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Lying in her hospital bed, Jackie recites her venom that she used to believe there was some psychiatric diagnosis for Stephanie, but she’s nothing….”you are just a bully.”

Frustrated and sitting on pins and needles waiting, Eric and Ridge ask why Stephanie hasn’t called yet? Eric feels it was a big mistake letting her even go over, but Ridge reminds him he just said how diplomatic Stephanie could be. What if she were to apologize? Could this be turned around? He hates all this jockeying for control around here. He vents maybe they should just pool their shares and sell to Nick. Ridge and Felicia and all have made a name for themselves and could strike out on their own. And if they don’t sell this company to Nick and Stephanie goes to jail, what has it all been for? Ridge bellows then obviously they fight to keep that from happening. Eric questions what about Jackie? How are they going to compensate about her? Ridge says by paying her bills and her employees. They are reasonably doing all they can to help, but all she really wants is to see Stephanie grovel. Eric laments and how likely is that to happen?

Brooke asks Nick if he has even thought what he’s doing to her? He reminds her what he is doing FOR her. She tells him forcing Eric, and Ridge and Stephanie out of a company they gave their lives to is NOT what she wants. She asks him to please just come up with a settlement that will be fair to everybody and his mother will get exactly what she needs. He remarks it’s not enough. She asks please, for her? He says he loves her, and he would do anything for her…..but not this!

With honey dripping from her lips, Stephanie tells Jackie she is truly sorry for what happened to her, really she is. Jackie says, “what happened to me was YOU.” Stephanie opines that they both should have controlled themselves. Jackie responds that she doesn’t see any injuries on Stephanie. Is this her way of taking responsibility? Stephanie tells her she has acknowledged that she lost her temper, and for that she is sorry. Jackie comments but there she draws the line. Stephanie is not really sorry that she almost died. And she’s not sorry for the seizures Jackie might have the rest of her life, or this hole she had to have drilled in her skull. She cries with a headache pain that she just wants her life back the way it was before. Again, Stephanie tells her she feels for her and anything that can be medically done will be done. But, an accident…..even life…..never leaves them they were before. With a tear rolling down her cheek, Jackie laments, “life…..has given you a choice.... you lose your freedom….you’re going to lose your company.”

Brooke assures Nick that she loves him. He snarks well couldn’t she look at this as an opportunity? He knows what she has been through and how they have jerked her around all these years….putting up with their narcissism and contempt and abuse! She starts bringing up the night she invited him to dinner. He says he won’t let it be about them. This is about Stephanie Forrester and that entire clan who have dodged consequences for years. He points out that woman thinks she is above everybody else, especially Brooke. They beg, and borrow and steal their way to innocence. She says she is only asking for fairness. He disagrees, she’s asking for compromise! And some things can not be compromised. He knows what he can and can not live with and what that woman did to his mother will not pass with him.

Eric tells Ridge that Brooke thinks she has purged his office of all his vices, but she hasn’t gotten all of them. He finds a bottle of cognac hidden in the bookcase and pours them a drink. He says it won’t keep the vampires away, but just from grabbing them by the throat. Ridge wonders why he is being so fatalistic so suddenly? Eric laments because he knows Stephanie…..she has anger issues in case he hasn’t noticed. Her temper can be dangerous. There are nights he wonders if he might wake up with her hands around HIS throat. And the thought of her touching Jackie in that way….with violence…. scares the hell out of him. Ridge pointblank asks if he is still in love with Jackie? Eric responds by saying he guesses he is sort of like Ridge in that regard. Once he falls in love, he doesn’t fall out very easily. Ridge then asks how about with his mother? Eric sits and answers that with he and Ridge’s mother, what you see is what you get. He thinks they have played more before their eyes than behind closed doors. Ridge answers that’s what he thought – then why are they still together? Eric has to ponder that.

Stephanie asks Jackie why is she doing this? It’s Eric, isn’t it? Jackie laughs – Eric? What does Stephanie want with him anyway? She certainly has no use for him or any understanding of him as a man. Stephanie quips that sex is all Jackie would see. Jackie asks is Stephanie trying to keep him away from her? Don’t bother……if he shows up at her door, she won’t turn him away. Stephanie states, “excuse me for ever thinking we could have a mutual, respectful conversation between us.” Jackie tries to sit forward and grimaces and admits she is doing it for Eric. Everyone knows how she humiliated him by snatching the company away from him……and Brooke, how many times has she tried to eradicate her? So she is doing it for all her victims, but especially for herself as she can never ever forget the look on Stephanie’s face of malice and hate when she PUSHED her over the railing. Can she not look in the mirror and see how sick a woman Stephanie Forrester is?

