The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/31/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Apprehensively, Nick paces the corridor with Brooke standing helpless nearby. He laments he can’t believe this is happening. Dr. Hillman looks at the X-rays and declares they need to start surgery.

Taylor is lying on her cot in jail, but is fretful as she keeps having thoughts or premonitions of Phoebe needing help or being in trouble. Frantically she calls for the guard. Meanwhile, Phoebe is having to ward off Shane from making more moves on her when she asked him to stop and she wants to go inside. He asks why is she doing this? It’s like the first night they met and she looked at him like some stranger. He would think he was at least her friend now. She states that he scares her when he acts like he doesn’t even hear her. He admits he does have that problem and tries a little too hard at times. He tells her he wants to tell her something. He has a secret too. He confides he gets really scared for no reason. Like the other day when he was at the courthouse….there were cops and lawyers….and he hates them. But, he tells her don’t get him wrong – he will do ANYTHING, whatever it takes, for her mother’s sake….and for Phoebe. She says she is sorry and he says he is too, and asks are they still friends? She tells him of course. He reaches out for her again and she has to tell him to stop it. Luckily, Harry walks out and remarks that he wondered what was keeping him. He walks over and takes Shane’s hand off of Phoebe’s that he’s holding on tightly to. Harry says he wouldn’t want anything else to happen to that hand.

Nick tries to get Brooke to go home since she has the kids to deal with and work tomorrow. She says she is fine, unless he WANTS to be alone. He says to be honest he sort of feels like he is alone anyway because he doesn’t know if she is there as his friend or his wife. She states she is still his wife. He confesses he never heard her say about their marriage or Forrester. And he figures if it were good news for him that she would have said by now. He does appreciate her being there, but he says he is going to take a walk.

In whispered tones, Taylor speaks to the female guard and tries to get her to allow one quick phone call to her daughter to make sure she is alright. She plays on the guard’s sympathy if she is a mother too. Can’t she use her cell phone for just a moment?

Harry tells Shane that Mr. Logan, the lawyer, is here and wants to see both of them, but especially Shane. He walks away in disgust, and can’t believe he’d be here this time of night without calling ahead first. Phoebe tries to stop him and convince him it might be real important. Shane says no, they are lawyers and they think they are God. He glances at a perturbed Harry and finally gives in to Phoebe’s urging, he’ll do anything for her, but only her.

Dr. Hillman starts the brain surgery on Jackie. Nick slips into the chapel and uneasily sits down in a pew. He gives a big sigh, not knowing quite what to say or do but manages, “help her!”

Donna meets up with Brooke and asks about Jackie. Brooke tells her they took her to O.R. Donna asks where Nick is? Brooke states – somewhere. He’s scared and furious and doesn’t really understand what is going on. His mother got hurt and Stephanie was there, so he’s blaming Stephanie. Donna asks if Stephanie said what happened? Brooke answers that Stephanie said they were arguing and Jackie followed her upstairs, and then there was some sort of terrible accident. Brooke is worried when Donna asks if Stephanie used THAT word?

Storm apologizes to Phoebe for coming over at this ungodly hour, but they don’t have much time. Hector asks if he has any sense if the D.A. intends to prosecute Phoebe or himself or even Shane for obstruction or accessories or whatever? Storm tells him he expects she will wait until the end of the trial. If it’s a not guilty verdict, then justice wasn’t obstructed. Hector wonders how realistic is that to hope for? Storms chuckles that in the justice system you can’t play probabilities because nothing is realistic. They are not dealing with scientific truth, but human truth…or rather the perception of it. He says if he puts Phoebe on the stands, she will have to admit that she perjured herself to the police. Phoebe says she knows and she’ll do it. He warns her to be sure because Tartaro will make her out to be a liar. Is she prepared for that? And Harry warns that if he loses the case, then Phoebe has basically confessed to whatever they want to pin on her. Storm says, “so no pressure, Shane, but we have to make sure you’re solid. Our defense basically comes down to you.” All eyes look toward Shane.

The guard reminds Taylor of a radio call-in show she had years ago and the guard had called in about her gay son, not wanting to hate him. So Taylor helped her and one good turn deserves another. She slips her the cell phone.

