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Written By Wanda
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Stephanie comments to Ridge that Phoebe didn’t say a word all the way home. He replies he can’t help but think she will feel better being home and sleeping in her own bed. She thinks it’s best that Ridge is moving back home for now. He shrugs “for now, or who knows?” Stephanie says she thinks Taylor has a chance now. All she really needed was permission from his brother to fight for it. He agrees that permission to hope can make all the difference. She suggests for Ridge too. Why else would Brooke have been there with them at the courthouse today? She comments she thinks it is over for Nick after his fiasco with Bridget, but that Nick and his mother just have not recognized it yet.

Brooke meets Nick at a fancy restaurant and he greets her with a polite kiss on the cheek. She thanks him for meeting her there. He quips that he’d never be able to pass up a good meal and a beautiful view (meaning her). She didn’t really trust that she’d be able to say the things she wanted if they were alone. She wasn’t sure he would hear her. He also wonders if that means she doesn’t think he will listen? She tells him even before what happened with Bridget, there were things in their marriage they overlooked and they shouldn’t have. She understood, they were still in that honeymoon phase. And he’d said he wanted things to go back to the way they were, but she didn’t.

At the beach house, Bridget tells Eric he doesn’t have to stay. Dante said he would be over as soon as he got a sitter. Eric says he is not convinced that a full stomach is going to help to deal with bad news like this. She remarks that she refuses to look at her baby as bad news. Eric tells her he’s not sure Felicia can take it any other way. After all, she is having a baby by her fiancé. She tells him she can handle Felicia, so soft-pedal the negativity. Nothing has to change for them – nothing. She reminds him that she is young and healthy and she can raise this baby alone. He asks what makes her think that Felicia and Dante will let her do that? She answers, “because I am NOT losing another child.”

Felicia and Bridget hug and Felicia quips that the old man is here, who invited him? But, he is kinda cute. He smarts just to think of him as the butler. Dante offers some new red wine and sparking cider for those that don’t want to drink. Felicia explains that she has no secrets from her husband-to-be. She’d learned the hard way that having a baby shouldn’t be hushed up. Bridget is pregnant; they are happy for her and they don’t even have to mention the other party’s name. And so far, so good and her mother knows. But, she doesn’t know how things are going between Brooke and Nick.

Jackie surprises Ridge by stopping by in pretext of seeing if Phoebe was alright rattling around in that big old house alone. Ridge tells her that he’s actually moving back in. She congratulates him. She is sure he regrets ever moving out. He remarks, “yeah, you know me so well.” Playing nice, she adds that she can say this to him – if he hadn’t abandoned his wife and family in the futile pursuit of Brooke, none of this might have happened. Ridge tells her that his mother is right. Jackie is so obvious, it’s actually painful. Jackie adds, and by the way, that is something her Nicky would never do. Ridge asks, “walk away from his marriage? I think it’s gonna walk away from him.” She exclaims that she thought he might be laboring under those impressions, but Nick is having dinner with Brooke tonight. Ridge chuckles that he knows and experience tells him that is not good news for her little Nicky.

Brooke objects to Nick telling the waiter they will order later. But, it’s not just in restaurants and it’s partly her fault she says. Somehow she had made him think she needed the father she never had. He laughs and tells her there is one thing, he never felt fatherly toward her. She reminds him that her father walked out on her and her family and she can’t change that. That’s a permanent factor in her life. Just like Ridge is a permanent factor in her life. He asks why does his name always have to come up? She answers because he is the father of her child and Nick seems to want to protect her from that…..protect her from these things in her life and she doesn’t need him to. He explains that he doesn’t need to protect her from life, just the ex in her life. She thinks there is still a problem, one that he hasn’t even tried to rectify. And he has the power to prevent that. She is through being called a bad wife for not cutting off the father of her child. And she cites that she is through working at Marone when she should be at Forrester. He tells her that he has told her time and time again it is NOT her that he doesn’t trust. She asks him if he’s really going to point fingers after HE slept with her daughter? He offers that he thinks he has taken responsibility for that. She says only because he had to. Bridget got pregnant and he thought it was his child. And he’s the one having a hard time figuring out where his loyalties lie, not her.

