The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/1/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick wakes up from his vigil in Jackie’s room. With an overnight stubble, it’s clear he has spent the entire night. When her eyes flutter, he is right there asking how she is? But he cautions her not to try to speak. She had a little brain surgery and he quips it might take some time before that new one starts to work. When she looks worried, he tells her they had to go in and relieve a little pressure, that’s it. The doctor comes in and Nick lets go of Jackie’s hand long enough to tell the doc that Jackie tried to say something. Dr. Hillman tells him this will all take time, but Nick wants to hear that it will be full recovery. All the doctor will say is that did the best they could to relieve the pressure, and she could have a long recovery with an acceptable level of functionality or a quick recovery to something miraculous. It’s just impossible this soon to predict this. He tells him he knows this is hard to deal with, but they just have to wait and see and he will check back soon. “Don’t give up hope. I’ve seen miracles happen.”

Outside, Stephanie is questioning one of the nurses about Jackie’s condition. All they tell her is that it is hard to say at this point. Donna overhears her and thinks back to that night on the stairway. Both women had their hands on each other, but she saw Stephanie push Jackie. Brooke thanks Donna for bringing her a change of clothes; she did manage to sleep a little there at the hospital. She asks about Nick and Brooke informs her that he never left Jackie’s side. Donna laments that she needs to tell both her and Nick something. She meant it – literally - when she said there were never any accidents with Stephanie. She announces that Stephanie PUSHED Jackie, shoved her. She saw it with her own eyes.

Stephanie looks through the glass partition and watches Nick with his mother. She relives portions of that night with the accident and Jackie falling over the banister. Eric catches her with a worried look and asks about her. She tells him perhaps he should be the one checking on Jackie since they have been friends for a long time now. She apologizes for that remark, saying she is just tense. Lt. Baker shows up right over her shoulder and asks why would she be tense? She quips that he pops up like a groundhog everywhere, with that same serious expression on his face. He tells her he’s there on another matter, but he did hear about Jackie Marone. Quickly, Eric says it was an accident and why doesn’t he do the taxpayers a favor and just let this one drop? He shrugs and says he hasn’t even picked it up yet. Stephanie opines that she can tell him what happened if he has the time. She will tell him exactly what happened. Nick steps out of his mother’s room and overhearing asks who’s going to speak up for his mother? He glares at Stephanie and asks who’s going to tell HER version? Eric goes to sit with Jackie and fondly remembers happier times when he was definitely smitten by her and offered her an engagement ring.

Donna continues telling Brooke that things began heating up so she took the kids for ice cream, but Jackie had her blocked in so she went back for the keys….and that’s when she saw it. The whole thing – Jackie and Stephanie at the top of the stairs, right in each other’s face. She confesses she could not hear what they were saying, but you could tell harsh words were flying back and forth. There was a little tussle then Stephanie shoved Jackie…..over the banister. Brooke finds this hard to believe. Donna continues that Stephanie is a strong woman. “I was there, sis. It was NO accident. Jackie was pushed – period – by Stephanie!”

Lt. Baker introduces himself to Nick and asks how his mother is? Looking at Stephanie, he remarks that it’s not good. She is not talking right now. She may never walk, but they do think she will live. Sincerely, Stephanie opines that she is so sorry. He rebuffs that with, “what am I supposed to do with sorry, Stephanie?” She tells him to calm down. He bellows for her not to tell him to calm down. Lt. Baker says please, he’d like to hear what Mrs. Forrester has to say. Nick retorts so would he. Go ahead and TALK. Stephanie starts by saying that Jackie came to her house last night unexpectedly because she had not invited her. And that she was very upset because she thought Stephanie was interfering with her son’s marriage to her ex-daughter-in-law. They got into an argument and she asked her several times to leave and she wouldn’t. As a matter of fact, she had followed her up the stairs. She grabbed Stephanie’s arm and she reacted. She lost her balance….and it happened so fast….Stephanie didn’t have a chance to even grab for her.

Close by, Donna is listening and tells Brooke that is not true. Stephanie pushed her. Donna makes a motion to go forward and speak with them, but Brooke holds her back.

Nick says now that he’s heard how this woman was an innocent bystander, who’s going to speak for his mother? Who tells her version of the story? Stephanie remarks but it WAS an accident, and his mother will tell him that when she is able to. And, for any reason that she doesn’t, then she wouldn’t be telling the truth. He walks toward her and asks Stephanie, “you calling my mother a liar? You bitch, you!” Only Baker steps in between and separates the two. Nick shouts, “you are calling my mother a liar?” He declares he’ll get proof. Brooke has to lead him away, while Donna looks on. Stephanie tells Baker that Nick is frightened. That’s understandable that he’d be concerned about his mother, but that was a little over the line. Slyly to herself, Donna says Stephanie is the liar, and she’s going to see that people find out about it. “Just imagine, Stephanie Forrester in jail – for attempted murder.”

