The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/3/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick sits with his mother then gives her a kiss on the nose and tells her he’s going to talk to the doctor, meantime for her to rest. Dr. Hillman explains to him that her recovery still could mean she would be looking at slurred speech, headaches, fatigue and chronic pain. Nick says he understands all of that.  But the doctor tries to break it to him gently that she may never be the woman she once was. There could be long term and permanent impairment. He doesn’t want to discourage Nick, but they can’t forget that she had a very serious accident. 

Brooke sits with Donna and asks if she told Nick about his mother? Donna laments that she had to leave a message to see him; she thought she owed it to him to tell him in person.  Brooke confesses that she ended her marriage, she is afraid now Nick might over-react. Donna is only concerned now that this will mean that Brooke and Ridge will be getting back together.  Brooke assures her it doesn’t. It means no men, just her and her children. She just needs to figure out how to heal her own wounds. Ridge wasn’t very happy about it, but he did understand it. Donna opines that he never got over Brooke, and he never will. Brooke tries to cheer Donna by saying there are a lot of eligible men there in L.A. and she will be just fine. Donna is not sure she even wants to stay in L.A. There’s no guy and no job. Brooke says it was wrong of Stephanie to fire her. Brooke is the CEO of Forrester, not Stephanie.  Donna comments that she doesn’t want to fight Stephanie; she is out of control. …..the way she treats her…intimidates her, calling her names, but all of that is nothing compared to what she did to Jackie.  She avows again that it wasn’t an accident. Stephanie pushed her over that railing.  Brooke shouldn’t be so surprised. She knows what Stephanie is capable of. She has terrorized the family for years. Now they have the ammunition to fight back. 

At the Forrester house, Stephanie rallies that this is just what she hoped for and she is so happy for Ridge. Eric joins in – so Nick and Brooke are over? Ridge gets them to understand that it will be a while before she can make another commitment. This time she means it. Stephanie says that Nick is the one who broke the marriage vows. He should be punished, not Ridge.  Ridge explains that this is not a punishment. She just needs to focus on herself and the kids. He hasn’t given up. He has to be patient and so does Stephanie.  She says okay, but she has to say she is relieved Brooke is free of Nick and his mother.

Brooke and Donna join Nick by his mother’s side. Brooke asks how she is and he responds that she’s trying to talk, but it’s going to take time. Donna says she is sorry about his mother; did he get her message? He replies no. She tells him it WASN’T an accident. She was there and saw the entire thing. He’s stunned.

Stephanie continues to expound on how happy she is and can’t see why it took Brooke so long to acknowledge that the marriage was a mistake….all the rules and regulations, ultimatums Nick gave her…not exactly a recipe for martial success. And the very idea of the CEO running the company from some place else, not even allowed to talk to the head designer….it was just plain silly. Ridge says he’ll be glad to have her back at the office and Eric comments they made a good team. Ridge tells him he can’t wait to get back to the office himself as he has some new designs and he’d brought a few  he’d like Eric to see. Eric tells him he wants to, but he can’t right now. He’s going to visit Jackie in the hospital.  Stephanie offers that she will look at them. Eric tells her not to, and don’t make this visit to Jackie something that it isn’t.  He reminds her Jackie was injured in their home. Stephanie concedes she was injured in their home, because she wouldn’t leave. That is why she is in the hospital. Eric comments that the railing is at least waist-high, and he really doesn’t know how she could have just fallen.  Stephanie asks what is he suggesting? Yes, the two of them were arguing. Is he suggesting that she picked her up and threw her over the railing? As he dismisses it and goes, she hollers after him, “I know what happened. It was an accident. And I don’t care what anyone says or thinks…I know what happened.

Bewildered, Nick takes notice of what Donna is saying. His mother was pushed! He implores her to tell him exactly what she saw. She tells him she was trying to get into the house through the terrace, and she saw Stephanie and Jackie arguing on the landing. It got physical and then Stephanie shoved her. It was horrible. Stephanie called the paramedics right away, but the damage had been done. Nick is spell-bound. Stephanie had said his mother fell. She lied! Brooke says but they were struggling. Donna replies she wouldn’t say something unless she was certain of what happened. Jackie begins to try to speak and calls his name, and Nick asks if this is true? She heard what Donna said, is it true? Did Stephanie push her? She tries to answer but about all she can do is nod her head forward a little. He kisses her hand and remarks it’s alright, he’ll handle it. She’s to get some rest. He tells her she is doing so much better, and that he loves her.

Stephanie laments to Ridge she can’t imagine why anyone would think she deliberately would hurt Jackie…..and her own husband thinks that. Ridge reminds her that she did admit they were arguing. She says of course, she never denied that.  They were arguing because she wouldn’t leave the house! Ridge gets a phone call on his cell and tells Stephanie he has to go back to the office to sign some papers. She can let him know about the designs when he gets back.

