The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/30/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge has Brooke pinned in the Linen Room smothering her with kisses. He begs her to tell him this is what she wants for the rest of her life. They are rudely interrupted by a spinster type nurse who informs them this is a hospital and this room is for staff only. Ridge tells her he is "Dr. I Need a Few Minutes if You Don’t Mind." She says she does and he will have to leave. Brooke whispers to him that she can’t do this, not now, not here. He gives the lady the evil eye when Brooke leaves.

Stephanie tells Brooke one more time that she thinks Jackie will be fine so there is no reason she and Ridge can’t get on with their lives. Dr. Hillman introduces himself as Jackie’s neurologist and asks Brooke if she wants to be present when he talks with her husband? Ridge watches as she says yes. Stephanie realizes that Nick is devastated right now but when Jackie is better he and Brooke will be free to go on with their lives.

Dr. Hillman explains the seriousness of Jackie’s condition to Brooke and Nick. Nick's aghast at the thought of them drilling a hole in her brain. For now they are just going to monitor her, the bleeding could stop on its own. The doctor is sorry he can’t give Nick any guarantees. Brooke offers her support and declares to Nick that Jackie will be okay.

Eric comes to the hospital and wants details. Stephanie tells him that she and Jackie had an argument at her house. She asked her to leave, but instead she followed her up the staircase and there was an altercation. Eric asks if it was physical? Stephanie omits her part in this and replies that Jackie fell. He looks at her strangely and is quite concerned about Jackie. Brooke sits with Nick over his mother and reminds him that she is a very strong woman and that she has a lot to live for……especially her son. Jackie is a fighter and so is he. She needs him. She needs his support, his hope. He can give that to her. When the nurse needs to check Jackie’s vitals, Brooke suggests they get something to eat, but he’s not hungry. But he does tell her that he is glad she is there.

Phoebe and Shane sit out by the pool until she gets cold and wants to go in. Chivalrously, he offers his jacket and begs her to stay and talk. He tries to worm his way closer to Phoebe as she is remembering the last time they were out there, when he was playing gardener and he teases her for almost cutting his hand off. He laments he couldn’t tell her the truth then; heck he doesn’t think Hector will ever trust him even now. But, he saved her mom so that makes him a pretty important guy around here! He confesses that he even thought about showing up there and using all this information to his advantage, but…….that was before he got to know her or her family. He butters her up that she is a very, very generous person, completely unselfish. It scares her a little when he says he wants something from her.

Eric insists on seeing Jackie. He sits by her side, holding her hand, willing her to come back to them. Hector thanks Harry for taking him to Taylor’s hearing earlier. They discuss Shane and what his motive might be for testifying on Taylor’s behalf.

Phoebe repeats – Shane wants something from her? He moves closer and opines that yes, he wants her to like him. She says of course she does, he practically saved her mother’s life. He thinks it’s funny that here he is, a guy she barely knows yet he holds the key to her family’s future. But, he just wishes she knew him better. He tells her there are so many things he wants to share with her. He wants her to know how he feels about her. He tells her he likes her generosity and her goodness as a person. …..and she’s so beautiful….one of the most beautiful girls he has ever known…..not even a girl anymore, she’s a woman. Phoebe seems uncomfortable.

Stephanie creeps into Jackie’s room and stands over her, lamenting that this didn’t have to happen….it shouldn’t have happened. She’s sorry she is going through this, but why didn’t she leave when she asked her to? She is sorry that Nick has to go through this too. He’s frightened, so Jackie has to pull through for him because he is going to need her more than he ever has in his life. Suddenly her back arches and she goes into convulsions and the doctors rush in. So do Brooke and Nick until the nurse clears the room. Nick turns on Stephanie and wants to know what she did to his mother? She says nothing, she was just standing in there. She was CONCERNED for his mother. He shouts, “well, if you are so concerned for her, I suggest you go down to that chapel and pray for her, because if anything happens, YOU are going to pay for it!”

Shane makes being eighteen a big, big deal – she is legal now! She can make all the decisions she wants. She reminds him that as long as she is living there, she does have to follow her parent’s rules. He vows he will bring her mom home. She appreciates that and he asks how much? Can she show him? He leans over and plants a kiss on her, but she pulls away and wants to know what is he doing?

Brooke seeks Stephanie out and apologizes for Nick being so worried about his mother. Stephanie says she understands, but his temper is a little out of control. Brooke says yes but his mother had just had a seizure and Stephanie was standing right over her. Stephanie defends that she had nothing to do with that. Brooke says she is not helping here, she thinks perhaps she should just go home. Ridge walks up and wants to know what is going on? Then he wants to talk to Brooke alone. She says she knows it’s not his mother’s fault. He assures her that he does not want to talk about his mother. He tells her that he knows Nick is scared for his mother, and in a lot of pain right now. But he tells Brooke that he also knows what she is feeling right now. He confesses he knows he did a lot of stupid things to make Brooke grab onto Nick like a life raft and he doesn’t blame her at all for that. But, he believes that they have a future together. He has seen it, and he knows she has too. That’s what she was going to tell her at the house, wasn’t it? She tells him that she really can’t talk abut this right now with Nick’s mother lying in the hospital room. He responds that he knows it’s going to be hard for her to walk away form Nick right now. She says no, he doesn’t know, he has no idea. He remarks that he knows her, and he knows that she loves him. He just needs to hear her confirm it. “Tell me, Brooke, tell me I’m the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Jackie is wheeled through. The doctor explains they are taking her to surgery. He was just about to tell her husband. Ridge gives her a nod to go ahead and go. Stephanie asks what’s happening? Ridge tells her as tragic as the situation is, he thinks Nick may use this as a way to lure her back. He states he is NOT losing Brooke over this. He’s telling her right now, he won’t do it. He looks through the glass window and Brooke is looking right into Ridge’s eyes, hugging and comforting Nick.

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