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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie speaks with Brooke on the phone and tells her that she surely knows everyone’s life is on hold while Brooke makes her decision. Brooke queries everyone? Why should Stephanie be involved? Stephanie replies that Nick is a philanderer and that marriage is over. Brooke says and Stephanie thinks she has too much class to be with him. Stephanie affirms that and Brooke finds that hysterical coming from her. Stephanie warns her of one thing. When she starts feeling sorry for Nick and she starts remembering the good old days with him, remember the reality, those good old days weren't that good! She rattles on that R.J. is Ridge’s child and loves Hope as much as if she were his own. Brooke tells her she is hanging up now. Ridge walks in and tells his mom that she doesn’t have to pitch him to Brooke. She has already made up her mind. And Stephanie shouldn’t look so worried as Brooke had invited him over to spend the evening with her. Stephanie makes a visual happy face.

Jackie calls Brooke and makes her little pitch for Nicky as well….how much he loves her kids as his own. And she bets Stephanie has been blabbing in her ear about Ridge, but don’t listen to her. The only reason she is pushing Brooke toward Ridge is because Brooke owns a fat lot of shares in Forrester Creations and she wants them back in the family vault. She’s all business with not a romantic bone in her body. It will be tragic if she lets anything that woman said influence Brooke’s decision! Brooke assures her she is not going to. She has already made up her mind, and she is not going to let Jackie know what she decided either. Smugly, Jackie says that’s alright, she knows that she and Nicky belong together. The door opens with Donna bringing the kids home. Brooke tells Jackie she has to go, and will call her soon.

Nick asks his mother how she is? She remarks she just spoke with Brooke, but she wouldn’t tell her of her decision. He says that is okay, because he’s been invited over tonight. Jackie is euphoric.

Donna laments the kids brought an awful lot of sand home from the beach so she better go get them cleaned up. Brooke says okay but bring them back soon, she needs to talk to them about Nick and Ridge. Donna is interested too – did she make her decision? Brooke opines, “my future and my children’s future. It all comes down to right now.” They aren’t gone long when they come back and Donna leads her into it that she had something to tell the kids? Brooks starts with that she knows it’s been a very confusing time. And she knows they both miss having Nick and Ridge around. Hope wants to know when they are coming back? Brooke says they will always be a part of their lives and loves them very much. And everything is going to be much better from now on, she promises them that. Donna is shocked and asks is that all she is going to say? Brooke says yes, for now. Donna doesn’t think that is fair. Brooke remarks she has already had a lot of input from Jackie and Stephanie, she doesn’t need it from Donna too. But, Donna says it affects her too. Brooke reminds her she put herself in that position. She never wanted to see her get hurt. Now she has to go change.

Donna answers the phone and Stephanie talks her into bringing the children over as she’d like to see her grandchildren. Jackie suggests Nick bring his guitar over as Brooke likes it when he sings. He says actually he has been working on something, but it’s not for Brooke, it’s for Jackie. Sit down and he will sing it. He’s not quite finished but he will be. She doesn’t want him to be late, but when he sings it, she loves it – something about peace of mind. She tells him he looks very handsome. She is only worried still about Stephanie and he tells her not to be. It doesn’t matter what she says because it is not going to affect who he is or what is going to be decided. They tell each other they love one another.

Stephanie delights in playing with and picking up her grandkids. She invites them to help make a birthday card for Phoebe’s 18th birthday. Donna remarks that she looks so cheerful and relaxed. Does she know something she doesn’t? Stephanie gloats that she knows that Ridge and Brooke are getting back together again. She knows that Brooke invited him over to her house and she bets it’s going to be quite a reunion.

Ridge shows up at Brooke's and tells her what a vision she is. She thanks him and says it’s just some old thing she found laying around. He laments how long he’s waited for this moment and here they are, not looking back but just a beautiful future ahead of them. Nick walks in and says he is sorry to interrupt, but what is Forrester doing there?

Donna interrupts Stephanie with the children and says they need to talk. She tells her it’s a fantasy……two people living in some supposingly golden past they are trying to recapture….utterly ridiculous. Stephanie tells her what it is just doesn’t work for Donna. She’s told her not once, not twice, but at least four or five times – she is NOT going to get Ridge. Why doesn’t she understand that? There is a knock at the door and Stephanie asks Donna to get it. It’s Jackie who doesn’t mince words that they are her grandchildren too – since Nicky is moving home to be with his wife, their mother. Hope remarks that Grandma Stephanie said Ridge was moving back in. Jackie is shocked that she would tell them that. They trade words about ‘the truth’. Stephanie tells Jackie she is losing it. Jackie opines it is all propaganda. Donna thinks this is a good time to get the children out of the room and offers they all go for ice cream. They can be back in thirty minutes. Jackie continues to lambaste Stephanie for filling the kid’s heads with rubbish.

