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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Donna argues with Brooke that why won’t she let her go back to the hospital? And tell Nick that she saw Stephanie push his mother? Brooke says because it is a very volatile situation. Donna disagrees – it’s a crime. She repeats she knows what she saw. Jackie did not trip or stumble or try to kill herself. Stephanie pushed her and why is Brooke trying to protect her? And if she’s not protecting her, then let her tell Nick. Sounds like Brooke is questioning her. Brooke does sort of – she reminds her that Donna was downstairs, outside the patio door….maybe Stephanie did push Jackie, but…..Donna says there’s no maybe to it, she did. Brooke asks but does that mean that she INTENDED to shove her over the balcony? Intent, that’s the difference than an accident and a crime. Donna tells her she was in a rage, out of control and Brooke has seen her that way far too many times. Brooke says still that doesn’t mean she would do something that drastic. Donna is furious with Brooke. She knows her relationship isn’t nearly as heated as it once was with Stephanie, but for her to dig in her heels this way and defend her, what’s going on? Brooke says if this all blows up, it could affect everybody. Donna surmises everybody means one in particular, Ridge. Brooke reminds her that Jackie is lying in a hospital bed unable to move – maybe permanently. Doesn’t Donna think that Nick should be concentrating on helping Jackie get better? Don’t stir the pot. Donna asks if she is protecting Nick because she is planning on staying in the marriage with him? Brooke looks skeptically at her and says she knows what she is doing. Donna laments that Brooke won’t even tell her what man she is choosing, and this affects her too.

Nick just walks on in and says he’d say it would affect a LOT of people. Brooke asks Donna to leave and Donna sarcastically tells Brooke good luck. Nick says he wasn’t sure when they were going to get into this, but he guesses if she is talking to her sister about it, then she can talk to him about it too. She asks how is Jackie? He doesn’t want to change the subject. She then tells him not now. He stops her and pointblank asks, “do you want to make this marriage work or not?”

Stephanie greets Ridge in her office and he gloats that ‘that marriage’ is dead, dead, dead. But Stephanie points out that Brooke spent the night at the hospital. Nonplussed, he says he would expect nothing less from her. Stephanie opines that sometimes a crisis can bond people together again. Ridge is optimistic and says that if Jackie hadn’t gone over the balcony, he and Brooke would already be together. She’s not going back to Captain Ahab just because his mother had a little accident. It’s just a little speed bump in the road, that’s all. He informs her that Brooke had told him that she has to be true to herself…..not true to Nick, not true to her wedding vows – true to herself. He brags that Brooke is never going to love anybody else the way she loves him, and she knows that. So meaning being true to herself means coming back to him where she belongs. “Take my word for it now. It’s a done deal.”

As they drink their coffee, Stephanie remarks she hopes so. She just wants to see him happy and if it means being with Brooke, then so be it. He laughs and asks does this mean that she sees in Brooke what he does? She remarks she wouldn’t go that far. Just say that she accepts the idea. What she doesn’t see is why she’d want her sister around? And she states she doesn’t see why Donna should even be at Forrester Creations any more. Ridge retorts that the sales for Brooke’s Bedroom has gone through the roof since she’s been on board, that’s why! Stephanie rebuffs that some sales are not worth having. He tells her he will quote her at their next board meeting. Stephanie tells him go ahead if he feels the need. But, she knows Donna has a HUGE crush on him and Stephanie is concerned that she will try to undermine their relationship. That’s why she thinks they should pack her up, send her off….and she’s be happy to buy a plane ticket…first class to Paris, London. Donna walks in and Stephanie continues with a smirk, “I have another suggestion, but I’m sure you might not like the temperature.”

Brooke tells Nick that she wanted both him and Ridge there. Somberly, Nick tells her she has him now and this is the way it should be because the marriage is between the TWO of them. “Tell me that means SOMETHING to you.” She says yes, but he knows the marriage hasn’t really been working in many ways and he knows that. He asks if she has asked herself why? Well, he wants to work on it and he’s willing to try harder. If she will. She laments that she has come to a very important realization….she can’t really love anybody right now if she’s to be in a really meaningful relationship. She needs to learn to be strong for herself and be able to stand on her own two feet. And she states again that she just can’t be married to anybody right now. That’s what she was going to tell both him and Ridge. She says she is sorry. She just really needs to be alone, spend time with herself and her children. And she doesn’t know how long before she figures out the next step. He steps much closer to her and softly says that he thinks they were meant to be together. He’s the man that makes her whole. Regardless of what happened, he believes that. And he knows deep down, that she believes that too.

