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*****Late due to no TV coverage in Houston due to major flooding. Program will be shown overnight and written up later on Tuesday.

In cuffs, when Taylor is brought to headquarters, she tells Lt. Baker she doesn’t need an attorney to make her statement. He suggests she does and she states she will accept a court appointed one. She’s just beat and doesn’t want to talk to anyone tonight, it won’t make any difference.

Ridge drags out some gifts for Phoebe, who is rather quiet, and he thinks she is still mad at him. She assures him she isn’t. They hug and she says she avoided his calls and his e-mails because she was lying to so many others and she wanted to avoid lying to him too. He asks if she is in some sort of trouble? She answers no, not her, but her mom is. He’s shocked to hear it was her that hit Darla.

Thorne dismisses Catherine who was staying with Ally. He picks her up from the couch and puts her in her bed just as Stephanie walks in. He guesses that she knows all about this and opines how shocked he is that Taylor kept this from everyone. Stephanie offers that the irony in all of this is that it is to his credit that Taylor found the strength for doing this. She reveals that Taylor wanted to tell him earlier, but it was Stephanie who didn’t.

Ridge is speechless, yet he remembers Taylor was drinking that night. He and Thomas saw the bottle. And Ridge knows he was the reason she was drinking in the first place and he didn’t do anything about it. Phoebe tells him that Hector has known and now Thorne as her mom is telling him tonight.

Lt. Baker turns on his tape recorder and takes Taylor’s statement. She starts with that telling Thorne is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. The night started with Darla coming over to her house and inviting her to Ally’s birthday party. Taylor didn’t want to go as she was already feeling estranged from the family and she couldn’t drive due to her DUI charge which Lt. Baker knew about. And she knew her drinking was out of control. She had thrown all the liquor out except one bottle of wine. She’d had a couple of glasses that night. But, she couldn’t leave her daughter out on the side of the road so she’d gone to her. It was dark and foggy and suddenly there was Darla, out of nowhere. She fell back on the road and Taylor had hit her. She said nothing to anyone. He wonders why if it was an accident? She says it was like an accident, but she’ll never know for sure since she’d been drinking. She subjects herself to the fingerprinting and mug shots.

Thorne is livid that his mother already knew. Who else – the mailman? He doesn’t believe she did it to protect him. She only made him look like a FOOL. She wants a chance to explain. She only found out about that night that Hector intercepted Taylor from telling Thorne, and his house burned down. Stephanie says she was SO angry that she just wanted to leave the two of them there to burn. He shouts but instead she thought the decent thing to do was encourage him to fall in love with the woman who killed his wife?

Ridge says now he gets it. How Taylor acted at the funeral and her taking Hector into her home, her being with Thorne, it was all out of guilt. Phoebe replies she doesn’t believe her relationship with Thorne is fake, she really is in love with him. And she bemoans that a lot of this is her fault. She should have stayed with Steffy in Europe. He tells her she is not an adult, she was just scared so it’s not her fault. What he can’t understand is what the hell his mother was thinking?

Stephanie fiercely defends by saying now that Thorne put it that way, it does seem sort of callous. But, she was trying to spare him this very moment of having his heart broken all over again. She spouts that justice isn’t justice if it does some irrevocable harm and can’t be undone. He replies but he didn’t know WHO he was falling for and Stephanie let it happen. She agrees Taylor made a mistake, a huge mistake, but she’s still the same wonderful, decent human being who loves him. Yes, she shouldn’t have gone along with Hector and she should have told the truth. And Stephanie admits she shouldn’t have gone along either, but by time she had found it, the damage had been done, so what could have been gained in having his and Ally’s happiness also destroyed? Especially when it was nobody’s fault. He begs to differ – Taylor got in the car when she was drinking! She rails yes, blame her, play God, there is plenty of fault to go around.

On the couch, Ridge cradles Phoebe in his arms and she asks if there is anything he can do to help her mother?

Lt. Baker asks Taylor if there is anything she wants to change? She says no, she just wants to sign the statement and get this over with. She does and has it witnessed. She asks about charges and he says that will be up to the D.A. but, the biggie will be vehicular manslaughter and it looks like she will be going away for a while.

Stephanie and Thorne continue to argue over Taylor’s involvement and he says he was on that same road that night and he didn’t hit anyone. She tries to explain that it was a chain reaction of events, one piling on another until this terrible tragedy happened and couldn’t be stopped. But, Taylor did eventually tell him the truth because that is the kind of woman she is. She LOVES him and Darla loved him and she’d only want the best thing for Thorne and the baby.

Feeling defeated, he feels like he’s losing Darla all over again and he just wants her back. He sits and Stephanie sits beside him and cradles his head in her lap and cries that she is so sorry.

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