The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/11/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Ridge squeezes R.J. real tightly and remarks that he’s grown so much and he’s missed being there each morning to be a daddy to him. He tells Brooke he doesn’t have to launch into Popeye. He screwed up all on his own. And the truth is, he did that too when he walked out on her, Hope and R.J. But, now they have that chance to be that family again…..and this time forever. God, he wants her so much. She backs off and tells him she just needs him to be a little more patient. This is a critical time in her life, in the children’s lives and she needs to do what is best for them. He completely understands and says he meant what he said. He will give her all the time she needs to sort this out. He picks up R.J. and says they are going to mosey on down to Forrester and give mommy the time she needs. He gives Brooke two kisses and says he loves her, never forget that.

On The Marlin, Jackie opines that Nick didn’t deliberately sleep with Bridget to hurt Brooke……he thought the marriage was over. He quips it doesn’t matter now. He can’t change what happened that night or even later. But, bottom-line he isn’t giving up on his marriage. He’s going over there. He knows Brooke needs her space, but he suspects Forrester and his dragon lady of a mother are over there now moving in for the kill and he’s not going to let that happen.

Dragon lady, er Stephanie is in her office with an attorney who has drawn up some papers for divorce. He remarks how unorthodox this is without either party being there. She acknowledges that, but Eric did it to her too, and she just doesn’t want to wait for Brooke to take the initative. She offers she wants to see her son happy, she wants a reconciliation and the sooner that happens, the sooner she can get control of the company again. Getting the stock back is just a small part of it. Having Ridge and Brooke back with R.J. is the most important part.

Pensive, thinking of some happier times with Ally and Thorne, Taylor tells Phoebe that she has to tell Thorne the truth. She can’t look into his eyes and deceive him anymore. She cries that she hates herself for what she has done to all of their lives. Thorne arrives early. He calls her gorgeous and asks if she is ready to head up to the mountains? Then senses something may be wrong and asks. She replies, “it will be very soon….I’m ready.”

Eric tells Stephanie that she is getting way ahead of herself with these papers. She thinks not. Brooke is NOT going to take Nick back after this. Ridge walks in with R.J. and hands him to grandpa. Stephanie asks if Nick was there when he picked R.J. up? Ridge answers that he slept elsewhere. He remarks that he knows that tone of hers; what is she up to? She simply states that she wants him happy and for Brooke and him and R.J. to be together. Ridge says he wants that too, but this is Brooke’s life and her decision. “Do NOT push her, understand?” She excuses herself for a hair appointment. Ridge laments to Eric it’s probably a lost cause to expect her to give Brooke space. He agrees, but that her heart is in the right place. Ridge says but Nick’s isn’t. That SOB is major trouble.

Nick runs into Hope and Catherine as they leave for the park. Hope runs into his arms and grabs the donut sack. She wants him to have breakfast with them. He begs off as he needs to talk to her mommy……but save him a donut for later. Inside, Brooke is glancing at framed photos when Nick walks on in. She thinks it is Catherine returning and there is an awkward silence when Nick braces himself to come forward. He says they spent the night apart and today is a new day and they need to get this figured out. And that’s what they are going to do. He states that he is sorry and he was wrong for letting it happen, but they are still married and have a beautiful family. She reminds him he should have thought of that before he slept with her daughter. He admits there was no excuse for that, and he’s already told her that, but he’s also not going to share her with Ridge or his marriage with him. He inches toward her and says, “for a few brief minutes Bridget gave me the ONE thing….the one thing I wanted so desperately from you….to just be the ONLY man in your world.” She says she knows she has asked a lot from him. And he raises the issue that included asking his forgiveness for HER mistakes she’d made along the way and he’d given it to her every time. “Because when you love somebody the way I love you….you forgive them when they ask. So I am asking you now as genuinely as I can….to let me make up for the damage I have done.” He realizes trust isn’t rebuilt over night, but he wants her to be able to look at him and not see the man who let her down, but see the man who regained her trust and will never let her down again.

At the cabin, Taylor is pleasantly surprised by a whole room filled with yellow roses and romantic lighted candles. Thorne set the mood and he has something else (a ring in his pocket), but she’s not going to get it out of him until he is ready. She tells him he is the kindest, most wonderful man and sniffles that it isn’t him … nothing he has done…'s her…..something she has done….”and I just pray that you won’t hate me when I tell you what it is.”

Nick swears that he will do right by Brooke, by “us”. He begs for another chance. He tells her that she is his wife, this is his family and his home. Stephanie pops up from out of nowhere and tells him no more, not after Brooke signs these papers and she waves them in the air. Nick states that Brooke is NOT signing any papers. Stephanie snickers that there he goes, telling her what to do again. There’s no more Nick and Brooke, after what he has done. That’s why she had the lawyers draw up the papers. One quick signature and this whole ugly mess will resolve itself once and for all.

Thorne says he could never hate Taylor…..he loves her. She gets up and walks away crying that she doesn’t deserve his love. He follows her and tells her nothing could be that bad. He knows her. She laments that he doesn’t know everything……he doesn’t know this. He figures he knows what she has done. She says he will be wrong. He thinks she has taken a drink…..or at least wanted to. She admits she has wanted to and he knows she fights it every day and she will keep on fighting as she is one of the strongest people that he knows. She refutes that – he’s the strong one. He just lost his wife…..the mother of his child…..He’s been there for Ally and he’s been there even for Taylor. And he hands the compliment right back by saying they wouldn’t be here today without Taylor. She says she wishes she was the woman he thinks she is, but she’s not. She tells him she has done things….things she knows she is going to regret. And she moans that when she tells him she knows it’s going to hurt him. But, she owes him the truth and she doesn’t care if he ends up hating her.

Nick walks toward Stephanie and tells her, “you have got a hell of a nerve, lady!” She quips, “this from a man who sleeps with his wife’s daughter?” Brooke lashes at them to stop fighting, this is the last thing she needs. Stephanie agrees, she needs a fresh start and that is why Brooke needs to sign these papers. He bellows this is about a mother who can’t stay out of her grown son’s life! She quips – the way his mother stays out of his? He follows with he doesn’t see her here fighting his battles for him. He scoffs when she says this isn’t a contest, it’s about Brooke’s future. And he surmises – right back in the Forrester’s bosom again? He thinks it’s a bunch of crap and he can’t believe she is saying this with a straight face. Seriously, she tells Brooke that she means this. She supports her and Ridge 100%. Brooke asks her please, stop shoving those divorce papers in her face. This is a decision that is going to affect the rest of her life…..and her children’s lives, so she needs time to make that decision, her, not Stephanie, not Nick, not Ridge, not anybody. She asks them both to leave. She means it, she needs to be alone. She has to shout at them to GO. Nick whispers to Stephanie that she knows he has to sign those papers too. She grins yes, she knows. He says – after her. She smarts that she parked out back. Nick looks at Brooke standing in the corner and says one line, “I love you, always.” She sits to reflect, only to be surprised by Stephanie coming back saying she knew she couldn’t leave. Not with her future and R. J.’s and Ridge’s in the balance. She also knows Brooke is concerned about Hope because she adores Nick. But, she loves Ridge too and this is Brooke’s chance to reclaim and put her family back together. She implores her to please listen to her heart. She BELONGS to Ridge. This marriage with Nick happened for all the wrong reasons. She urges her to come back….come back to the man who loves her. She won’t take no for an answer.

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