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Written By Wanda
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In court, Stephanie starts jabbering that this witness, Shane, saw everything. Assistant D.A. Tartaro announces that he’s not on her witness list and it’s too late….the court has made its decision and nothing this man says matters. The judge corrects her and says it matters to him! Thorne asks Shane to tell him what happened. Without being on the stand, Shane spins his story of how he offered Phoebe help but she panicked and wouldn’t accept his help. But, he did stick around and then he saw Darla come to the scene. He explains how the last lug nut got stuck and when she popped it, she fell back into the road. Everything happened so quickly after that, but there was no way Taylor could have missed hitting her. The judge tells counsel he wants to see them in chambers and also Mr. Forrester. And he informs the guard that nobody is to leave the room. Taylor runs after Thorne and tells him she had no idea Shane was going to do this and she is so sorry. Stephanie tries to console her that this is what she needed. His testimony can keep her from going to prison. Phoebe rushes to hug and thank Shane for doing this. Sally quips to Eric, “leave it to the Queen to make a dramatic situation even more explosive.”

Stephanie says it is important that Thorne listens to what Shane says. Eric agrees, but even more important that the judge listens to what he says. Stephanie tells Shane that she is appreciative of what he did say when he says he will say it again if need be. Ridge wonders why if Taylor knew there was another witness she had not mentioned it. She rattles that she is responsible, whether Darla fell into the road or not, it was her fault. She rails that she has already been sentenced so whatever Shane saw doesn’t make any difference.

In chambers, Tartaro keeps repeating that this witness wasn’t sworn in, his testimony isn’t admissible. The hearing is over. Judge Owens paces and adds that the hearing isn’t over until he says it is over. Thorne wants to make it clear to the judge that he had no idea Shane was going to come forward and say what he did. The judge asks if he wasn’t very interested in what he did say? Does he believe him? Thorne laments that Phoebe had told him that Darla’s death was an accident, but of course she had lied to protect her mother before. Now he’s confused and doesn’t know what to think. Taylor should not have lied to him nor driven that night……but if his wife’s death was really an accident, does Taylor deserve to go to prison for ten years of her life?

The buzzards… press try to rush in and question Shane and Stephanie as to where she found the witness. Lt. Baker steps forward and says he is NOT a witness. He chastises them that this is not the Forrester Showroom, it is a court of law. They skedaddle. Stephanie thanks him. He remarks she didn’t seem to need any help turning this into a circus. She answers she just wanted justice. He asks for whom – Darla or Taylor? Sally looks right at Stephanie and says she’d like the answer to that herself. Stephanie offers that the truth is out now, it’s up to the judge.

She notices Hector being led in by Harry and thanks Lt. Baker again and asks to be excused. She greets Hector and is introduced to Harry. Hector says he heard the reporters talking in the hallway. Sounds like Shane told what he saw and this should be over. Stephanie says but the sentencing had already taken place. Hector asks if Taylor would change her plea, then a trial could begin? Stephanie says that is what they are hoping for. And if that happens, of course, Shane’s testimony is absolutely essential.

Phoebe gushes on in front of Harry about how brave Shane was to come forward. Brooke, Ridge, Eric and Thomas are discussing the matter and Taylor is adamant that she doesn’t want to put Thorne and Alexandra through any more. She does not want a trial; she just won’t do it.

Storm disputes Tartaro’s efforts to describe Taylor as drinking that night since she was never given a breathalyzer test. She reminds him that is not what it said in the defendant’s signed confession. Storm says he will agree to the first two counts, but not to the mandatory vehicular charge. If someone can testify that the accident was unavoidable, that isn’t manslaughter. They bicker back and forth and she declares that he has no case to go to trial. The judge finally says he has heard enough and he wants Thorne’s opinion on the subject. If what Shane says is true and Dr. Hayes only wanted to spare Thorne a trial, what would he like to see happen here?

Stephanie approaches Shane and he asks what did she think of his speech? It was pretty eloquent he thought. She remarks as long as it was convincing, that is the main thing. Shane tells her, “wait a minute, we got a deal here. Whether it was or not, I still get what I want.” Harry assures Phoebe that he doesn’t hate her for lying to him about her mom. She wouldn’t be the first person to keep a secret about someone they cared about. Lt. Baker greets Hector and says that he always knew that Taylor would do the right thing. Hector says he just hopes she won’t be punished for doing that.

The bailiff reconvenes the court. As they take their seats, Stephanie approaches Taylor and Taylor says that what Shane said doesn’t change a thing. Thorne is never going to forgive her for what she did to his family. But, she is touched by what Stephanie did. Stephanie says, “you’re welcome. I did it for Thorne and Alexandria as well. Because, they need you. Now, just don’t give up.”

The judge calls the court in session and says though the defendant had been sentenced, the court had not yet adjourned. So in the interest of justice, for the victim and the defendant, they will continue. Tartaro outlines that the first two charges will stand. But, in light of the new evidence and after consulting with the victim’s family, she thinks it would be a miscarriage of justice not to offer the defendant a chance to change her plea. The courtroom is abuzz. Taylor speaks up and says that won’t be necessary, her reasons for pleading guilty hasn’t changed. She looks at Thorne and cries that she doesn’t want to drag her victim’s family into a legal court battle. Stephanie whispers to her that Thorne doesn’t want her to go to prison. He wants her to fight this. Taylor looks at Thorne once more and he nods affirmatively. She turns to the judge and says he offered her the opportunity to change her plea to not guilty. “I’ll do it.”

Another buzz goes through the courtroom. Taylor mouths a very silent thank you to Thorne. Phoebe wants to call Steffy and tell her the good news. Ridge tells Brooke that they still haven’t won, Taylor still has to go to trial. Brooke thinks though with Shane’s testimony that she has to win. He’s concerned with the deal off the table, the prosecutor can still go after Hector and Phoebe. Harry sizes Shane up and tells him he’s the big hero now. Shane says yeah he guesses, feels good to do the right thing. Stephanie walks up and says and when he testifies at the trial, he’ll feel even better. He’s not sure, that prosecutor seemed awfully tough. He just hopes she doesn’t start poking holes in his story. She warns him just to tell the truth and he has nothing to worry about. Eric thanks him too and tells him how lucky Taylor is to have both him and Stephanie on her side. Stephanie thanks Eric, but says Thorne is the man of the hour. He could have let his anger and his betrayal shut him down, but he didn’t. He opened his heart and love saved Taylor. Eventually it might save him too. He’s certainly suffered enough but now he has a chance to be happy. She looks Shane squarely in the eye and says this trial isn’t going to be easy…..on Thorne or Taylor. Both of them are going to need all of their support. Shane grins in acceptance.

Back in her cell, Taylor gets a visit from Thorne. She says what he did today, she doesn’t even know what to say. He mutters that she told him it was an accident, so did Phoebe, but he didn’t believe her. She understands because she had hidden so many things from him. He lets her know that Shane’s testimony made the difference….and seeing what this is doing to her family might have played a big part too. She agrees it’s been very hard on her kids. He tells her on Alexandria too. She had asked about Taylor that morning and he didn’t know what to tell her. She misses Taylor. Taylor replies she misses her too.

He says he should go. She puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him to wait. She wants to thank him. He says she doesn’t have to. She says she does. What he said or the fact that he said anything at all to the judge, he didn’t have to. But, that is the kind of man he is. He sticks by people….even after they have hurt him. She cries she is utterly humbled by his compassion. And she knows he has been in so much pain. And she knows he feels so betrayed. “It’s so much more than I deserve. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She gives him a big hug which he doesn’t return. He calls for the guard instead and leaves.

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