The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Taylor paces the floor as Thorne enters the room saying he just heard that the verdict has been reached, and so soon. She tells him in a way the verdict doesn’t even matter. What twelve strangers say about her could never ever touch what he said about her yesterday. How can he be so good? How can he care for her so much? He says maybe he’s just selfish, but she doesn’t believe that. He says maybe because he misses her so much. He couldn’t do anything but tell the truth. He knows she didn’t want to lie and she did the best she could. Storm joins them and Thorne asks if reaching a verdict this quickly, is that a good thing? Storm doesn’t know, but it seems they must believe it is pretty clear cut. And he states if the verdict goes against them, they will appeal. Shane is still out there somewhere with testimony that hasn’t been heard. Taylor is pessimistic, she feels she is going to prison. She has already been sentenced on two other counts and tries to convince Thorne she is okay with this. He tells her don’t ask him to lose her too.

Nick brings Jackie back to Massimo’s old house. She used to live there but doesn’t remember it being this big. She continues to have headaches but insists she will be alright and back to work in no time. He asks her to have patience. He won’t be able to run Forrester Creations without her. Donna is there as she has been helping Nick get ready for Jackie. She is stunned at what he just said. They are all introduced to Florence who also will be helping during the day when Nick can’t.

Court is in session and Judge Owens instructs the audience that they are to be aware that the jury’s decision carries the full weight and dignity of the ideal of justice upon which this nation was founded, and conduct themselves accordingly. The foreperson reads that they find the defendant not guilty. The judge thanks the jury for their service, their patience and wisdom, and tells them they are dismissed. Storm immediately launches into a motion to have charges vacated. Manifest injustice since no crime was committed, then justice was not obstructed. Ms. Tartaro quibbles, but in the end she yields. Storm also wants her suspended license lifted.

Tartaro again says the state will fight any motion for relief. Storm cites that fortunately the state has no say in this – the penal code gives the judge and only the judge the right to revisit the sentence. And he says he just happens to have a letter from the director of the East Side Mental Health Clinic where they are unable to meet the demands of psychiatrist services. They are in great need of therapists of Dr. Haye’s caliber. The judge tells Taylor to rise and utters that she is well represented. Then he tells her he is recalling her previous sentence and sentencing her instead to 100 hours of community service. And she is to remain in a recognized drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for the period of her probation. She is free to go; court adjourned.

Jackie fumes that she doesn’t need a nurse or someone to fix her tea or to hover over her 24/7. But, Nick is firmer and tells her Florence is staying. That Jackie is not strong enough or stable enough to be here on her own just yet. He doesn’t want anything happening that will cause a relapse. Finally she agrees that he is right. He wants her to get some rest as she’s had a long day. Nick asks Donna if she’s spoken to Brooke? She says not much, she seems to be holding down the fort at Forrester. He explains to Donna that he’s given them a choice – either Stephanie takes the chance of going to jail, or they sell him the company. She thinks that sounds a little extreme, doesn’t it? He reminds her just to look over there on the couch and to remember what his mother has been through.

At Taylor’s the celebration has begun with the entire clan there. Taylor is on the phone with Steffy and apologizes for calling in the middle of the night. She will talk to her later tomorrow. Felicia tells Storm she wasn’t sure he was going to be able to pull that off. He quips he wasn’t sure either. She asks didn’t he used to be older and sort of boring? He fires back - annoyed with big eyebrows? No, that was her father. They all laugh good-naturedly at Eric. Ridge asks Thorne if he ever thanked him? He says yeah years ago when their mother made him when he passed the beets. Seriously, Ridge tells him none of this would have been possible without Thorne. Thorne wants to know how is all of this going to affect them… know with Taylor? Ridge assures him that he’s not going to throw a monkey wrench in his happiness or his love life. They laugh, and Ridge says he does have one stipulation – not to call her Doc. Thorne says never, trust him, that was the stupidest nickname ever. How did Taylor live with him as long as she did? Ridge quips, “overabundance of charm, I guess.”

Eric asks Taylor to tell them the way she feels. She remarks that if she tried to make sense of why things happened like they did, she just doesn’t have the answers. But, she does know the one good thing that came out of all of this is she’s learned she can’t use alcohol to deal with her problems. And she would like to thank her very brilliant attorney because if there ever were a hopeless case, it was her. There is applause all around and she continues. That she would be remiss if she didn’t acknowledge Darla. She wishes they didn’t have to look upon her as a memory, but she wants to promise every one of them that she’s going to honor her memory by being her example of what a good person really is. “God bless you, Darla, thank you.”

Later with mostly everyone gone, Phoebe tries to get Taylor just to sit while she cleans up. Taylor says she’s alright and besides Phoebe still has one guest (Harry) out on the patio. Thorne asks Taylor if she wants him to take a stack of clothes upstairs? She tells him that those are the clothes from the courtroom and she’s not sure she wants to burn them or bronze them at this point. He glances around and sees that his mother left her glasses, and when the doorbell rings, he assumes it is her.

Turns out it is Catherine with Ally who runs straight into Taylor’s arms. They have a heartfelt reunion with Taylor being cautious not to divulge too much abut being away in London. She will tell her all about it later. Ally goes to spend the night with Sally.

Donna wonders if it is fair of what Nick is asking of the Forrester’s? She wants Stephanie to be held accountable for what she’s done, but what will taking over the company accomplish? Quite simply he says it will end the entitlement that they have, especially over Brooke. She asks does he think that booting Ridge out of the building will keep him away from Brooke? He answers that she will have to decide that – which is more important – the work or the man.

Taylor leads the way upstairs and instructs Thorne just to put the bags over there. He remarks he bets it’s going to feel good to go to sleep in her own bed tonight. Then he agrees that what she told Ally tonight, they will tell her when she’s old enough to understand. She sinks on the bed and confesses that what with everything that has been happening to them…… she doesn’t understand how something that was the worst event in her life could bring her hand in hand with the best thing that has ever happened to her.

He closes the door and points out that they were in the middle of a conversation before all of this happened up at Big Bear. He was asking her to be his wife……and now he doesn’t have a big, rehearsed speech …and he doesn’t have a ring….and it’s too soon to get married for Ally and even for the two of them, but….. He sits beside her on the bed and warns her that life is too short. And second chances are so rare. And love is strong and people are fragile. And time is never on their side. But, he has no uncertainty – that’s gone. “I want you in my life. …..all of my life. Starting right now, from this moment on…….if you want that too?"

She reminds him that she said yes. Of course she wants that. He moves closer and she cups his face, “yes, yes, oh, I know you love me. I don’t know why….I don’t need to know. Now I’m free to love you. Will you let me love you?” They kiss and he eases her back on the bed as they dissolve in kisses while gently starting to take off each other’s clothes.

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