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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

On The Marlin, Brooke cries “my daughter? Tell me it isn’t true.” She screams at Nick to tell her that Bridget is not pregnant with his child. He tries to explain while she glares at him in disgust.

Bridget BEGS Dr. Caspary to give her the ultra-sound right now because Nick is telling her mother tonight. Dr. Caspery warns her to settle down as stress could cause another miscarriage, no matter who the father is.

Dante senses Felicia is keeping something from him and worms it out of her about Bridget being pregnant. He’s concerned, but Felicia assures him it isn’t his. He can’t believe that since she is not involved with anyone else as far as he knows. The doctor performs the test and they look at the picture which determines she is further along in her pregnancy than believed.

Brooke still can’t believe Nick did this to her and WITH her daughter. Because she ran off with Ridge, he was jealous, because he was angry – WHAT? Does he have any idea what he has done? He feels lower than a whale’s belly when she tells him he makes her sick!

Felicia laments to Dante that if Bridget still loves Nick that maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Still, he thinks it will tear the family apart. Felicia doesn’t take it that seriously. Brooke can go back to Ridge, which is what started all of this and what Brooke probably wants anyway (just wait until she finds out it is HER husband’s baby).

The doctor asks Bridget if she wants the good news or the bad news? The good news is that the fetus is healthy and progressing normally….the bad – well Bridget is a doctor and she can see for herself. The heart is fully developed, there are the four chambers, so it means it is more than a few weeks.

Nick admits yes, he was angry, he’d been drinking and he slept with Bridget and now she’s pregnant. She asks pointedly if he is saying he didn’t know what he was doing? He declares he thought the marriage was over. He though she’d gone back to Ridge. She tells him don’t dare blame this on her. He admits this is his fault and he hates what it is doing to her and to Bridget. She accuses him of betraying their marriage; poisoning it and the friendship with Bridget. He remarks that is why she was there. She was there as a friend! She knows she came as a friend, but he took advantage of that (true, but he was drunk, Bridget wasn’t. What was her excuse?) He rationalizes again that he was drunk, came back to the boat, just wanted to be alone and Bridget showed up. Brooke gets really mad when she feels he is blaming Bridget for being there when he took off his ring and approved of that. She calls him a sick son of a bitch. He grabs her roughly as she tries to turn away. She breaks his hold and disengages and tells him to leave her alone, she has heard enough! She tells him she thought she could trust him and know the kind of person he was, but…….He fires back that he made a mistake, a terrible mistake. She is irate, he didn’t even bring home a floozy from a bar. He was drunk, but he wasn’t out of control. He deliberately turned to her daughter……took off his ring and took her to bed. He can’t deny it or say a word in his defense, She says there is only one reason he would do that. There is no misunderstanding, no mistake, “you just wanted to hurt me. You just wanted me to suffer in the worst way possible.”

Dante laments that if Brooke wanted to be with Ridge then she wouldn’t have married Nick. Felicia disagrees. If Brooke wanted to be with Nick, she wouldn’t have gone to Ridge that night. And despite the fact that he’s dating Donna now, he’s in love with Brooke and always will be. And if things turn out the way she thinks they will, Brooke could turn out to forgive her …..yes for sleeping with her husband and having his baby. She might even be grateful! She points out that all unexpected children aren’t a disaster. Look what Dominick did for them. Everything has turned out well in the end, and maybe it will for Bridget too. Maybe she will end up as happy as they are, and she kisses him.

Bridget refuses to believe the evidence that the fetus is about nine weeks old. She claims it is just not possible since she had a period. The doctor tells her more than likely it was just spotting. She can see the ultra-sound herself, what does she think? Bridget opines she can’t believe she was so wrong; this baby can’t be Nick’s.

Nick tells Brooke that he did nothing deliberately to hurt her. She claims well he certainly did, more than he’ll ever know. He remarks that they both have made mistakes, but she’s not buying that and asks him not to turn this around on her. He says he knows he thought wrong, he was mistaken. But, he was confused; she WAS kissing her ex-husband. And he barks that for months he tried to get her to let go of that man, but she couldn’t. She fires so that was reason for him to sleep with her daughter? And she had married him, not Ridge, because she loved HIM and she didn’t think he’d do to her what Ridge had done to her. With nothing else in his defense, he admits he has failed her and let her down. And he can’t justify it, or even undo it. But, he can be the man he said he would be, the man who said those vows. He says he wants to make this up to her. He wants some how to make this right! She asks if he thinks she can forgive him? He asks her how many times has she said they can overcome anything? She blurts out that if it were just any infidelity, perhaps she could forget and push it out of her mind, but NOT this…..not when there is a baby involved, “your baby growing inside my daughter’s belly!”

Bridget hops off the table and frantically grabs for her cell phone to call Nick. He's on the boat, she laments, telling her mom. She prays she can catch him in time or this will totally destroy his marriage. She's frustrated and panics when she gets only his voice-mail, but quickly tells him not to tell Brooke that he's the father. The tests were wrong, and he's NOT the father.

Brooke stares at him with bullets in her eyes and turns away. He tells her that she has every right to be angry with him. Just say whatever she wants to say to him. She can HATE him, but just don't give up on them just yet. She states there is "no more us." He comes up behind her and tells her that she can't mean that. She cries she can't get over this. He says but she will in time. And he'll do anything it takes because he knows her, he knows her heart and the forgiveness she has inside of her.

He even reminds her that Bridget probably felt the same way when she was carrying Hope, but she did forgive Brooke. She lambastes him for throwing that in her face. He says he only mentioned it to show her there was a way out of this and they have got to find it. She rails at him that she wants him out of her house, our of her life, and her children's. He grabs her again and she snatches her arms away and tells him she can not wake up tomorrow morning and pretend all is fine. It is NOT fine. She can not be with him; she can not even LOOK at him!

She runs topside to the deck and Nick follows. She stares at the waters below and laments that Ridge begged her to come back to him, but she couldn't because she couldn't trust him. Then there was Nick who she thought was security and safety there. He grabs her and tells her not to talk crazy like this. She breaks from his hold and pushes him backward. He stumbles and tumbles overboard. She has one of those "oh my God" moments when she realizes what she has done. She runs and gets the life preserver and throws it overboard. Nick calls her name out over and over and she simply calls him "bastard!"

She marches in and slams the door and grabs the ship's radio and calls the harbor master and reports a man overboard. He acknowledges it and asks if she is going back? She replies no, she's not, not ever again! Deliberately she takes the ship's controls and puts them in gear and mans the wheel and puts it on course.

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