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Written By Wanda
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With Dr. Hillman’s aid, Jackie is up and around on her feet although Nick is worried if it is too soon. Dr. Hillman says she is very determined and her walking and speech have improved considerably. Nick sits by her side and holds her hand. She notices he’s not wearing his wedding ring. Simply he replies that Brooke ended the marriage. She needs time for herself and the children. She grimaces and he tells her just to rest, his only concern is what Stephanie did to her. But, she’s not thinking of this quite the way Jackie is.

Brooke returns to the office and Ridge is surprised to see her after what happened last night. But instead of talking about that, he wants to concentrate on what’s happening between the two of them. He tells Logan he feels like they are coming full circle. It’s kind of like they are picking up where they left off. She teases that she thought he wasn’t going to pressure her. He says he’s not, he’s just glad she is back where she belongs – back at Forrester and in his arms. He gives her a hug and almost a kiss when Stephanie and Eric walk in. Stephanie clasps her hands in glee and says it looks like the old Forrester magic is working again…..only this time nothing is going to get in the way of their happiness……especially her lunatic husband.

Harry visits Taylor. She was expecting the visitor to be Phoebe. He tells her maybe he is overstepping, but Phoebe is the reason he is there. The problem is Shane McGrath. He thinks the guy is bad news, but Phoebe thinks she can handle him and he knows she can’t.

Phoebe sits out by the pool and a shirtless Shane approaches her. He’s been looking for her and he intimates that she’s been giving him the brush off. And… close to her mother’s trial which has been moved up.

Taylor agrees she has always felt a little strange about how Shane came into their lives. Harry remarks he is valuable to her defense and the reason he is still hanging around. But, the problem is he is using that to get to her daughter. She’s concerned when Harry says that McGrath is interested in Phoebe romantically, physically. She’s not interested in him, but she is afraid of alienating the guy and to tell him to take a hike. And so far she has handled him okay, but he’s afraid she will get in way over her head.

Phoebe tells Shane no one is giving him the brush off. He moves closer to her, pretending to hand her the book and then twists his back and makes a big to do out of it. He sits with her on the lounge chair and takes her hand and guides it to rub a spot on his torso. He oohs and aahs, she has the magic touch. She pulls away and tells him to stop, she needs to do her homework. In one swift move, he has pushed her back and pinned her down on the lounge until she tells him again to stop it. He jokes that he was the captain of his high school wrestling team.

Brooke tells Stephanie she just couldn’t resist that remark, could she? Stephanie reminds her that it was her husband that broke into her home and attacked her. Ridge joins in and says they all know what a hothead Nick is. He thinks if they just let him cool down, this whole thing will blow over. Brooke advises she wishes this were true, but Nick has turned to Storm for some legal counsel. And her sister will testify against her, so Stephanie could be facing a civil suit and criminal charges. Stephanie says this is preposterous, it was an accident. Eric adds it doesn’t matter how preposterous it was, they have to be prepared as well. And that’s why he’s asked Eli Donovan to join them. He’s hoping he can help them before this gets any worse. Brooke offers that it is going to get worse. This is tearing Nick apart, seeing his mother in pain and knowing it could be for the rest of her life. He’s not going to let go or give up on this.

Storm stops in at Jackie’s room and asks if this is a bad time? Nick tells him later might be better. Storms says okay, just let him know when he’s made a decision. She picks up on this and asks about ‘decisions?’ Nick tells Storm he guesses this is a good time after all. He introduces them. Storm tells Jackie that he’s heard good things about her from his sisters and Nick, of course. He’s just sorry they have to meet under these circumstances. In a nutshell, he tells her his sister is prepared to go to the D.A. if Jackie decides to press criminal charges. He tells Nick that he is prepared to handle the civil suit, if that is what he wants. Nick says what he wants is for Stephanie Forrester to suffer the same way that his mother is suffering. “I want to hit her where it hurts the most.” Listening, Jackie says one word – Forrester. Nick bends down and asks what did she say? She says – the company. Get Forrester Creations.

Eli asks Stephanie if she is claiming self-defense? She replies she is not CLAIMING anything. She wants to say this very loud and clear – there was no malice aforethought. It was NOT her intention for Jackie to go over the banister. He says but the point is whether a judge or jury will believe that, especially if Miss Logan testified that Jackie was shoved. Eric laments this can’t happen. Jackie was injured in their house and his wife was at least partially responsible. Now if they can just come up with some financial settlement. Stephanie is aghast – what, he’s going to give up, as usual? Without a fight? Can’t they at least wait until she sues first? He replies he’s just trying to protect the both of them. She fires that he’s not, no he’s not. He’s willing to let her look as though she’s guilty of something she hasn’t done because he’s still vulnerable to that little English……she doesn’t know why….or maybe she does…..

