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Written By Wanda
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At the courthouse, Phoebe tries to convince her mother that Shane did not hurt her. He cares about her and would never do that. Taylor comments that some guys will take you to dinner and think you owe them sex. Phoebe staunchly defends him by saying he’s not like that, but now the police are after him and they aren’t going to let him testify because they will say he is an unreliable witness and throw him in jail. Taylor asks if she is developing feelings for this guy? Phoebe evades that by saying she only wants her mother to worry about the trial because if he doesn’t testify, she will be going to jail for a very long time.

Ridge and Storm join Phoebe and said they couldn’t find anything. They’ve notified the San Francisco Police Department about the possible job offer that Shane had, but it’s not going to do them any good now. Phoebe is frantic that they have to find him. Taylor thinks they should just forget the whole thing. It’s not worth it. Storm says at this point they can’t call him anyway. They won’t know what he’s going to say. Taylor agrees; he’ll want some sort of deal. Storm explains that it’s his same M.O. He’ll refuse to testify unless Taylor agrees not to file charges for what he did to Phoebe. Phoebe is still defending him by saying for the last time – nothing happened! Storm reports either way that Shane’s credibility is shot. Phoebe volunteers to be a witness as she was an eyewitness. Unfortunately, Storm says, her credibility is a problem too. Taylor announces that Phoebe is NOT testifying. She wants to know why not? Storm states for one thing Tartaro would ask her about Shane. And Taylor reminds her to remember when she signed a statement at the police station. It was a sworn statement and she will open herself up to perjury. Taylor says she could testify. Storm tells her that he can’t trust her testimony either. Is she ready to recant her confession? She says no, how could she justify that? He remarks that he is afraid their case has gone belly up, but he’s not quitting.

Quickly putting his coat jacket on, Thorne tells Stephanie and Eric that he is ready and Catherine has Ally under control so they can hit the road. And he’s glad that Phoebe is okay. He never trusted that S.O.B. Stephanie quips well who did? But, the funny thing Phoebe actually claimed he wasn’t going to hurt her. Thorne finds it incredulous that she is defending him. Eric adds because she thought she needed him. And now it appears that he has disappeared. He’s gone and with him, Taylor’s defense. Thorne surmises that is mandatory, Taylor will get ten years.

Thomas hugs Phoebe and says hello to Harry. Ridge seeks out Hector and says hello. Ridge says he knows they haven’t been friendly in the last long while, but after last night, he just wants to tell him if there is anything he needs, just ask. Hector says he appreciates that. Is Phoebe still trying to convince everybody that Shane wasn’t trying to hurt her? Ridge answers yeah, and when this is all over, he’s going to have to have a serious talk with his daughter about Shane McGrath. Hector thinks that is a good idea.

Ridge greets Thorne, Eric and Stephanie as they rush in. Thorne tells him traffic was bad and he thought they’d be late. Ridge tells him that Storm is in the judge’s chambers trying to buy some time.

Indeed all counsel are in chambers and Tartaro accuses Storm of not wanting to put McGrath on the stand when he says he can’t find his witness. Tartaro knows he was issued an arrest last night. Now if he’s found and Storm is crazy enough to call him, he’ll take the fifth no matter what he asks him. The fact that Storm has no defense now is not the people’s problem. The judge wants to know if Storm is shining him on? Storm admits just a little. He just needs some time to construct a new defense. Tartaro claims everyone has been questioned and made statements ad nauseam. There is nothing to wait for. The judge says, “Ms. Tartaro’s right. Continuances are not granted for wailing and gnashing of teeth, Mr. Logan. You’re going to have to bite the bullet.”

In court, Dante sits behind Felicia and Sally. She turns around and asks where’s Bridget? He tells her that she isn’t coming today. Felicia finds that hard to believe since all the Forrester’s turn out in force when one of their own is in trouble. She pulls out her cell phone to call, but Dante reminds her she can’t use that in here. She wants to know what is going on? He laments that he was hoping Bridget would be the one to tell her – she had lost the baby. And it’s not as hard as it was the first time; perhaps it was just too soon. She tells him that she is truly sorry. He may not believe that, but it’s true.