Eric answers that he and Stephanie have a history. Ridge surmises that inertia keeps him going. Eric admits yeah, and the fact that he is fascinated by her. He needed her ferocious will and her obsessions even. And in that way he thought he could have both lives that he wanted – as an artist and as a family man. But he sees now that he yielded too much. She kept him estranged from his children and she ran his business with an iron fist, and then she took it away from him the first chance she got. Ridge reminds him he could have walked away when the children were grown. He had, but he also yielded to Felicia’s dying wish and remarried. Only Felicia’s okay now.

Eric admits there is love there too. And if there were 50 words for love then he might choose another word, but there’s love there. He says he stays with Ridge’s mother because it is too hard not to. And he considers that a weakness and everything that is important to him is in a web that Stephanie is at the center of. He asks Ridge how many times has he told her to get the hell out of his life and quit running it? “And yet, here you and I are, just waiting to hear from her on the phone to see if our life’s work is forfeited or if you will ever be able to share your life with Brooke again.” Ridge admits that she fights their battles for them, that’s for sure, but that she will eat crow if she has to. Now everything depends on that.

Stephanie says she sees….. that Jackie wants to keep the world safe from her? Too bad, when those surgeons were tinkering around in her head that they didn’t put some real character into her. Jackie opines that she has said all she has to say to Stephanie. She answers that she sees her aches and pains are going to be a real convenience to her. Jackie asks if she is going to have to call security? Stephanie offers, “a convenience that will enable you to line your pockets…and keep Brooke away from my son by blackmailing us into giving you the company.” Jackie quibbles over the word ‘blackmail.’ Stephanie suggests yes – blackmail. Jackie thinks she’s got Stephanie in a situation where she will do just about anything to get out of it. And she admits she knows her temper gets the best of her at times, but at least she faces things straight on. Is it her fault that other people are sometimes afraid or weak-willed? “You know, I think I’d rather be a bully than an ineffectual person like you, who’s never faced anything head on.”

Brooke tells Nick she doesn’t think he has thought this through. Who will run Forrester? He answers his mother and himself – she knows fashion and he knows business. And Brooke can be a part of it if she wants to. She wonders if this is the way they will make decisions? What he says goes, and what she thinks doesn’t. She reminds him she does own 50% of the company. Nick states that he was willing to do it her way. He agreed to all her terms and he’d give his best, be more sensitive, more respectful. And where did that get him? It got him in a horse race with Ridge again! While Brooke sat back and weighed her options and finally decided she didn’t want to be with either one of them. Well, that is not the kind of man he is. And he doesn’t think it’s the man she fell in love with. Brooke says she sees. “If you want to take their stock and you want to kick them out of their own company, I can’t stop you. But, you’ll have to do it without me.”

Ridge says if Stephanie strikes out with Jackie, then they have to take this to court. Eric says Ridge’s vote counts as much as his, but he votes not to go to court. Ridge offers that it is all evidence. Any jury will see what Jackie and Nick are really trying to do here. Nick is trying to kill two birds with one stone. He thinks he can destroy them and keep Brooke away from him, but Ridge thinks it’s going to backfire. He thinks Brooke will finally see Nick for what he really is. And any feelings she might still have for him will just turn to dust.

Brooke tells Nick that he CAN’T do this – turn this family out of their own business. It’s wrong! He laments that if Forrester Creations comes to him, it will be a legitimate business deal, and their precious matriarch will go unpunished again. But, if they choose to keep the company, he states he will not rest until Stephanie Forrester pays the full price for what she’s done to Brooke and his mother. “I’ll protect the ones I love at any cost. ‘Cause it’s all I have. So be prepared to see a side of me you never knew existed.”

Jackie asks exactly what was Stephanie’s mission? To make nice? Maybe Jacqueline would say it’s all a mistake? Stephanie thinks she is so wonderfully clever at controlling people, except for herself. Stephanie warns, remember her temper? Jackie asks if she is tempted to finish the job? Stephanie answers that she NEVER started the job. Jackie outlines that she knows what galls Stephanie the most is the prospect of losing Brooke. Because without her humanity and her warmth Stephanie’s company doesn’t work. It’s nothing; her family is nothing. Pity it took her so long to see that. But, don’t worry about Brooke, Nick will take care of her. Stephanie reminds her that Brooke has left Nick. She’s not going to come back, not after this blackmail fiasco. Jackie says her decision is made. And it’s time for Stephanie to make her choice – Forrester Creations or her freedom, she gets to choose. “But either way, it doesn’t matter, because your reign of abuse and bullying people are over.”

Stephanie tells her that this isn’t going to work. Jackie doesn’t have anything over her. What is she going to do, prosecute? “I don’t care, go ahead. In the end, you’ll end up with nothing.” They are not going to send her to jail because it was an accident. “And my family is not going to turn over Forrester Creations to you and your son. Never!...... never…..never.”

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