Nick ponders – Forrester Creations – Stephanie’s most prized possession. “That and that Ken doll son of hers. That’s why she wants Brooke back in the fold.” That’s why she wants her back so the company can be all in the family. Storm asks him to wait a minute. Is he saying that is the only reason Stephanie wants his sister back with Ridge? Nick confirms that Stephanie hates Brooke. She may say differently now but this is all about the company. Jackie whispers, “Leverage, Nicky. Use it to get Brooke away from them – forever.”

Phoebe fends Shane off and he feigns being offended – he would never hurt her. She realizes his back doesn’t hurt, he was faking that. She says she wants to make him aware of something, but she is afraid he will take it the wrong way and she doesn’t want that. He tells her that she smells good, he loves the way she smells. He touches her long hair. She rebuffs by saying if he can’t control himself, then maybe he needs to leave. He asks if that is really what she wants since he’s the key witness in her mother’s case? She says no, she just meant for him to go inside. She knows he’s a decent guy and will protect her mom. He coos that she is a beautiful woman….so pure, so innocent. And so sweet….how could he not be attracted to her? And all he wanted to do was to show her what it’s like to be in a real adult relationship.

Mr. Donovan tells them if that is what they really want, he’ll draft a settlement offer and have it to them by the end of the day. But, given Ms. Marone’s son’s behavior last night they have a cause of action against him if she chooses to pursue it. Nick boldly walks in and says he’d like to see her try! Sarcastically, Stephanie greets him and asks if he’s there to finish what he started last night? He glares at her and says no, that would be stooping to her level and that’s not going to happen. Not when he believes there is another way to get justice for her robbing his mother of the life she may never have. Brooke steps forward and he looks at her, knowing she has probably sided with them.

Harry tells Taylor he’s glad that Ridge has moved back to the house, but he can’t be there 24/7. He knows Phoebe is a smart girl, and she’s not going to do anything she doesn’t want to do. With the trial being so close, she can’t tell Shane to get lost, but afterwards….Taylor is concerned and wants him to let her know. There is no reason for Shane to be there anymore. He assures her he will keep his eye on McGrath and nothing is going to happen while he is around.

Shane explains to Phoebe that he thought something was happening….something special between them. She reminds him that she is a teenager and not looking for a relationship like that. Innocently, he asks like what – sexual? Is that what she is talking about? She confesses that when she sleeps with a guy, first of all she is going to be IN love with him. He says, “okay, why don’t you give me a chance here, give me half a chance? You’ll fall in love with me, Phoebe, I promise you. Maybe you’ve already done that. Maybe it already happened. Maybe it happened the first time we met.” She tries to get him to stop and he backs off, saying he doesn’t want her to feel all weird. So if she just wants to hang out, that’s what they will do, but she has to promise to go to dinner with him tomorrow night. He’s made all these special arrangements and he can’t cancel out. He tells her he just wants her to have a little more fun before he has to go on the stand and be grilled by the lady prosecutor. There’s nothing wrong with having a little innocent fun. She agrees to the dinner and when he leaves, she tells herself that if she doesn't play along, he might run. She needs his testimony at her mom’s trial….after that, even though he’s cute……she just can’t.

Eric tells them he thinks they should sit down and discuss this ole thing calmly and rationally. Nick says he’s making it sound like a business negotiation. Like you can throw money at this and it will go away. But, there is NO amount of money that is gonna fix this. Eli speaks up and Nick jumps on him – who the hell is he? One of those ambulance chasers the family pays a lot of money to? Ridge adds okay, so Nick isn’t willing to work with them on this, which isn’t a big surprise since Brooke warned them that he was considering legal action. Looking at Storm, Stephanie suggests that is why there is another Logan here. Brooke explains to Nick that it wasn’t as much a warning as an effort to stop a lot of people from getting hurt. She knows he has every right to feel the way he does. But, to put Stephanie behind bars is not going to change what happened to his mother. Ridge adds – or help in her recovery in any way. Nick quips that Brooke looks to be in the middle again. He’s starting to think she likes it that way. Eric tells them not to get off track here. Jackie is injured, and he is anxious to make amends. And he’s prepared to be generous. Nick blasts that he told him, money is not going to make this go away. Ridge asks then what will? They are all STUNNED when Nick says Forrester Creations, he wants Forrester Creations.

Stephanie tells him that he’s delusional! Nick tells her okay, let’s get real. He will drag her name through the mud….with a criminal suit, then a civil suit. Everyone in this business will know what she did. “So you have two choices. You give me Forrester Creations or you go to jail. What’s it going to be, Stephanie?”

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