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Written By Wanda
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At Stephanie’s, Eric stands while Dante, Felicia, Jackie and Sally all sit reading the newspaper headlines about Taylor Hayes being arrested. They all chime in and lament that they find it hard to believe that she was the one there all along that the police were looking for. And the one that Thorne wanted to choke with his bare hands. Phoebe comes downstairs and assures them it was an unavoidable accident. And she will answer any of their questions as they deserve to know the truth. Eric tries to reach Thorne and leaves a message for him to call as soon as possible.

Thorne sits staring at a photo of Darla when Ridge slips in. He offers his sympathy and they hug. Ridge tells him that he spoke with Phoebe last night. Thorne states that he guesses he wasn’t the only one in the dark. And it seems that everyone knew, and all this time the killer was right here in his house holding his daughter. He laments that Taylor meant the world to him. She gave him a reason to smile again and to laugh….and saved Alexandria. He had fallen in love with her. But, she’s the killer. She killed Darla….how does he forgive her?

In her orange county jail jumpsuit, Taylor is ushered in to see Stephanie. She warns her right away that she can’t plead guilty. Taylor tells her nothing will happen to any of them. She made it clear when she volunteered of her own volition. Stephanie says that is not what she is worried about, that doesn’t matter. Taylor states to her that she has already signed a confession. Stephanie hates that – she did NOT pre-meditate this. If she is guilty of anything, it’s of lying and leaving the scene, but they all did that as well. This does not require her to become a martyr. She says Darla would not want her to do something like this. They sit and calmly Stephanie tries to explain that she will have a good defense. There are witnesses to the accident. Taylor says she is doing this because Thorne needs it. Stephanie offers that Thorne needs HER. Taylor says he needs peace, and he isn’t going to get it from her. She argues that he hates her guts when Stephanie says he loves her. She bellows, “I’m a liar. I STOLE his daughter’s mother, okay? I’m serving my sentence and NO ONE is changing my mind!” She gets up and won’t face Stephanie anymore.

In the courtroom, the female D.A. reads the report and tells Lt. Baker the prelim should take no time at all since Taylor pleaded guilty. He maintains that Taylor got bad advice about keeping quiet, but now that she has confessed they will never know.

Stephanie begs Taylor to think what she is doing – she’s throwing her life away. Taylor shakes her head and says no more justification, she has accepted her fate. And Thorne needs retribution; he needs to see that she is paying for what she has done. She GETS this…..emotionally! This is what she does for a living. Stephanie about busts a gut and rants that spending ten years in prison is NOT what Thorne needs or wants. When you love someone, you forgive them. So fight for his forgiveness! She tells her they have called Storm and he’s agreed to represent her. Taylor is shocked that they want to take this to trial. Does Stephanie have any idea how painful that will be for everybody? She lambastes her that how insulting this would be to Thorne to invalidate Darla and her memory. “Darla was a saint. Your son is right, I SHOULD rot in Hell!” She doesn’t deserve his forgiveness.

Thorne can’t get over it. They all covered it up, even his mother. Ridge exclaims that he’s not happy about any of that, but it happened. Everybody is devastated, Taylor most of all. Thorne wonders if devastation is what played him for a fool? Ridge explains that Hector found out that Taylor had a DUI and convinced her that she would go to prison if she came out and told the truth. So mistakes were made and Taylor used bad judgment. He starts explaining how the accident happened and Thorne tells him don’t. He’s tired of people telling him it was Darla’s fault. She wouldn’t be careless. She went to help Phoebe when she called and now she’s gone. She can’t defend herself from what everybody says, but he can. “And I will NEVER make this Darla’s fault…not EVER!”

The female D.A. is unhappy. She tells Baker that Storm Logan is in the building on his way to represent Taylor right now. He remarks that you don’t need a high-powered attorney if you’re pleading guilty. Tartaro says the guilty plea was the only thing keeping her from pressing charges against Phoebe, Hector and Stephanie. She wants no surprises before the Judge.

Phoebe keeps defending – that it’s not true. Her mother is not a murderer. She wanted to tell everyone what happened that night, but Hector told her she would go to jail. Phoebe says she begged her not to because she did not want to lose her again. So she did it for Phoebe and it’s not her fault. But, she can’t go to jail, she just can’t.

