesn’t want him feeling that he’s alone in this marriage. He wishes to God he could believe that. He doesn’t think he’s a bad man. He’s worked really hard for her…..for this family…..for this business. He’s tried to be a good father, and a good friend, even a good husband. And he has failed time after time. But, in spite of it all, he can still look in the mirror each day and not hate the man he sees there. But, she can’t do that, can she? She doesn’t see the same man that he does. She can’t love that man. She vows that she does love him, she does. He wonders then why can’t she show it? She shrugs that she doesn’t know.

Shirtless and ready for bed, Ridge lights some candles and awaits Brooke’s entrance into the bedroom in one of her lacy teddies. He faces her and asks does she feel it too……how right this is? She says he is the first man she’s ever loved….the first man she wanted to spend her life with and have children with and she always believed in “us.” Even before there even was an us. And in her heart, she never stopped believing. Even when she told herself she should. Now here they are. He is looking into her eyes and she is looking into his just like always. Only this time, it’s going to be different….because this time it’s going to be forever. “You and me…..forever.” He clinches her face and tells her that he loves her so much, so very much. She does the same and he lowers her onto the bed.

Eric tells Stephanie that’s a first – the most honest moment the two of them have had in years. She says she is sorry. He tells her not to be, it’s a start. She says she is sorry for lashing out at him for selling the company. He says it’s okay. She says no, no more so than him saying it is. He deserves better….and all he got was her anger which he seemed quite comfortable with over the years. “It’s who I’ve become. It’s who I’ve let myself to become.” He asks has she ever asked herself why? Why that is? She asks if he’s going to be Dr. Phil again? He’s not going to get into this thing about controlling again? He turns and says it’s been an excruciating day and they can talk about this later, or not at all. She confesses that it’s like a cancer. Over the years, it eats at you. And you don’t even realize it. The marriage lacks intimacy because of her. She doesn’t know why and she’d like to make it right. She says she knows she has said that a thousand times. And she doesn’t want to lose him. Who else would have her? And no, he’s not a bad man. He’s a good, kind, decent, loving man. And she’s abused him. She’s abused his love and she is sorry. “Thank you for selling the company.” He tells her he will see her at home.

When he leaves, she immediately goes to the phone and calls Taylor’s private line, but has to leave a message. She tells her she doesn’t know what her schedule is like tomorrow morning, but if she could make some time for her, she really needs to talk to her professionally. She needs a really good psychiatrist.

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