Felicia tries to steer the conversation away from boring hospital talk back to Brooke and how she took the pregnancy? And would Bridget like her to speak with Brooke – remind her that this baby - any baby is a reason to jump for joy no matter what the circumstances are. Everything else has to just be put aside. (oh yeah, Felicia. Get ready). Bridget says good, she’s glad she feels that way. She and Eric exchange knowing glances. Felicia goes on that it doesn’t matter what others think; everybody just needs to get on board. Bridget says there is something she needs to explain.

Ridge tells Jackie that naturally if Brooke has something to say to her son that she is going to do it in a public place. Because Jackie knows how he gets. He gets upset and starts throwing things and yelling. Jackie reminds him that Brooke has a pretty healthy temper herself. He says that a divorce lawyer is probably joining them for dessert. Stephanie comes in and asks what is Jackie doing there? They start trading barbs right away. Ridge says Jackie thinks he should start dedicating his future to baking cakes to take Taylor on visiting days. Jackie quips that she thought they both would be grateful for any offers of friendship now. Stephanie returns to her, “I think we both know what you’re offering.” Ridge excuses himself to go finish packing some things. Jackie commends him for doing the right thing. Stephanie takes exception that who in the hell is she to be commending anyone about anything? And what nerve of her to tell her son how to take care of his family and how to live his life. Jackie snides that she was merely expressing her approval, but have no fear, Ridge was still her marionette….and by the way, Stephanie was doing him no favors by letting him think her son was ever going to give up on his marriage. Stephanie chuckles that only Jackie would think that a man sleeping with his wife’s daughter was a tiny marital spat. And it’s Nick that she feels sorry for. How would be even know any better being raised by trash like her?

Nick tells Brooke okay she made her point. She works at Forrester, be at Forrester. She asks if she will have to call security every time he drops by? He states he will behave. He doesn’t understand when she says he gets a little rough sometimes. He tells him if he wants to take her by the arm, that’s fine, but don’t pull her around by it. And everything he says in that raised voice of his, he could say in a normal tone. Also whenever something happens in their marriage, he runs off to his boat and he kind of distances himself emotionally. That can’t happen anymore. And she realizes she is asking a lot of him. But, if they are really going to try and make this happen, save their marriage, then she needs one thing from him – respect.

As Felicia rattles on about being Godparents to the baby, Bridget shocks them when she says she is farther along than she originally thought. Dante asks how much farther? She tells him the baby is his. He gulps a deep breath.

Jackie asks Stephanie what makes her so superior to Jackie anyway? Stephanie replies – decency. Jackie laments, “oh decency? Stephanie Forrester’s rallying cry." When all it really means to her is stamping out anything resembling passion. Stephanie asks, “oh like the hots you have for my husband?” Jackie grumbles well it’s certainly something Stephanie never gave him. She is sure she did her duty by clenching her teeth and closing her eyes. He probably chased other women so not to annoy her. Stephanie vows that Jackie knows NOTHING about her marriage. Jackie mentions Brooke and Nick, now there’s another example, both passionate people and Stephanie finds the things they do inconceivable. Stephanie points out that sexual depravity is second nature to Jackie, she is sure! Jackie says the two of them will get past this. Stephanie isn’t so sure. Massimo did not get past what she did to him, and she doesn’t think Brooke will get past what Nick has done. Ridge is a very clear-cut choice for Brooke. Jackie snorts it is HER choice, and what does she reserve her passion for? Certainly not for Eric! He has spent a lifetime searching for passion that Stephanie lavished elsewhere. Bet she even has Brooke’s wedding trousseau picked out… on second thought, she’d pick something more demure like what she wore on her own wedding night. She taunts in a whisper, “because that way, when Ridge rips it off her, you can fantasize that he’s really making love to you.” Stephanie hauls off and slaps her across the face and both women glare daggers at each other.

Brooke gets up to leave and says she said what she came to say. Nick is speechless as they have settled nothing. He rushes across the room to catch up to her. He wants to know what all of this is about? Demurely, she maintains that it was about telling him what she needed from him. Frustrated, he tells her that he’s been alone basically all of his life and he did things that made sense to him. If that doesn’t fit now, fine, then it can go. But, at least give them a chance to work on that. Otherwise, why put themselves through this? He points out that he wasn’t miserable before he met her. Actually he had a very content life. But, he certainly didn’t know what happiness was until he met her. Softly he says he doesn’t want to go back to the guy he used to be. “I want our life back.” He kisses her hand. “I want to come home to you……I want to come home to you tonight.”

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