Stephanie tells Taylor that her thinking here is all wrong. Darla is dead, but her death was an accident. It does not require Taylor to sacrifice her life. Storm comes in and Stephanie hopes he can talk some sense into Taylor. He says that Ridge filled him in on the phone and he doesn’t want Taylor to worry about a thing. He’s going to get her through this despite her confession. Given all the circumstances, where the car was parked, no field sobriety test, getting the charges reduced is a real possibility. But, she can’t plead guilty. She differs, says she appreciates him coming there, but she doesn’t need an attorney. When Stephanie objects, Taylor tells her that Thorne has been through enough hell because of her, he lost his family. He lost his wife. And she hasn’t handled one thing right. This is the only thing she has done right so far. She states she is not going to be a victim. Everybody’s already seen the worst in her, but she knows she is better than that. And if it takes going to prison to prove that she has an ounce of integrity, that’s what she is going to do. Stephanie tells her that she loves her, but she’s the most pigheaded person she knows. She has her self-respect and dignity back…and she’s an honorable person, she knows that. She’s a kind and loving, generous human being. And the world needs people like her. Thorne NEEDS her. Lt. Baker comes in with a guard and tells her it’s time to go. Storm wants to talk to her longer as he still hasn’t gotten to know his client. Baker tells her it doesn’t matter as she has given her word, she’s pleading guilty. They lead her away in cuffs.

Thorne discusses with Ridge that Taylor confessed. She had called Lt. Baker and confessed that she killed Darla. Ridge agrees and she did that despite everyone telling her to stay silent. She came out and told the truth anyway. And she’s done that because she loved Thorne, that’s why. Thorne wonders how he can believe that? Ridge advises that Taylor might be confused about a lot of things, but on this she is clear. Her feelings for him are very real, and she would spend an eternity in Hell if she thought it would bring Darla back. And if she goes to prison, it won’t be the end, it will just be the beginning in many ways. He tells him he has asked Storm Logan to come down for the prelim hearing and he’s there now. But, none of that is gonna matter if Taylor continues her march to the gallows. If she pleads guilty, it’s a mandatory ten years. Is he willing to just stand there and let that happen?

Ridge opines to him that he and Taylor could have a life together. Thorne doesn’t see how – a life with the woman who killed his wife? Ridge reminds him that Taylor was racing to help Phoebe. It was dark and foggy. Thorne knows as he was out that night also. Taylor is ready to fall on the sword here. She’s willing to go to prison because she thinks that is what Thorne wants. But, he can’t. They all need Taylor including Thorne. And he is the one person that could change her mind. He can’t let her do this!

All in the room tell Phoebe they know her mother didn’t intend to kill Darla. But she stood by and allowed them to fall in love with her. Phoebe says she loves them too, and she thinks she and Uncle Thorne could work things out, but if she goes to prison…….he has to forgive her.

The bailiff calls for the start of the proceedings with Judge Owen. He advises Stephanie that this is a closed hearing and she implores him to let her stay for her daughter-in-law’s moral support. Storm is introduced and asks for a continuance since he just arrived today. It’s denied. The Judge says, “Mr. Logan, the prosecution tells me they have a signed confession – plea arrangement settled. Your late arrival and my full docket make a continuance impossible.”

Thorne walks in and the Judge addresses him also. This is a closed proceeding, he’ll have to wait outside. Thorne asks to stay and the Judge says he may as the husband of the deceased, but there’ll be no testimony. The charges are read and Taylor insists she is guilty of the charges. The Judge advises her that these are serious charges and he urges her to take a moment before entering her plea. Taylor looks around to Stephanie who is shaking her head no. Storm tells the Judge this is exactly why he needs a continuance. Dr. Hayes was only brought into custody last night and she’s barely had time to consider the ramifications of her actions. Taylor looks back to Thorne who is staring stoically ahead. Then to the Judge that she is ready to answer his question. Storm whispers that this is a mandatory ten years, the Judge will have no discretion. Please, let him help her fight this. Stephanie also is lightly begging her to not do this; don’t plead guilty.

Taylor turns around and faces the court and states, “Guilty. I plead guilty, your Honor.”

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