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With both men standing around waiting on Brooke’s decision, Nick tells her don’t make him feel like a fool. Ridge chirps in who is it going to be, him or Nick that she spends the rest of her life with?

Stephanie looks over the railing to see Jackie’s lifeless body splat on the marble floor below. Donna rushes in, having seen the entire scene, and asks is she alive? Stephanie rushes down and is surprised that Donna is still there. She calls 911 and frantically tells them to come, someone has had an accident and fallen down the stairs. Donna is gawking at her as if she’s done something wrong and Stephanie has to keep shouting at her to take the children to their mother’s house. She doesn’t want them to see the ambulance drive up as it will frighten them.

Taylor greets Phoebe in her jail cell and laments that she can’t believe she and her sister are eighteen years old. She wishes this was under better circumstances. Phoebe tells her it’s okay, she wasn’t in a party mood anyway especially with her mother in there. Taylor reminds her they do have visiting hours though and she just wants her and her brother and sister to go on with their life as if everything is normal, no matter what happens. And if it gets to be too much, just think of all the great times they have had and memories they have shared together.

Brooke begins by telling them they are both wonderful men. Men who have loved her and she has never stopped loving……..even when they had hurt her or let her down. Ridge opines but she can only be married to one of them so which one is it going to be? Ridge’s cell phone rings and he tells Stephanie not now! Quickly she manages to get in that there has been an accident, and asks if Nick is there? It involves Jackie. So for him to go to University Hospital right now.

Thorne visits Taylor and apologies for interrupting. Phoebe hugs Taylor and they say their 'I Love You’s' and she tells Thorne she was leaving anyway. He wishes her Happy Birthday. He tells Taylor that he has some questions of his own as he keeps replaying that night in his head. He knows she told Storm that she didn’t want this to be about Darla, but if it really was an accident he doesn’t know how it can not be about her. And only Taylor can answer those questions.

Jackie is wheeled into the hospital with Stephanie filling in the gaps that she fell from the balcony onto the floor below. As all are gathered, Felicia tells Phoebe that this isn’t the big bash they had planned before Taylor ended up in jail. Dante laments that it is better now that Shane came forward as a witness. Both Eric and Thomas commend him for doing so. Shane shrugs it off and says it was the least he could do. Phoebe has been so kind and good to him, he would do anything to make her birthday special. Harry and Hector also join in.

Stephanie is replaying Jackie’s pawing her at the top of the stairs and her pushing her away and Jackie falling over the railing. Nick walks up and asks how is Jackie? Where is his mother? Stephanie explains the doctors are examining her and Bridget is with them. He wants to know what kind of accident it was? She tries to explain without implicating herself so his first thought is his mother fell down the flight of stairs. Bridget comes out and Brooke asks about Jackie. Bridget says they are waiting on more tests but the news so far is good in that she is not suffering from any neck or spinal damages. But, she is suffering from an acute subdural hematoma – that’s when a blood vessel ruptures and blood collects in the brain between the brain and the outer lining. And the longer she remains unconscious, the more grave the affects could be. Aghast, Nick wants to see her so Bridget leads the way. Stephanie laments that none of this would have happened if Jackie hadn’t shown up at the house the way she did. Brooke asks her if she is saying this is Jackie’s fault and Stephanie had nothing to do with it? Stephanie answers, “there is no blame to shift. What are you implying?” Ridge speaks up and says they aren’t implying anything. They just want to know what happened. Stephanie gives the version that Jackie came by the house unexpectedly and threw it in her face that Brooke had invited Nick over to her place. They got into this whole big thing until she finally asked her to leave. She wouldn’t so Stephanie said she was going to her room and Jackie could let herself out. She followed her to the top of the stairs and they got into another big argument and things got ugly.

Nick sits with his mother and thoughtfully whispers to her that he lets her out of his sight for a few minutes and she goes tumbling down the stairs on him. He assures her the doctors are doing everything they can so she just needs to take her time and rest. She’s going to be fine…..just fine, and he’ll never let anything happen to her again.

Thorne confides to Taylor that his wife was not stupid or a klutz, but that’s how it sounded like to him when she told him what happened that night….like it was Darla’s fault. She starts to refute that and he says he knows now, but that’s what he heard. Because that is what people had said about her all her life. And this time she couldn’t defend herself. So he did because that is what a husband does….HE PROTECTS HIS WIFE even after she is gone. He couldn’t have people thinking that she was some nitwit when she was just trying to help a scared girl who was stranded on the side of the road and needed her. And he confesses that the truth is – deep down inside there was a part of him that was so FURIOUS with her because all she had to do was bring Phoebe back to the house rather than changing the damn tire. But, still after what Shane said and she and Phoebe have been saying how Darla fell back into the road, his heart still doesn’t want to believe it. Not even now, so was it an accident….just a terrible, tragic accident?

Both Harry and Shane vie for Phoebe’s time and are jealous of each other. Phoebe says they are waiting for her dad and Stephanie before cutting the cake and Eric is trying to reach them right now. Eric gets off the phone and tells them that something has happened to Jackie. He’s not sure what but it must be serious as she is at the hospital.

Brooke asks Stephanie how it got ugly? She remarks that she had asked very politely that Jackie leave the house and she wouldn’t. She was like a dog with a bone. She came tearing up the stairs ranting and raving and grabbed her. It got physical and she was standing right by the banister…..Nick walks up and asks then what happened?

Alone out by the pool, Shane tells Phoebe that he’s sorry the party fizzled out the way it did, especially when her grandfather got that really bad phone call. She says it’s okay that she wasn’t really in a party mood without her mom there. He tells her he knows this is a very special day for her turning eighteen. She is going to be a woman now. What could be better than that? She tells him lots of things – him for one for coming forward for one and telling everyone that her mom hitting Darla had been an accident. She wishes there was some way she could repay him. He looks her over and says maybe there is.

Thorne opines to Taylor that he is only going to ask one more time, what happened that night? She responds that it all happened so fast, she did not have time to react. But, that still doesn’t excuse what she did --- covering it up and letting him believe a lie. She knows she should have been honest with him from the start. She did try….tried so many times. Only then they started getting closer and it was harder, she felt trapped. She knew by telling him that she would lose him. She sniffs that was the last thing she wanted. That would be a relationship built on a lie, and he deserves better than that….she just wishes she could have found a way. She’s turned away but Thorne comes up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders and slowly turns her around and gazes into her eyes when she finally looks at him.

Boldly, Nick tells Stephanie that he told her to keep her hands off his mother. She maintains that it was an accident. He rails, “well, for your sake you better hope it was….because if she doesn’t make it or is impaired in any way, I will make sure you live to regret it.” He glares at her before stalking off. Brooke sighs then goes after him. She tells him to wait up, she wants him to know that whatever he needs, she is there for him.

When she returns, Stephanie says she can understand Nick being upset and angry with her. But, he’s got to understand it WAS an accident. And Brooke doesn’t have to worry about him. He’s a strong man and he’ll get through this. He’ll handle this very well. They’ll bring in the best specialist and Jackie will be fine. She offers that Brooke doesn’t have to put her life on hold for this. She and Ridge have waited a long time for this and now here it is.

As Brooke walks away down the corridor, Ridge suddenly puts his arms around her and spirits her into a linen room. He tells her to come in here and just hear him out. Too many things have happened between them too many times lately and he doesn’t want that to happen anymore. He wants their families re-united. “I want YOU… I need you.” He cups her face and kisses her and she responds. “You’re ready to trust me again, spend the rest of our lives together (another kiss)….so tell me, tell me……tell me that you’re ready to. Tell me!”

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