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Written By Wanda
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Crying wildly, Brooke is driving and remembering the conversation from moments ago when Nick tells her that Bridget is pregnant with his child. Then her previous conversation when Ridge told her that she keeps going on how she let Nick down, but someday Nick will let her down as well and she was adamant that he won’t.

Donna and Ridge arrive at the guest house which she has turned into a romantic little hide-away with candles, crackling fire, dinner, just the right alluring atmosphere. Pleased, he asked what is all of this about? She’s managed to turn this funky little guest house into something like a home. She remarks she knows how he feels about airplane food, and she just wanted him to know how much she appreciated him.

While Eric reads the paper, Stephanie is on the phone checking on Ridge’s schedule. She laments to Eric that he cancelled his limo; Ms. Logan was sweet enough to pick him up at the airport. She rolls her eyes when she says you don’t have to have ESP to know what she has in mind. In jest, Eric adds, “yeah, everybody knows only SLUTS hang out at LAX.” She throws him a darted look with her eyes. She reminds him that Donna has her sights set on Ridge. Eric responds, “well, that might explain why they were sucking face on national television.” She scolds him to put the paper down please, and listen to her, this is serious! Donna isn’t in his league. He laments that he doesn’t think anybody is except Brooke. And that is a lost cause since she ran off and married somebody else. She adds only temporarily. He drivels that he’s not going to sit there and help plot the demise of Nick and Brooke’s marriage. She defends too that she is NOT planning or plotting anything. The marriage is over, and if he had a brain in his head, he’d see that too. She doesn’t know why she puts Nick on such a pedestal. One of these days he will fall off and then she will wonder what has she done.

Back in her office, Bridget frantically tries to reach Nick and then his secretary to find out where he is or if she can page him, no luck. She cries out in disgust, the baby isn’t his! Nick has gotten himself out of the water after falling overboard and comes into the cabin hollering out Brooke’s name. When he realizes she is not there, he tries to make a call on his cell phone. Pretty sure it is waterlogged and of no use, he throws it against the wall.

Stephanie comments to Eric that the lights are on at the guest house. Eric says good, that means Ridge will probably come up and see them later. She thinks not, it only means he is with Donna. And as a matter of fact, she thinks she will go over and throw her out. Eric tells her not to do that. Ridge is not twelve years old anymore. Leave him alone and get away from the window. Just come on and have a drink with him. He motions her to come over and he hands her a martini. Stephanie opines that he knows Brooke, and if Ridge sleeps with her sister, oh my God! She’ll never forgive him. Eric points out she will only have herself to blame. She adds but since when has Brooke EVER blamed herself?

Donna and Ridge dine and he remarks again that he can’t believe she went to all this trouble. Playing coy, she says it is just a thank you for his showing her around Europe, giving her the time of her life. He tells her he enjoyed it too, seeing things through her eyes. She admits coming home was kind of hard. He quips were people more interesting when they spoke a foreign language? She reveals no, just that she was with him every day, then suddenly not. He says she didn’t miss much. Mostly it was dad’s stuff with Steffy who is doing great now. And he admits he got sort of homesick and he wants to make sure R.J. knows he’s home. She tells him it is later than he thinks here, and he’s already in bed. Ridge says it will wait until the morning. He’d really like to go take a shower. She tells him go right ahead, she will clean up the dishes. As he leaves, she smirks, “take your time.”

Still driving, Brooke remembers conversations with both Ridge and Nick where she told Ridge she was going to stay with Nick and honor her vows. He wouldn’t let her down, he was always there for her. Now she realizes what a fool she had been. She calls the guest house with her cell phone, but only gets Stephanie’s voice on the recorder to leave a message. She begs Ridge to pick up. She knows he is coming in tonight. She says she is wrong, he was so right. Just call her when he gets this. Donna walks by and hears this and doesn’t hesitate for a moment to delete the message.

Nick is still toweling off his hair and getting dry when Bridget comes aboard and thanks God he is there. Sarcastically, he asks for what? What are they thanking God for? She sinks to the couch when she realizes he already told Brooke.

Eric catches Stephanie at the window again and chastises her for staying away, stop spying on their son. She thinks the only good thing is that the lights are still ON. Then laments why, why, why couldn’t Bridget have stayed with Nick? If she had, then Ridge and Brooke would be married by now. (didn’t she earlier lobby long and hard for Bridget to leave Nick so he and Brooke could get back together?)

