The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/4/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

On The Marlin, slowly the story unravels as Nick tells Brooke the last thing he wants is to hurt her. But he knows he is. He has done something stupid and wrong. A few days ago he vowed to her that he would never fail her. He meant every word of that. And all he can ask is that she find some sort of understanding of what he is going to tell her……as painful as it may be.

Stephanie has a disgusted look on her face as she thumbs through the latest batch of photos of Donna. Viola – the lady herself walks in and asks if anything is wrong? She comments that Stephanie looks like she has been sucking on a lemon. Stephanie regales she likes the photos, just not what is in them. Brooke used to do some wild things when she did the layouts for the Bedroom Line, but in her view these will just cheapen the company’s reputation. Donna rationalizes that the sales show differently and she is making the company tons of money. She says she has nothing to apologize for, she has led the good life. And Stephanie surmises she intends to lead an even better life with Ridge. Ahhhhh, this is what this is about? Stephanie retorts, “you can jiggle, wiggle and toss your hair all around, you are not going to be part of my family, I promise you that.”

Bridget tells Felicia that of course she is not that naïve. She knows her mother is going to feel horribly betrayed. But, for the sake of her child, she has to believe that Nick and her mom can work through this. Felicia asks but what if she can’t? Can Bridget even imagine her life without her mother in it?

Brooke confronts Nick and asks where is he going with all of this? He stammers that he is asking for her understanding, because from their wedding day to right now, he believes he has given her his, or he tried to. Even when she wound up in bed with Forrester and he feels she was violated by that man. He lists a lot of other transgressions by Ridge, but she forgave them all and she’d asked him not to let it ruin them, so he’d sucked it up. He’s not bringing all of that up to hurt her either or make her feel guilty; he’s just making a point. He just wants her to see how much they went through, and how much stronger he thinks it made them, because they ARE strong. She asks strong enough for what? Is there something he has done that would threaten their marriage?

Donna gloats that Ridge might have something to say about that. While they were in Europe, he’d asked her to help him find a house in L.A. ……miles away from prying eyes. Meanwhile, she is toying with the skimpy outfits she brought in earlier for Brooke to see. Stephanie opines this is exactly what she would have expected of her. Ridge is in a very vulnerable position and Donna would take advantage of that. Donna reminds her that her son is a grown man who appreciates what she has to offer. Stephanie mutters and they all know WHAT that is! Donna asks if she has something against sex? Stephanie offers no, but does that mean she IS sleeping with Ridge? Donna admits no, it hasn’t gone that far. Stephanie says good because she is not the right woman for Ridge. Donna asks if she has someone else in mind? Stephanie says yes, her sister. Donna is aghast that she actually wants that marriage to fall apart. And that will send Brooke rushing back to Ridge and save him from Donna! Stephanie declares that she wants her son to be happy. He misses Brooke, he misses his son and wants them to be a family. Donna reminds her that if she had appreciated her sister a long time ago, things would be different. But, now she’s found happiness with Nick and she doesn’t see anything changing that.

Felicia tells Bridget that Ridge has hurt Brooke too many times….unlike the straight-talking sea captain who is all about not doing that. Bridget points out he did that only because he thought his marriage was over. Felicia thinks too bad because marriages are supposed to be forever. Now her mother is not over Ridge and she is not over Nick, so now’s the time for her to come clean. She lectures that Bridget needs to admit she is still in love with Nick as she ever has been….she has to be, she slept with him. Felicia just thinks when all the pain subsides, it will be an opportunity for all four of them….a new beginning for Brooke and Ridge and Bridget and Nick. She says children have a way of working miracles…..she should know. But, Bridget has to really want him. Bridget claims she doesn’t, not really, if he is still in love with her mother. And Nick is doing everything he can to make her understand, and she just prays to God that she can!

Nick tells Brooke that he’s not going to make any excuses here, but from day one of their marriage he feels like he’s shared her with another man. He’s told himself to be patient and love her and one day she will let go of Forrester. But, she saw what she saw on TV with her sister kissing that man, and she left their bed and went to him and she ended up in his arms kissing him. Brooke reveals he knows how much she regretted that. They vow they never meant to hurt each other, but Nick says he is about to hurt her now. “That night something happened, Brooke. I had a lapse in judgment too.” He’d told her he came back to The Marlin and he had been drinking, but she didn’t let him finish……she only wanted him to forgive her. He states now he needs forgiveness too. She begs him just to tell her he went out to some strip club and let loose for a few hours and then he came back here to sleep it off. Just tell her that! Tell her it was no more than that…..that he didn’t bring some woman back home with him? He stares at her and she cries at him to just tell her, that it isn’t what she is thinking. He walks toward her and says it isn’t what she is thinking……it’s worse.

Felicia states that she doesn’t think Nick would have ended up back in Bridget’s arms if her mother hadn’t drove him to it (yeah, always someone else’s fault). Bridget’s OB interrupts by phone and wants to come over to discuss something with her. Felicia leaves with words of wisdom that wanting to raise her child with its father doesn’t make her a bad person, it’s just human.

Brooke rails how could it possibly be worse? She avoids his touching her when he says he is sorry that he let her down. She strikes that she believes he wouldn’t hurt her, wouldn’t lie to her, wouldn’t betray her. He says he knows he’s telling her that he screwed up in the worst possible way. No matter how hurt or angry he was, he should NOT have done what he did. She shouts for him to stop; she doesn’t want to hear all the sordid details. He wants her to know WHY it happened. She knows – it’s about Ridge. It’s ALWAYS about Ridge…..the feelings she’s had for Ridge, feelings which she has been completely honest about. But, Nick never fully believed her, he never fully trusted her. He argues that he didn’t trust Forrester…..he’d asked her over and over to stay away from him, but she couldn’t. He shouts that he is NOT trying to pay her back. He bellows that he did something stupid and wrong and he hates himself for hurting her. He takes a deep breath, settles down and tells her there is something else she needs to know. She fires back – is it that he didn’t use protection and he has some sort of disease? He tries to get it out….slowly he says the woman he was with…….is……..She guesses – pregnant? With his child?

The doctor explains to Bridget that her HCG levels are much higher than they should be if she were only a few weeks pregnant. They are more like nine weeks pregnant. Bridget can’t believe this based on her last period and the false pregnancy test she took weeks ago. This means the child could be Dante’s? The doctor tells her they will schedule an ultra-sound for the morning to be sure, but Bridget begs her to do it tonight. Nick is telling her mother the truth right now.

Again, Brooke won’t let Nick touch her. She says she can’t even look at him. She cries how could he do this to her… “us?” She laments she’s had so many scandals in her life, and she thought they were all behind her. Because of who he is…..or was……an honest, decent, human being. He says he is sorry, he made a mistake. She fires back, no, what he made was a baby. He thought he could just have a one-night stand because his wife ran off to her ex again. Is that what he said to himself? How he justified it so he could have this cheap, one-night stand? Now she points out there is a child. She just wants him to take her home. He argues with her that there is more….he shouts that the woman he was with was NOT a stranger. He didn’t pick somebody up in a bar….she came onto the boat that night. Brooke wants to know if it is somebody she knows?

With guilt and barely able to speak, he says it is somebody she knows. Someone he’s been involved with before. With tears in her eyes, she realizes the one person besides herself…….it’s Bridget. Surely he isn’t saying it is Bridget? The woman he had sex with and made a baby with. It can’t be Bridget? His silence tells her she is right and she breaks down and dissolves in tears.

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