Ridge tells Nick that he was invited there, so Popeye can butt out. Nick says he was invited there too, but Ridge tells him to consider himself uninvited. Brooke urges both of them to stop it. This is exactly why she asked the two of them over tonight. They have to learn to tolerate each other, otherwise neither of them will step foot through that door again.

Donna buckles the kids in the car. Wildly, Jackie continues that she can’t even begin to list the ways that Ridge has hurt Brooke, disappointed her, made her miserable. She accuses Stephanie of fighting forever to make her feel unsuitable, unworthy of being a Forrester. Yet now because she has stock in Stephanie’s company, she is all sweetness and light. “Well, you may have turned Brooke’s head a little bit, but there’s no way, NO way she is going to walk away from a sane, healthy marriage to be with that lunatic playboy son of yours!” Stephanie boasts why does Jackie think that Brooke invited Ridge over there tonight? Oh, she didn’t know that? Well, Nicky’s marriage is the one that is over! But, there is really nothing she can do or say and nothing Jackie can do or say that is going to have one iota of influence on Brooke. Jackie chides not to make her laugh….Stephanie had been selling her son to Brooke as if were the cure for the common cold. Stephanie is quick to defend that so has Jackie on Nicky’s behalf. Jackie bellows to this bloody woman because he is her husband! Can’t she see the difference? She points out that Stephanie is trying to tear a marriage apart, while she is trying to keep one together. There’s a BIG difference. Stephanie tells Jackie to go home. Nick will be there soon and she can hold his hand. And Brooke probably invited Ridge over to protect Brooke form Nick when she tells him the bad news. Jackie opines Stephanie is just being self-delusional.

Stephanie finally gives in and tells Jackie she can just stay, but she’s going to her room. And when Jackie gets tired of just standing around with no one to talk to, maybe she’ll be kind enough to show herself out. Donna asks Hope to watch her brother as she has to go get the keys to move Grandma Jackie’s car so they can get out.

Brooke tells the guys that Ridge is R.J.’s father and Hope loves them both and they all need them both in their lives. Ridge smarts that Nick can come around from time to time if he minds his manners, he’ll have no issue with that. Nick gets in his licks too by saying Forrester does have his issues! Brooke tells them again to stop it. This is exactly what she means by finding a common ground, otherwise she is not going to expose her children to this kind of hostility. Finally Ridge says he can do that. She thanks him. She also says this is extremely difficult because both of them are men that any woman would be lucky enough to spend the rest of her life with. “I just can’t be a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth between the two of you.” She addresses them both, they have brought many wonderful things into her life. And they have given her many treasures as well. But, she can’t live with two men. She can’t cut her heart in two. As nice as it would be to live these two separate lives, it isn’t possible. So she suggests she has come up with this decision that she thinks is going to be right for her and her children….and hopefully for everyone.

Donna can’t get anyone’s attention at the door so she walks around to the glass doors where she spies Jackie following Stephanie to the top of the stairs. Stephanie turns on her and says she told her to leave. Jackie says not until Stephanie understands……Stephanie says, “oh, for God’s sake, dear, this is called trespassing.” Jackie shouts at her that like she hasn’t been trespassing into people’s lives, tearing their marriages apart! She’s simply not putting up with it anymore! She warns her to leave Brooke alone. Stephanie doesn’t want her, never has. Like a wild cat, she is in Stephanie’s face and her hands all over her. Stephanie warns her to let go of her. Jackie offers that Hope thinks of Nicky as her father. Doesn’t that mean anything to Stephanie? Stephanie answers that he destroyed that marriage all on his own. Jackie babbles that money and power is where it’s at for Stephanie….well there is more to life than her precious Forrester Creations… children, like decency. Disgusted, Stephanie tells her to shut up. Jackie blasts that means nothing to Stephanie because she is the most despicable, disgusting woman she has ever known. Once again Stephanie warns her to keep her hands off of her. Jackie tells her shame on her. At that moment, Stephanie pushes Jackie’s outstretched arms and Jackie falls backwards and literally splats on the marble floor below, her body still, unmoving, no sounds with blood flowing from Jackie’s mouth.

At the door staring though and seeing everything, Donna hears Stephanie look down at the lifeless body and shout "oh, my God!"

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