With a prissy attitude, hands on hips, Donna opines that people who call other people names are just talking to themselves in the mirror. It’s really how they feel about themselves. Stephanie mocks – oh Donna must have taken that her freshman year in college –Psychology 101….oh forgive her, wrong sister, Donna was the high school drop-out. Stephanie walks out. Donna tells Ridge that Stephanie has hurt him more than she has her, fighting his relationship with Brooke all these years. And of course if she hadn’t, then the two of them would never have had a chance. She realizes what she is saying – they never really did have a chance. Ridge coos that in another lifetime he would have really loved that. She gulps that so would she. She tells him she had just come from Brooke’s house and Nick showed up so she made herself scarce. Her guess Brooke was about to tell him something. Glibly, Ridge agrees and says no doubt it will change all their lives.

Nick tells Brooke that he’s going to go pack a few things and will come for his other things later. She calls his name as he starts up the stairs and he stops to hear her say that she never had more fun, loved so honestly or felt more secure. And he really touched Hope and R.J.’s life. “You gave us everything. Take a look around at what we found and know that we can be what we want to be. It may be over, but it will never end.” Tearfully, she looks like she wants to kiss him, but he slowly walks away. She has flashes of happier times as does he while packing, all to the tune of Going Back Again. He finally shoves a few things in his case and bounds down the stairs and opens the door. He does turn around for one last look, sits the case down and approaches her. He takes her hand in his and then finally takes his wedding band off. Seems to want to give it to her but she’s crying so he slips it in his pocket. They don’t quite kiss, just touch noses and he leaves without a word.

Being very pleased with herself, Donna tries on a little, short, lacy jacket/shawl and has it snatched right off her back by Stephanie who informs her that she no longer represents Brooke’s Bedroom or Forrester Creations and she tosses the item haphazardly over her shoulder. Donna says the hell she doesn’t. Stephanie says she used to, but not anymore. She calls Jason who she says has been kind enough to pack up her things so she can exit gracefully and as quickly as possible. Donna smugly tells her this isn’t her decision to make – Brooke OWNS this company. Stephanie opines that Brooke is busy right now so she’s saving her the trouble. She thinks she regrets hiring her in first place and she doesn’t want or need her here panting over Ridge like a……well, she won’t go into that. She knows all she wants and needs to know. Donna offers that is what ignorant people say all the time until reality comes down on them like a ton of bricks. Stephanie smarts back, “take your box, honey, leave and go as far away as possible.” Donna vows to herself that Stephanie is really going to regret treating her this way……really regret it!

Ridge slips in while Brooke is silently reflecting on events. He tells her that Donna said Nick was there. She replies he is gone. He says it must have been hard, but he knows it’s for the best and he thinks she knows that. Brooke says she hated hurting him. She starts to tell him and he interrupts and says their future is an open book and it can be anything they want it to be. She tells him she can’t……she can’t even be a part of ‘us’….that’s what she wanted to tell him. Unperturbed, he says he understands that she will need time…with Jackie’s situation she would be sensitive to Nick. That’s the amazing thing about her how aware she is of other people’s feelings. But, he states he can see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice. She’s back and when the crisis is over, they can be together the way they are supposed to be. He cups her face and gives her a kiss which she returns. He tells her he’ll let her get back to the hospital, and that he loves her. He gives her another kiss then proudly marches out the door.

The phone rings and Brooke picks it up and it’s Donna. She’s livid that Stephanie had her things packed up and fired her. She’s not going to take it anymore. Brooke says well Stephanie can’t do that. Donna says she knows, but Stephanie doesn’t care. She just pushes everyone around. And Donna is NOT waiting, she’s going to tell Nick what Stephanie did to his mother. Stephanie is going to pay for her crimes, and she is going to make damn sure she does! She hangs up before Brooke can talk her out of it.

Immediately she calls Nick and leaves a message. There is something he needs to know about his mother and Stephanie, about the accident. It was NO accident.

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