The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/15/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge hangs up the phone to Steffy and says it’s a good thing she’s not here. She’d be a nervous wreck today. Hector laments they all are because of the way the prosecutor ripped into Shane like that. Harry says it’s because Shane came off like a wacko. But, Ridge says Storm turned it around on cross exam. Phoebe just wishes they would have let Shane finish his testimony. Ridge states that he will tomorrow and in the meantime he wants her to stay away from Shane. He thinks his interest in Phoebe is very inappropriate. But, Phoebe thinks he might get upset if he thinks she is avoiding him. Ridge tells her that Storm is going over his testimony with him now and after the mess he made with it today, that might take all night. He tells her just to make sure she lets Hector or Harry answer the phone until Ridge gets back. He’s going to visit her mom and she has strict orders not to answer the phone or the door.

Meanwhile, Shane is being prepped by Storm, but advising him to quickly wrap it up. He has plans and somebody very special is coming by. Storm reminds him that the prosecution attacked his credibility today so they need to be absolutely clear what he’s going to say. Shane glances at his watch then yawns and repeats he knows what he saw and he already knows what to say. Storm points out that it’s not just what he says, but the way he says it. Shane thinks if they keep going over it like this, it’s going to sound fake. So why doesn’t he just cut him a break. Storm advises him that this is important. How he looks and dresses will affect how the jury perceives him. He needs to comb his hair and dress a little neater – maybe with a tie. Shane’s mind wanders and Storm has to snap his fingers at him, calling attention to Don Juan. Shane finally tells him that he’s wasting Shane’s time and he’s wasting his own. Thanks for coming by and he’ll see him tomorrow. He leans back on the door grinning, “now, let’s get the celebration started.”

Thorne visits Taylor and tries to cheer her up and get her with his same positive attitude. He thinks once everyone has heard what Shane has to say, the judge could ask the D.A. could ask to drop the case. Taylor remarks that she is feeling better about some things, but she is still worried about Shane. She just hates it that she can’t be at home protecting her own daughter.

Hector tells Phoebe he still thinks they should have told Ridge that Shane has been pressuring her. She tells him no, he’d go crazy and they can’t do anything to make Shane take off. Hector is not happy to hear Harry say that Phoebe was planning on going over to Shane’s. He calls and Phoebe disobeys her father and answers it. Shane asks if she is on her way over? She does try to put him off by saying she can’t make it, and she’s not blowing it. He pouts that they had plans, definite plans, this was their night. She says she is not trying to lead him on, it’s just that her dad won’t let her leave the house. Can he come there? He asks if her dad is there, and she replies that no one is. So he surmises they will be alone. She tells him to come down to the gate by the pool and she will meet him there. He agrees that could be a special place. He tells her he wants this to be perfect, and it will. He can’t wait to see her. Harry is very unhappy, but Phoebe tells him she knows what she is doing. And she told him she was alone, but if she thinks he’s going to leave her with Shane then she’s crazy. She says she doesn’t want him to leave. That is why she invited Shane over there. Hector asks what is going to happen if Ridge comes home and sees Shane? She just told them that he’d go ballistic. She offers that Shane will be long gone before that. They are just going to talk (famous last words), and she is going to convince him to wait one more day before they celebrate. And by that time he will have testified and her mom on her way home. Harry tells her to forget about it; he’s not leaving her alone. That guy is dangerous. She argues that he’s not. He may come on a little strong sometimes, but he’d never do anything to hurt her. Harry wonders if perhaps she likes this guy?

Driving over, Shane remembers and emotes that he’s come a long, long way ……from sleeping on the beach….to being homeless… one night….one night that makes a complete difference. He’s not going to blow this. He’s going to make a difference in his life. He’s going to do something right. He remembers telling Phoebe that she can count on him and he’s not going to let her down. He’s going to set her mother free, and be there for her too. And this is going to be a great night, one she will never forget….a night that is going to change everything forever!

Thorne offers to stop by and see Phoebe, but Taylor says Ridge is there, she will be alright. She just wishes this whole damn thing was over as she is sure Shane thinks he is in control. But, she knows she is responsible for what happened to Darla so she probably deserves everything she is getting. He tells her it WAS an accident and that is exactly what Shane is going to tell them. She laments the jury has already heard some testimony and knows she’d been drinking and she lied. If she were them, she wouldn’t feel too good about herself either. Thorne opines that he knows how he feels about her, and he knows she would never intentionally hurt anyone. Okay, she made some serious mistakes….but hitting Darla was unavoidable and the jury is going to see that. Ridge is let in and says he came to offer a little moral support but looks like little brother beat him to it. He tells her that Shane is going over his testimony with Storm, so he won’t be bothering Phoebe tonight.

