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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Still at the restaurant, Nick catches up with Brooke as she is leaving and says he knows there is not going to be some miracle overnight. But, how are they going to accomplish anything if he’s not around? She opines that tonight meant a lot to her. She believes that he heard her and understands what she is asking of him. But, she doesn’t want him to come home with her. He asks about the kids? She tells him she can not put them through another disappointment. He argues that he won’t be a disappointment and begs her to let him sleep on the floor, on the couch, he’ll do whatever. She laments that, “I gave you everything. I gave you my heart. And you hurt me in the worst way possible.” And she wasn’t saying this to rehash anything or to get back at him, but she’s just not ready yet. He asks if he will hear from her tomorrow? Give him something. She says he will be in touch soon.

There is a sudden chilly silence in the air at supper. Felicia is shocked – Bridget is having Dante’s baby! Dante even asks about the home pregnancy test she took, and she says it was too soon. Felicia is interested in knowing how far along she really is. Bridget answers near the end of her first trimester. She looks to Dante and says yeah that would be him alright. And to Bridget, at least she is still keeping it in the family, but now it’s HER family.

Jackie holds her cheek where Stephanie just slapped her and says how dare she! Stephanie barks at her to take her VILE mouth and her VILE mind and get back to the gutter where she belongs. Likewise Jackie sniffs that Stephanie and her decency! How decent is it to lust after your own son? Stephanie tells her she is not going to listen to this filth. Jackie continues that Stephanie is the perversion behind all of this madness. So, of course, she would want to procure the women that Ridge sleeps with because she wishes she could be one of them. Stephanie rants that she is disgusting. Now get the hell out of her house and don’t ever, ever come back. Jackie offers that she will when Stephanie gets out of her son’s life. Stephanie claims she has NO interest in her son’s life. Jackie counters with then leave him and Brooke alone. Stephanie says, “she’s leaving him not because of me, but because you obviously never taught him something – there are some things in life you can’t forgive.” Jackie says that is up to Brooke to decide. Stephanie asks why is she so concerned about Brooke? My God, there are other women out there. He’s young and attractive….he’ll find someone else to marry…..and betray. Jackie retorts that it matters because he loves Brooke and she loves him. No, Stephanie replies, she doesn’t love him. She simply wanted someone to take care and comfort her, and now she realizes that is just a little girl’s fantasy. Jackie laments what a sad life Stephanie must have had. Is love real to her at all? Is there anything, anyone that she ever really loved in a healthy, human way? Stephanie answers, “Oh, you mean the way you did? You mean, did I hike my skirt for the mailman or the boy who cut the grass? No.” Jackie tells her she knows Stephanie detests Brooke. Brooke knows it too, that she has no use for her. Stephanie replies that her son can not be happy without her, it’s as simple as that. Jackie says it would have been if it weren’t for Stephanie’s thespian debut last year with her heart attack which led to Ridge and Taylor getting together. And then Ridge leaving Taylor and her drinking and finally poor Darla’s death, which of course, with Stephanie’s very high morals, she won’t feel any responsibility at all. Smugly, Stephanie says she has her family’s forgiveness, Jackie’s she doesn’t need. Jackie opines the only reason she wants Brooke back in her family is to get her company back. Stephanie gloats that she is providing for the next generation. She’s thinking of things so far ahead of Jackie, she won’t even begin to suspect. But, she can tell her this and she needs to know this – she will have Eric, Ridge will have Brooke and Jackie and her son and her well-maintained accent can crawl back to Seattle or whatever other hell-hole she came out of. Defiantly, Jackie asks or what? Stephanie retorts she wouldn’t make the mistake of testing her.

Felicia fires at her dad, what was he doing here as the referee? He knew all along and said nothing? Guess she knows where she stands in the pecking order of daughters! He tells her not to do that. It’s important that she hears what Bridget has to say. Sarcastically she says she ALWAYS hears Bridget. She is sincerity itself. Every time she tells her the opposite of what she said the day before, she knows it is from the bottom of her heart. Bridget speaks up and tells her that she is painfully aware of what she has put her and Dante through, but it’s not intentional. Felicia guns her down again by asking is anything ever intentional with her? She’s serious, dead serious. In the course of a day is there anything she looks back on and thinks ‘I meant to do something else.’ She even managed to bust up her mother’s marriage by mistake! Bridget tries to apologize in that she knows how Felicia must be feeling. But, she emphasizes nothing has to change. She can still have the relationship that she wants. There is no need for her to feel threatened. Felicia snaps that’s good because Bridget doesn’t have the power to turn their lives upside down anymore. Dante knows his future is with her, and she asks him to jump in on this anytime.