Bailiff calls court to session with Judge Devin Owens presiding, and the jury files in. The people have no further witnesses to call, so Storm is asked is he prepared to call his first witness? He rises and replies yes, the defense calls Dr. Taylor Hayes. All, including Taylor, look surprised. Skillfully, he leads her through her testimony that she was the one who hit Darla that night with her car. Taylor replies that she has never denied that. And he gets her to admit that she didn’t tell anybody because she was afraid of the consequences. She laments she wasn’t thinking of legal issues, only personal ones. Darla was someone she loved and the only one who had looked out for Taylor when she felt ostracized by the rest of her ex-husband’s family….and then for her to be the one who devastated Darla’s husband and little girl. She knew she was going to tell Thorne. That was always her intention, but every time she tried……Thorne had his own needs. He didn’t know how to tell his little girl that her mommy was dead…..and Taylor hated herself. She knew Thorne had a lot of anger and that he needed to take it out on her.

She’s barely able to continue, and Storm advises her to take her time. He calls it an accident yet she’s not sure she can call it that. He goes and get a dictionary and reads, “anything that happens by chance without an apparent cause.” Isn’t that what happened on July 15th? She says she is not the person to make that judgment. Storm asks permission to treat the witness as hostile. Tartaro objects, this is his own client. The judge allows some latitude. So Storm takes her through the scenario of the foggy night, the visibility, the PCH notorious for its twists and turns when she came across her daughter’s stranded car, and what was the first thing she saw when she came around the curve – Darla… the moment of impact? And Taylor admits that Darla was wearing a black jacket with hood as it was cold……it would be just about invisible on that kind of night and she fell into the path of Taylor’s car. And Storm says and in Darla’s exertion, she fell back into the path of Taylor’s car, wearing black? Taylor lashes out not to do this; do NOT make this Darla’s fault. She was the one driving the car and she could have slammed on the brakes, “but I couldn’t because of the damned wine! I did it! I did it!” The crowd murmurs. When Storm is finished, Tartaro commends Dr. Hayes for her forthright testimony and says they have no questions.

Storm is about to end his defense when Thorne stands and announces to call him. When he is sworn in, Storm asks what moved him to want to testify today. Thorne replies that the State is represented and Dr. Hayes is represented, but no one is there to represent his wife. Storm asks if he was the first one on the scene that night? And how did Dr. Hayes seem that night? Thorne opines distraught and incoherent, but then so was he. He admits they have all seen drunks, but Taylor was not drunk. The judge asks them to strike that last statement and the jury is instructed to ignore it. Thorne says fine, he can only accuse her of lying to him. Actually, he’d like to take that back. He remembers going into Darla’s ICU room and Taylor was sitting there crying and saying it was all her fault. And he didn’t listen and in fact he kept telling her to stop blaming herself. And there were numerous times she had tried to tell him and he wouldn’t listen. And he wouldn’t hear it because he knows Taylor. With raw emotion he parlays that she is the most decent person he’s ever met. Even his wife would tell a little white lie every now and then, but not Taylor. Anyway, that’s what he thought of her or maybe needed to think of her.

Storm asks why? Looking directly at the jury, Thorne continues – because he loved his wife. He loved the life they had together, he relied on her. Yet, he didn’t know how much until she was gone. He reveals how he knew he needed help, and Taylor seemed to be the only person who understood. And he confesses after all their conversations, he can’t believe he didn’t understand what she was trying to say to him. He sniffs that as mad as he was when she did tell him, he honestly doesn’t know what he or his daughter would have done without her. Storm says, “and yet you just heard Dr. Hayes refuse to admit that what happened that night was an accident.” Thorne says yes and he loves her for that. “Because she was doing for my Darla what she couldn’t do that night – protecting her.” He looks at Taylor and declares that she doesn’t have to do that now, he understands. When a beautiful person like his wife is taken away and she is gone forever, the first thing that you do is look to blame someone. He did it; the law does it. And now the jury is being asked to do it. And it seems clear cut – it’s either Taylor’s fault or it’s his wife’s fault for not being careful. But, is that the only answer? That’s who Darla was….when you needed her, she was there. And Taylor was there for him and his daughter. Darla would not want her to go to prison, she loved her too. “And she would say this is not a crime, and you are wrong to blame yourself, and I forgive you.” But only Darla would say there is nothing to forgive because it was an accident. Accidents happen. But, to put a women behind bars who doesn’t deserve to, that’s NOT an accident. That’s a miscarriage of justice. “And we forgive her. We need you to forgive her. Please, set her free.”

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