Harry tells Phoebe that he won’t get mad, but he wants to know what is going on. Quit avoiding the question – does Phoebe like this guy? Phoebe says she just doesn’t think Shane’s as dangerous as everyone makes him out to be. Now they need to hurry as he will be over soon. Harry wants to hide in the bushes by the pool while Phoebe wants him to wait upstairs; she can handle this. And she has her cell phone, so she’ll be fine. Harry maintains that he is NOT leaving, he’ll be in the bushes. She points out that Shane is the only one that can get her mom out of jail ….he HAS to testify tomorrow. Harry states that she is willing to do anything to make sure that he does. She says not ‘anything.’ She told both Harry and Shane she is not ready for that with any guy. Harry surmises that if Shane figures out that she is leading him on, won’t he get violent? She says not. Harry repeats again if he does, he’ll be right there as he is not leaving. She relents and says okay, but he can’t over-react. He’s to stay hidden unless she calls out for him. He ducks out of sight just before Shane walks up. He has flowers and a kiss for Phoebe. He replies, “God, you look beautiful. I mean, as always……..but, well this is our night. It’s finally here.”

Taylor tells Ridge she hopes she didn’t sound ungrateful. She can use all the support she can get. He answers that Thorne is right, she won’t be there much longer. Storm is going to turn things around tomorrow. And look at the two of them, they are already turning things around. He tells Thorne that he has to hand it to him, “what you’ve done here, the way you’ve come around….if it wasn’t for you, the mother of my children would be sentenced to ten years in prison.” They hug. Storm visits as well and tells her he just saw Shane and he’s a little jumpy, but he thinks once he’s on the stand his testimony will have a huge impact on the jury. And then he thinks there is a very good chance she could be going home.

Shane scoffs at Phoebe for offering him water. Don’t people usually drink champagne when they are celebrating? She replies that she is underage and besides it makes her tired. He remarks well he wouldn’t want her to doze off on him now. But, how could she with her heart beating like that? He asks if her dad is not there? She says no, he’s visiting her mom, and Hector is sleeping. He starts to kiss her again and she asks what’s the big rush? She already told him her dad won’t be there for a while. He pulls her back to him and tells her they’ve waited a long time for this. But, when she won’t go along, he accuses her of having that same look the night they met, like he’s a freak or something. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He asks then why does she get so intense every time he’s around? (like maybe she don’t want to do this). She says because this is all new to her. New? He confesses that he loves her and says he’s never told another girl that before. That should mean something to her. He doesn’t seem to be too convinced when she says it does. He thinks she is using him. Admit it. She stammers that she’s not. He continues that she’s just using him and once he gives his testimony and her mom is free, that’ll be the end of him. They argue and Harry emerges from the bushes and calls him a bastard and decks him.

Casually, Thorne and Taylor hold hands and he says he should have believed in her. She says that he does now makes all the difference in the world to her. Lying in her cell every night, it would have been so easy to give up, but then he showed up and asked the judge to give her another chance. And then coming here and wanting her to be a part of his little girl’s life, and bringing her Ally’s letter and drawings, all his support and kind words…..those might seem little things to him, but it’s managed to keep her alive. She admits she feels like she has been drowning, about to go under and those have been like life rafts to her. He tells her he is not going to let her drown. She laments that he has given her a whole new prospective on life and if she’s given another chance she is going to make the most of it. She vows she is going to repay him for his every kindness and is definitely going to be grateful for every ounce of freedom that she has. And she’s never going to jeopardize the lives of the people that she loves again.

Shane gets up and wipes the blood from his mouth and tells Phoebe this was supposed to be their night. It was supposed to be a wonderful night between the two of them. And now she does something like this. She’d told him she was alone. He didn’t know her boyfriend was going to be hiding in the bushes over there. He believed in her! He thought she was somebody special, but she was just like everybody else. She doesn’t give a damn about him! Harry says of course she doesn’t, because he’s sick. And he’s using his power over her mother to force her to have sex with him. Does he know how disgusting that is? Shane tells him he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. Harry says yeah, like Phoebe would ever be interested in a dirtball like him. Shane jumps him and pushes Harry over the patio table and they exchange punches until Shane really clobbers Harry sending him flying to the ground. Phoebe hollers for them to stop and she tries to help Harry up. And all the while defending herself that she wasn’t using Shane….just let her explain.

Hector walks out with a baseball bat, hears Shane and Phoebe who are going at it toe to toe, and tells McGrath to let her go. He takes a mighty swing of the bat. Blood spatters are on Hector’s face. He cries out Phoebe’s name.

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