Bridget asks how did Brooke react? He complies by saying she threw him overboard, she hates him. Bridget replies not as much as he is going to hate her (Bridget). He goes on that he’d actually convinced himself what she was going to say. She’d be hurt and she’d be angry, but she was still his wife. It just didn’t come out the right way. It was one thing to tell her they slept together, but another that they were having a child, that was a little too much. Bridget blurts out that they aren’t having a child.

By time Ridge gets out of the shower, Donna is in the bedroom lighting more candles. He gives her an “ooooh” look and she asks if she is being too obvious? She doesn’t know how to do this. He says that depends on what she has in mind. She says, “to tell you that I love you……you don’t look surprised…..good, I guess that’s been obvious too.” She continues that she doesn’t know…..well, she knows he CARES for her. He answers of course he does. She admits she can kid herself sometimes, she can imagine all sorts of things, but she knows it probably isn’t love. He starts to speak, and she says she knows – if things were different. He offers that it’s just that he and her sister, they have a son together. She tells him that she is not looking for anything. He says – fair enough. She just wants to get rid of the elephant in the room. She knows she is not and will never be Brooke to him. That’s okay, so why not say it? It’s no inferiority complex. Brooke has made her decision and isn’t coming back. That part of his life is done. She reminds him they all have their pasts, look she was a waitress and she’s not anymore. He remarks that he can see that. She says they are both starting over. And you’re never going to love two people the same way in the same lifetime. “And if you – if you ever feel that way about me, it won’t be because I am second choice. It will be because you choose to love me.” She says she realizes he can’t say that yet, and she’s a big girl. If he ends up breaking her heart, so be it. They are never going to have a chance if she doesn’t put it on the line. They begin to kiss and are going at it pretty heavily when there is a knock at the door. He guesses it is probably his mother. When he opens the door, it is Brooke who floats into his arms with her arms around his neck.

Nick is appalled. Is Bridget saying the tests were wrong? She answers that no, she is pregnant, it’s just that she is further along. He doesn’t understand, and stop the doctor talk about HCG tests. What is she telling him? Simply, she tells him the baby is Dante’s. She had been wrong before. He blurts, “wrong? You were wrong. My God, Bridget!” She tries to explain – it doesn’t matter what she thought. She says she is sorry, it was just a mistake. She saw the ultrasound, and the baby is at least nine weeks. He knows it can’t be his. He laments that he would have done anything for a child of his OWN. But, now it’s not. She offers that she wishes it was. Despite what it would do to all their lives, she wishes it was his baby. After a long silence, he asks what is she going to do? Has she told Dante? She says no, she came straight to him. What did her mother say? He quips she doesn’t want to know. She argues this could make a difference…..a big difference. The three of them could conceivably put this behind them now. He tells her not for her. She can’t because she is having a child with a man who is with someone else. She says but for him, it can. He should call Brooke. He asks if she has a phone, his is a little damaged?

Stephanie looks out one more time and is astonished, but happily so, that the car is Brooke’s. Maybe she has come to her senses. Brooke is clinging in Ridge’s arms and he knows something is the matter, can she tell him – is it the kids? Bridget? Donna watches in dismay. She does ask if Brooke wants her to call Nick? Emphatically she says no. Ridge picks up on that and asks if it is him? Did they argue? She cries that she swore she’d never let anybody hurt her the way Ridge had. Why didn’t she just go back to him? She knew how much he loved her. He says because what he did was unforgivable, that’s why. She says but she does forgive him. She was scared and just wanted to be safe. She bemoans the fact that he told her but she didn’t listen, and she wasn’t safe.

He asks her to tell him what Nick did. She asks that he not ask her that. But she can’t help but wonder if it’s now not too late. “Everything. Us.” With her mouth practically agape, Donna watches as Ridge cups Brooke’s face and hair and tells her no, it’s NEVER too late for the two of them. She just got caught up on something, they both know that. But, he never gave up on her – NEVER. He knew that this day would eventually come…..with her here in his arms…..”the way it should be. Here with me, always. Always!” He takes her in his arms and kisses her hungrily, and assures her with smaller kisses that all is okay. A itty bitty tear falls on Donna’s face.

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