Shane is livid when Storm tells him he did a background check on him. Storms replies that it’s public record and the prosecution will have done the same thing. Everything turns out okay but the one thing that bothers him is that Shane is living there. Tartaro is bound to make that sound like some quip pro quo. Shane asks what is that? Hector explains that the D.A. will try to make the jury think he’s giving testimony just as some favor to the family. Because of all the favors they have piled on him. Shane quips that some of this is beginning to sound like he shouldn’t even be there. Both Phoebe and Storm say that is not what they are saying. Shane insists – he has friends up in San Francisco that are contractors and they say there is a lot of work that he’d be right for. Harry rapidly fires then maybe he should go! He asks Storm couldn’t he just take a deposition from this guy? Wouldn’t that work just as well? Storm reminds them that depositions just don’t have as much impact as live testimony….plus he can’t be cross-examined. Storm advises that he and Shane know why he’s living there and how it all came about, but if the D.A. asks, what is he going to say?

Shane says he will tell them Phoebe did it out of the goodness of her heart. Because she really didn’t even know it was him on the side of the road that night. She only found out about that later. And the accident with his hand, that wasn’t her responsibility….it wasn’t her fault but she took full blame for it because that is the kind of person she is. She’s a great person and so is her family. Look at her mom….she’s confessing to an accident. It wasn’t even her fault and that he can swear to that. That satisfies Storm and he says they are good here. Shane offers that he just wants to do what is best for everybody. Phoebe tells him that he’s going nowhere. Harry just glares at Shane.

Brooke asks Donna what else would Stephanie call it but an accident? Donna asks Brooke to think about it. Since when is there any accidents with Stephanie Forrester? The nurse asks where Mr. Marone is? The doctor would like to speak with him. Brooke says he’s still at the hospital and she will go find him.

Tearfully, Nick starts by saying he feels sort of funny asking something of “You”. He’s given him so much in his life. But, he’s going ahead and asking. He clenches his teeth and says, “do anything you want to me…..anything…..but don’t take her. Let her live.” He has flashbacks of his mother during happier times when Brooke touches him softly on the shoulder and he spins around. She tells him they want him, and he rushes out.

Dr. Hillman gives him the grave news. Medically, she is weak but stable. According to the scans, they were able to reduce the hemotoma by well over 80%, which is good. Her tissue will reabsorb the rest, provided there is no further bleeding. Nick wants to know how long before they know that? He’s disturbed when he hears there could be tissue death – brain damage. The doctor wants to examine her now and tells Nick he can stay if he’d like.

Phoebe’s phone rings and it’s Taylor asking if everything is alright? Phoebe states it’s not the best birthday she’s ever had, but nothing is wrong that she can’t handle. She tells Taylor that Mr. Logan came by and they all know what they have to do. With Harry glaring at him, Shane says he really wants Phoebe, doesn’t he? Too bad his luck just ran out. Harry admits he likes her – Shane he doesn’t like. Shane laughs and tells him he’s really breaking his heart. Phoebe returns and tells them her mother is worried about her. Shane quips who wouldn’t be thinking about her all the time? Then he says he thinks he will head on up to bed…..if he can trust them two alone down here? Harry tells him don’t trip and fall on the stairs. Shane gloats that’s right, he’s a pretty important man around here now. He leans to give Phoebe a kiss on the cheek but she turns away from even that.

Alone, Harry asks if she knows what she’s doing? She asks about what? He answers what’s happening to her with this creep. She says it’s just until the trial. He offers his shoulder and she gladly accepts and repeats again – just until the trial.

As the doctor examines Jackie, there are a few involuntary movements which Nick is ecstatic about. The doctor says it’s good but cautions that voluntary is another story. But, Jackie suddenly opens her eyes and Nick can’t push the doctor aside fast enough to greet his mother. From his distance at the foot of the bed, the doctor introduces himself and tells her he will have some questions for her, but she is not to nod or shake her head or she’ll give herself a really bad headache. He goes through a few simple things and then writes down instructions on a piece of paper – close her eyes. She does. Then the doctor holds up a wallet and asks what is that? Barely mouthing it, she replies case. The doctor tells Nick she’ll be better and they’ll try again tomorrow. But, Nick is euphoric, what they call a wallet, his mother calls a notecase. “You came back to me. You came back.”

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