Back on The Marlin, Nick begins taking off his tie when his mother comes aboard. He tells her not a lot happened as Brooke needed more time to think. He chirps if she would like to buy a boat – cheap? Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t like what the saltwater does to her hair. This husband thing, he’s not sure he’s very good at it. She tells him she knows he’ll do whatever it takes. But, just do it quickly and with one eye over his shoulder as Stephanie is out of control. And she will stop at nothing to get Brooke married back into the family so she can get her company back. She’s never seen her so abusive, and that is saying something. He tells her that Brooke doesn’t listen to Stephanie anymore, and neither should she. Inside under the lights, he notices the red mark on her face and asks about it. She states that she told him she made a remark that Stephanie didn’t like. He’s incredulous that she hit her, she physically did this. Seething, he rushes out with Jackie trying to stop him.

Brooke comes home and is way surprised to find Ridge coming down the stairs saying he just put R.J. to bed. He’d given him a bath and Hope had fallen asleep with her picture book. And this isn’t him being bad, he only came over to say good-night to the kids. Catherine seemed to think he was there to relieve her, so he thought why not? He asks about her dinner with Nick. Casually she says it was fine. He says good, if she’s happy, he’s happy and he’s not going to pry. He has faith in her, in them. She reminds Ridge that she took Nick to dinner to tell him what won’t be happening in the future, and now she thinks she needs to have the same talk with Ridge. Good-naturedly, he tells her that he knows he is not going to make the same mistakes again, that’s for sure. She tells him she can not and will not come in second to any other woman in his life. He questions why she would even think that based on the last events. She says it did with Caroline and Taylor and last but not least with his own mother.

Dante does jump in and tells Bridget that for a very long time he wanted nothing more than to have a family with her. And now that it is happening, they can count on him for anything. He doesn’t have to tell them how much it means for him to be a father, but he’s sorry. What they have been through is amazing…..but that time is gone. Because this woman, Felicia, means everything to him. “She’s my other half, she’s my life.” Bridget replies that he’s such a wonderful man and she’s only wanted good things for him. So good, in fact, that she wanted to be part of them. It was almost right there for a while…..just not quite right enough. He turns to Felicia and tells her that he wants to promise her something and for them to hear it too. He knows she has been through so much, fought death, sickness, even him disappointing her but that’s not going to happen again because he loves her. Tearfully, she tells Dante that she loves him too and kisses him.

Stephanie sits reading the newspaper when she hears some noise at the door. Nick boldly storms in. He declares for her to NEVER, ever come near his mother again! She asks if he is insane? He accuses her of hitting his mother. Stephanie responds that it's because she was pushed too far. She doesn’t even know why she was there in the first place. He asks her does she really want to see how far she can push him? Slapping his mother, filling his wife’s ears with poison. She tells him to get a hold of himself. He comes back that it’s called justice at sea where no one is watching. It’s just between him and God. “And I’ve got no problem answering to God for making you pay for what you’re trying to do to me.” She suggests that he isn’t losing Brooke because of her, but because of something HE did. Gruffly, he tells her not to cross that line again or he’ll make sure she loses everything dear to her. She’s been duly warned! He slams the door on the way out.

Eric asks just to summarize, is everything settled here? Felicia quips that she is settled. Bridget is pregnant and everything will come out in the wash. Look on the bright side, having a baby is a great way to have yourself grow up….worked for her. Bridget remarks she will keep that in mind. Felicia also recommends she eat some of that cake right now, she’s looking a bit too thin, but watch her dad’s blood sugar. Bridget gives a very big sigh of relief when Felicia leaves. Eric thought it went well and says he is proud of her. Now that cake, she motions for a tiny piece, then changes it to a BIG piece.

Ridge tells Brooke that he has cleared everything away but her in his life. He has no backup plan. She asks about Donna? He tells Brooke that Donna knows where she stands with him. She has always known. How many years has he looked into her eyes, and he still sees the same things now. But she tells him she is not the same woman now, she needs something more from him now. She reminds her that he is not the same man either. Why is it so hard for her to believe that he has changed too? He vows the love is the same, the charge is the same. Now they are stronger and smarter. They don’t have to be scared of it or think it’s going to drive them crazy. They can be happy now. She says she does want to believe that. He asks how can he convince her? Quickly she says tomorrow after work at 6 o’clock. She’ll have an answer for him then. Contentedly, he says good-night. She calls Nick and asks him if he can be there tomorrow at 6? He asks in the morning? She says no, evening. Okay, they say good-night.

Brooke talks out loud to herself, “my decision has been made. The first day of the rest of my life. I can do this…….tomorrow.”

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