With a determined look on his face, Nick is driving when his cell phone rings. When he sees it is Brooke, he just puts the phone back down and doesn’t answer. She says she knows he’s upset, but they need to talk about this, so will he call her back? Then she confronts Donna for telling him about Stephanie. Donna says he deserved to know.  Brooke accuses her of just blurting it out, and where does she think Nick went just now? The way he ran out of there she doesn’t think he’s just going to talk to her.  Donna maintains that Stephanie has to be held accountable. Brooke asks what about Nick. He’s going to be held accountable too for what he does to Stephanie. Donna admits he’s angry, but not homicidal. But Brooke says she knows Nick and how much he loves his mother. She is afraid if they don’t stop him, there is no telling what he will do.  Donna asks to please tell her that she is worried about Nick and not Stephanie, after everything she has done to her.

Eric walks up and asks what is going on? Brooke asks him where is Stephanie and he replies over at the house with Ridge. Brooke fills him in and Donna says she was at the house the night of Jackie’s accident. Stephanie pushed Jackie. Eric is speechless. Brooke tells him to listen to her. Nick was really upset when he heard this.  He went ballistic and then ran out. She can’t reach him on his cell phone and she’s really concerned that he might be heading over to Eric’s house.

Stephanie is looking at the designs when the phone rings and it’s Brooke. She warns her that Nick might be over there at any time, not to let him in. He thinks that she is responsible for what happened to Jackie. Eric grabs the phone from her and tells Stephanie he wants her to go around and lock all the doors….no better yet, just get in the car and go NOW. She tells him if Nick shows up, she can handle him. She does understand. If she can handle Eric’s accusations, she can certainly handle Nick. She hangs up on him. There is an awful pounding at the door, several times with Nick calling out her name and bellowing for her to open the door.  She stands firm and tells him to go HOME.  She says she is terribly sorry what happened to his mother, but she is not going to let him into her house. She doesn’t want to argue with him. After a few seconds of silence, Nick springs out of nowhere on the back terrace and picks up a chair and smashes it through the glass door. Like a madman, he glares at Stephanie and declares he KNOWS what she did.

Brooke urges Eric to get to his house now. But, he assures her Stephanie is with Ridge and he won’t let Nick hurt her. Brooke thinks Ridge in Nick’s way will only make things worse. Donna repeats again that it was no accident; Jackie was pushed.  Eric says, “My God. Stephanie could do something like this? Jackie could have been killed!” Donna wonders why Brooke is defending Stephanie. Brooke remarks because it might not have been intentional. Eric still can’t believe that his wife would be capable of something like this. Brooke thinks he needs to go home and talk to her. He says he will, but there is something he needs to do first. Brooke says she has to find Nick. Donna points out that Jackie was a vibrant, confident, capable woman. Stephanie took that away from her.

Eric stands over Jackie and apologizes if his wife did this to her. He’s so sorry. He leans down and kisses her on the lips. Her eyes flutter a little as she opens them and gives him a brave smile. He caresses her cheek.

Stephanie asks Nick if he has lost his mind? Look what he has done. They banter back and forth and she asks has he been drinking? He accuses her of pushing Jackie and she tells him to get a hold of himself. She is going to call the police if he doesn’t leave. He shouts to get them over here; he’d love to have a talk with them. She tells him again to go, he’s trespassing. He wants to know or what? What is she going to do? She says she is asking him politely, just leave. Nick states that he is NOT leaving. He’s not going to let her twist and turns things anymore. “I’m in control now.” She fires back well, not of himself.  He wants to know what his mother ever did to Stephanie? She’s lying in a hospital bed right now, and may be the rest of her life, because of her! Stephanie says no, not because of her. Please believe her, it was an accident.  He shouts at her that he knows the truth, stop lying. Donna saw her through the window. He has an eyewitness. Stephanie barks she doesn’t care what Donna saw, or what she thought she saw. Stephanie knows what happened.

He wants to know what his mother said? She backs up and he lunges closer. She goes up the stairs, and he hollers for her not to run away from him. Stephanie tells him to stop, this is so ridiculous.  Each step she takes, he follows that much closer until they are at the top of the stairs and he grabs her by the scruff of her jacket and spins her around to face him. He declares he won’t let her walk away from what she did to his mother. He wants her to admit it to him. He pushes her body until her head is completely hanging over the railing, her face turning red. He clenches his teeth and repeatedly shouts for her to admit it. She’s twisting and turning and saying she will not admit….she didn’t do anything to his mother, she didn’t.  She’s saying "no Nick, no. Stop, don’t do this." He keeps tightening his grip and tries to get her to admit it. Tell him what she did. Tell him that she threw his mother over the railing. Admit it, admit what she did. Her face is getting redder and a frozen look of fear is in her eyes as he becomes even more angry.

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