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Written By Wanda
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Both Stephanie and Ridge are on the phone trying to keep the media at bay. She laments to Ridge that she has been trying to get through to Taylor all day with no luck, but he has? He admits he’s going to see her and the first thing he’s going to ask her is how could she let his mother talk her into something so stupid and self-destructive? Killing Darla was horrific, but keeping it a secret – how could she do something like that?

Taylor makes her one phone call and calls Phoebe. She tells her she is at the police station, but is okay. Phoebe asks if Lt. Baker believes it was an accident? Taylor says that doesn’t matter. She had been drinking, she was driving without her license, she killed a woman – it’s a serious crime. Phoebe is scared, but Taylor says she feels better now that she has told the truth. It’s pointless to keep going over it again and again. They will just have to wait and see now what will happen. Lt. Baker tells Taylor he has been reading her confession and previous statements and it gives him no pleasure to say this, but it looks like both Hector and Phoebe could be guilty of obstruction of justice.

Thorne sits holding a photo of himself with Taylor, Ally and Phoebe. A knock at the door interrupts his silence. He tells Phoebe that he doesn’t wish to talk to her; he can’t do this. She begs him not to ask her to leave; she is so sorry. Just please let her in and let her explain what happened that night.

Baker tells Taylor that he will do everything he can to help her, but she has to help him in return. She realizes he is asking for more information that she knows he will use against her own child! This will be on her record. How can he expect her to do that?

Stephanie vehemently explains that she was just trying to protect Taylor and the family. Ridge says that is what she always says. What does this teach Phoebe – how to lie? Or Thorne, doesn’t he have a right to know who killed his wife? “Once again your meddling has made things much worse.” She can’t disagree with that. But, by time she found out what Taylor had done, everything was in place. And there was nothing she could do about it. And she saw how it was affecting Thorne and little Alexandria. And what good would be served by sending Taylor off to jail? Stephanie tells Ridge that he’s a little late with this, and she really doesn’t appreciate the criticism. But, if he has something constructive to say, then please say it.

He tells her that he has contacted Storm Logan and he’s agreed to help with the case. Either alone if need be or with their own lawyers. Stephanie states she thinks that is wonderful and she’ll even send the company jet up to San Francisco to pick him up. Ridge says he is the best there is, but he won’t expect any miracles if Taylor already has confessed. Stephanie says she does believe Taylor, but a jury?....... that is another matter. They discuss Phoebe and what this is doing to her, lying for her mother for months. He thinks the best thing he can do for her now is to try to keep her mother out of jail. He laments without Thorne’s help it’s going to be damn difficult…..actually it’s going to be impossible.

Reluctantly, Thorne let’s Phoebe in. She thanks him and says please give her a minute then he can throw her out if he wants. He grouses since when does anyone care about what he wants? She goes on that her mother was so torn with guilt. And if he will just listen before he decides her mother needs to go to jail. He asks if this is HER version? She says it’s the truth and if Darla were here, she would say the same thing. Thorne snaps at her not to bring Darla into this. She snaps back that she HAS to, it was all about her. She gives the account how Darla wanted to help and thought nothing of her own safety and fell back onto the road. He says that is enough, he’s heard enough. It doesn’t matter because Taylor had been drinking. She refutes that by saying even if she had been, she did NOT swerve. She was on the road the way she was supposed to be. She knows he doesn’t want to hear this, but it WAS an accident. And she begs him to please don’t let them send her to jail.

Stephanie gets off the phone and tells Ridge it’s all handled. He asks if she knows what is the maximum time Taylor could get? She answers ten years. He remarks that Storm will be there tomorrow and he knows exactly what he would say - tell Taylor to stop talking, stop confessing. So he’s going to go see her and tell her to shut up before she digs herself in any deeper.

Lt. Baker tells Taylor he can’t sell the approach to this case to the D.A. unless he knows the whole story, each person’s role in the cover up. She needs to trust him. Slowly, she begins that Hector discovered she had her license suspended because of a DUI. And Baker guesses he had a romantic thing toward her. She says yes, but he thought he was helping her – that whole rescue thing. She’s reticent to talk about Phoebe, she was just afraid of losing her mother. She begs that she has been through so much, he has to understand. He mentions that there was someone else too, wasn’t there? He could tell every time Mrs. Forrester shut him down when he asked a question. Taylor says Stephanie learned everything the night there was a fire at Hector’s house. She was very upset, but she decided then it was better if Taylor just continued to help Thorne and Ally to cope with their grief. It wouldn’t seem to do any good by her traumatizing them any more. She agrees with him that she didn’t count on her consensus acting up on her.

Phoebe asks Thorne hasn’t he ever told a lie and by time he realized how stupid it was, it was too late? He’s firm and says he is not God and he can’t judge her. But, all he knows is that he and Ally put their faith and trust in Phoebe and her mother. “And when you stood by and watched while I was in agony….. searching for the person that killed my wife….and you said NOTHING. And then you let my little girl fall in love with you…..and knowing this secret would come out some day because all secrets do!” And that poor, innocent, little girl in there has to suffer another loss because neither Phoebe nor her mother will ever step foot in his house again.

Lt. Baker closes his notepad and says he will take this to the D.A. right now. Taylor states that she has made it very easy for him to solve this case. She had confessed and in return she wants him to promise that he’s not going to press charges against Hector, Stephanie or Phoebe. He tells her a conviction against the main subject is usually a good sell, but she knows he can’t guarantee anything. She’s adamant and says she is ready to take responsibility for her actions, she’s willing to do the time, but she does NOT want to take anyone else down with her. Ridge walks in and tells Baker that is enough and announces that this interrogation is OVER. (who made him police chief?) Baker says okay, he trusts her; he will call the guard to come get her.

She tells Ridge she told the truth. But, she hates herself. Why….why? did she drag her children into this? And they are going to lose her again. Ridge vows they won’t. He won’t let it happen. She says it had to be done, it was the only way Thorne would have any closure. He wonders what kind though? Somebody has got to get through to his brother and tell him that closure and revenge are not the same thing.

In leaving, Phoebe tells Thorne that he can hate them if he wants, but he surely doesn’t want her mother to go to jail. He opines that his wife was brave, but she wasn’t careless, so he’s not buying her story. She shrugs and asks if he knows what going to jail will mean to her mother? It will be worse than death. And not a day went by that she didn’t want to tell Thorne. But, she put his needs before her own….to be able to talk to someone; to help Alexandria. And the closer they got, the harder it was for her, but she kept it inside to protect Thorne. But, she loved him too much to keep the secret any more. Doesn’t that mean anything to him? He just stares at her and then tells her to go. She says if he can’t forgive her, at least someday please forgive her mother.

Taylor is led to her cell where she sits on a lonely cot. Thorne glances at the Darla shrine/table at the pictures and picks up one of Taylor. He holds it for a minute, then crushes it with his hand, tears in his eyes, a lump in his throat.

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