The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/16/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Hector gives a healthy swat with the baseball bat toward Shane and Phoebe and ends up with blood spatters on his face. He hollers Phoebe’s name but there is no answer. She’s rushing to see how Harry is, laying on the ground.

Ally tells Thorne about the Thanksgiving play and this year she gets to be the Indian Princess and wonders if Taylor can help her with the costume. He remarks he’s not sure she will be back in time from London. Grandma Stephanie offers that she will take her to get one. Ally still wants to know when Taylor will be back; she misses her. Then she wants to call Taylor and Thorne has to distract her by asking her to go put on her pj’s. Thorne laments to Stephanie that he hates having to lie to Ally about where Taylor really is. Stephanie knows she has gotten awfully attached to Taylor. And Thorne adds what if she is convicted and goes to prison? How are they going to explain that?

Phoebe discovers that Shane is really hurt and urges Hector to call an ambulance. Harry is a little dazed but seems to be okay. Hector tells her an ambulance is on the way and so are the police. She’s not happy about that and disagrees that Shane was there to force himself on her – or as Hector says to rape her. And Hector could have killed him! She laments she knows they were there to protect her, but nothing would have happened. Shane would never do anything to hurt her. They look around and suddenly Shane is gone. He heard what they had said and took off. Phoebe keeps saying he wouldn’t have done anything wrong and now he will never testify.

Thorne and Stephanie discuss guilt and innocence. He knows now it was an accident and Taylor deserves to be free and live her life. But, it’s him. He doesn’t know if he can let it go. And he’s not talking about today. He’s talking about down the line. Is this relationship doomed from the get-go? Or is he just kidding himself?

Taylor has a chat with her female guard who congratulates her on that last dark headed guy – Ridge, Taylor’s ex-husband. And Taylor opines that now her fate is in Shane McGrath’s hands, a perfect stranger. The second biggest mistake she made was to let him move into her house. He’s made it really clear that he is interested in her daughter. And if she isn’t nice to him, then he won’t help them. She feels like her hands are tied being in jail. The guard says let her give her some good advice. Whether she is there one night or one week or doing life, you can’t worry about things on the outside. It will drive her nuts.

They search the house and Shane isn’t there. Lt. Baker shows up, but Phoebe denies there was an attack. She says Hector and Harry just over-reacted. Harry says well he did attack him. Phoebe fills Lt. Baker in, and now they don’t know where Shane is. She pleads with Baker to find him before her mom’s trial tomorrow. She thinks he might have gone back to his apartment and she can take him there. She won’t file charges, but they have to find Shane. Her mother’s freedom depends on it.

Stephanie tells Thorne it’s probably too late to change his course now because of Ally. She has transferred all of her feelings toward Taylor, who has taken her mother’s place. Thorne says and that is the issue. How long is it going to be before someone tells Ally that it was Taylor who ran over her mother? And it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’. Makes him wonder what he’s done to his daughter. Stephanie sympathizes and knows it is hard on him, but he couldn’t possibly know Taylor was involved in any of this. All he knew was that he needed someone.

Someone for him and the baby….and not just anyone. And Taylor was there….and she’s a good person. And it’s a big mistake to keep bringing up that she had a couple of glasses of wine and got in the car. She tells him he’s been lucky twice in his life, and this may never happen again. She says he just needs time to think this through. He knows she is right. She remarks that she is going to go home and fight with his father. He chuckles. She says whatever he decides he knows she will support. Just don’t be afraid. The three of them can face the truth when the time comes.

Lt. Baker and officers beat on McGrath’s door who cautions Phoebe and Harry to stay behind while they search the premises. When he doesn’t answer, they break the door in. Shane isn’t found and Phoebe laments that the jury isn’t going to wait around for them to find him; he needs to testify tomorrow. Actually Phoebe and Harry are closer to Shane than they think. He’s hiding up above the outside dumpster. Baker gets an anonymous phone call (Shane) telling them Shane is at a nearby convenience store, all hurt so he’s not likely to go anywhere, come get him. Phoebe says she will be alright while they go get Shane. She will wait inside.

She is gazing at the picture shrine of herself on the wall when she realizes Shane is there staring at her. He knows he doesn’t look so great, but then he didn’t look so great that first night they met either. He says he was so broke that he couldn’t even afford a razor. But, she kept looking at him as this creepy, homeless man. Then when he cut his hand and she came to him, she was so sweet, just like an angel. And that’s when it happened. He fell for her and the more he got to know her, the more he wanted to be with her. She tells him she is sorry. Yeah he knows…..she just is afraid that he won’t testify for her mom. She confesses that she knows that he thinks he can’t trust her. What Harry and Hector did was terrible. He says maybe Harry was right. What was he thinking? About her feeling the same way he did. But, he thinks he could have made her happy. Maybe he couldn’t take her out to all of these fancy little restaurants and buy her pretty things, but he would have made it beautiful for her. He could change his life around and make something right with it. “For once I think maybe I might have a chance. And I would have done that. I was going to do that. I wasn’t going to mess up anymore. All that I wanted, all that I wanted was YOU.”

She listens, then tells him that she will take him to the hospital and get him fixed up. He says she doesn’t know how much he wants to believe that. She says he can. He advises her not to make promises she can’t keep. He’s just going to leave. He’s not going to stay; he’s gone. She asks him not to. He tells her not to try to come look for him; she won’t find him. She begs him to stay – her mom needs him, she needs him! He says not the way HE wants her. “It’s not the way I want you. All I ever wanted from you is just to love you. That’s it.” He makes a bolt into the night with her hollering for him to please stop, no don’t go.

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