Eric laments to Jackie when she opens her eyes that he heard they performed some kind of magical medical miracle on her and he wanted to make sure they did a good job. She tries to talk but he discourages her from doing so. Just save her energy for getting better…..and she will…..and she’ll be that wonderful, funny, stunning woman she always was. He promises her that; he can see it in the stars. And he wants her to know that Stephanie feels badly about this as does he. He says it’s an understatement to say they never were friends and he knows they were arguing at the time, but she has to know that Stephanie would never do anything physically against her.

Seething, Nick rants to Brooke that his mother can barely talk, can’t move. And she may be like that for the rest of her life. And he’s not supposed to blame who’s responsible? He laments he just wishes someone else had seen what happened.

Donna slithers in and sits in front of Stephanie. Stephanie remarks that Ridge isn’t scheduled to make an appearance today, if that is what she was hoping. Donna sniffs what’s with her? What happened to make her like this? Stephanie says, “well, I don’t suffer fools gladly, if that’s what you mean. I am exactly what I am, and I make no apologies for it.” Donna says of course she doesn’t apologize, she never does anything wrong. Stephanie recounts that she tries not to, and this conversation is getting very tedious. She tries to leave, but Donna stops her by saying she heard what she said to the lieutenant, that they were arguing when Jackie fell. Stephanie admits that yes they were arguing, but arguing doesn’t cause a person to fall. And she reminds Donna again that Ridge isn’t going to show up, and she knows that is all she is interested in. Donna says and that must bother the hell out of her? Stephanie tells it like it is – she doesn’t want Donna in his life. Donna guesses it’s because she is a Logan, right? Stephanie grins and says no, because he is spoken for and Donna isn’t good enough for him. Donna responds, “such strong language. You’re a bully, Stephanie.” She says she bullied her sister, her mother, even her father and now she’s trying to bully her too. But watch out. One day, someone’s going to stand up to her…..”and that someone just might be me.”

Brooke now sits with Stephanie and tells her that Nick has a right to be upset. Stephanie agrees that yes he does, but he has no right to blame her for Jackie’s falling. Then she asks what’s with Donna? She knows that Donna is her sister, but she advises Brooke that Donna wants Ridge and she gets the impression she will play any card in her hand to get him. Brooke asks Stephanie what does she want her to do? Stephanie doesn’t bat an eye – tells her to send her home. Brooke laments that she doesn’t run Donna’s life. Stephanie says maybe she should….she’s underfoot. Stephanie says she is not going to mince words. She thinks Brooke is going to take Ridge back. That being the case, she doesn’t need Donna around making problems for the two of them. Brooke assures her that she can handle Donna. Stephanie offers that maybe and maybe not, but she sees her as nothing but trouble.

Donna stands over Jackie and tells her “poor woman” – Stephanie is not going to get away with this. She won’t let her. She’s one of those people who thinks rules don’t apply to her…..she’s too smart and too special for the rules….but she promises Jackie that Stephanie is going to learn that the rules DO apply to her just like everyone else. Nick walks in and wonders why Donna is there talking to his mother. Donna confesses they aren’t the best of buddies, but this never should have happened. And she knows he blames Stephanie. He tells her not to make excuses for that woman. Donna says no, quite the contrary, she wants to help. Nick says the help he needs he’s not sure she can give unless she can fix her (his mother). He then excuses himself and goes and sits again by his mother. She opens her eyes and acknowledges him. He says good, he wants to see that smile again, but he’s going to let her rest a while. He was just checking in. He wants her to get back to her old wonderful, funny, smart, beautiful, generous woman that she is. “I want all of you back. You work on that, will ya?” He tenderly kisses her hand and says, “I know you will.”

Donna tells Brooke that she tried to tell Nick what she saw. Brooke tells her don’t, she’s not a big fan of Stephanie’s, but they should just wait and see how this turns out. Donna asks why, is she afraid it will upset Ridge? She points out, just look at Nick. This is killing him, but if she could tell him what she knows…..Brooke restrains her and says they should be focusing on Jackie right now, not on whether Stephanie did or did not do it. Donna exclaims that she knows what she saw. Brooke asks is she sure? She says yes emphatically and doesn’t Brooke see – this is another injustice at the hands of Stephanie Forrester. She asks Brooke to just think of everything she has done to their family….sending their parents away to Paris and berating Brooke for years….and now almost killing Jackie. The woman needs to be stopped. This is finally their chance. Stephanie has lived her life controlling and manipulating others. Now they can put her where she belongs – behind bars. She vows she is not going to let Stephanie get away with this. She is going to tell Nick right now.

Brooke grabs her arm to stop her. Donna says, “damn it, he has a right to know. The sooner Stephanie pays for this, the better….and she WILL pay.”

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