The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/2/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Bridget looks at the pregnancy report and smiles. A serious Nick asks about it and she tells him she is sorry; she knows this could well mean the end of his marriage, but she can’t help but be happy that she is pregnant.

Taylor argues with Hector that he’s suspicious of Shane but he’s treated both her and Phoebe with nothing but kindness. He states that Shane is using that kindness just to worm his way into their lives. Stephanie drops by and reminds Taylor they need to start making some plans for Phoebe’s birthday. She spots Hector and makes a bee-line to him. Taylor tries to shut her up before she spills the beans about her and Thorne. Stephanie surmises she needs to, otherwise Hector will think he has the right to stay there. He thanks her for that nice piece of news and tells her if she really wants to worry about someone, there is this guy named Shane McGrath that knows things that they all wish he didn’t. Phoebe brings Shane his breakfast out on a tray to the patio, but starts to make a hasty retreat. He stops her and tells her not to be afraid of him. Her secret is safe with him; he isn’t going to tell anyone about the night Darla was killed.

Jackie drops in on Brooke at the office. She says she is not going to stay long. She is beaming because Eric just told her that Brooke and Nick renewed their wedding vows. She’s surprised since it’s only been three months. Brooke points out there were some issues with Ridge, they worked it out and Nick stood by her beautifully. Jackie understands that since he absolutely adores her. Brooke wishes she had appreciated that more than she did. Jackie laments that now she does and she thinks that is marvelous.

Nick doesn’t think it is wrong for Bridget to be excited, just natural. She asks how does he feel? He shrugs that a child is going to be born, and that is a beautiful thing…..and much bigger than who should or shouldn’t feel what. She agrees, yet she’s not that sure that her mother will feel that philosophical about it. He shares with Bridget that Brooke doesn’t want to be a mother again. He’s accepted hers as his own and she just doesn’t want to be a mother again. This scares Bridget. She tells Nick that this could cost him his marriage. He says they don’t know that. Perhaps Brooke will understand and they can work out something that will work for all of them. He doesn’t know what, but some sort of arrangement that will suit all of them. When she’s skeptical, he says they don’t have any choice. He won’t lose her mother. Her heart sinks when he says that he just won't accept that!

Shane convinces Phoebe to stay and then tries to persuade her he means no harm. She is still ticked at him for going to this bizarre measure to be her friend. Stephanie asks how does this man know that Taylor killed Darla? Taylor has to go into the long story of the homeless man that scared Phoebe that night – that was Shane. The first words that Stephanie utters is has he gone to the police? She says he will; this has to be what all of this is about. And they better hope they can fix this with money or they will ALL go to jail.

Brooke laughs and says she doesn’t even have to knock on wood; her marriage is in a very good place. Jackie thinks it’s only natural for her to ask about a grandchild. Coyly, Brooke says yes, but it isn’t going to happen. She hates to disappoint Jackie. Jackie replies but they both know how much Nicky wants a child of his own. She tells Brooke that she does understand, but she’d be very careful in just assuming that Nicky will be okay with this. It’s been a dream of his for so long to have his very own child. And she’s the only one that can give him that.

Bridget laments he doesn’t know how much she wishes her mother will accept this pregnancy. He agrees too, she just has to as she does not want another child of her own. Bridget points out the reality – her ex-husband, her mother’s husband now and she is having his child! He barks then what are they to do? Go find a bridge and jump off of it, or put their heads on the track and wait for the evening train? He tells her they have to stay positive. They are going to be parents. It’s their DNA, the real thing. And it doesn’t matter what mistake led up to this. He thinks her mother will understand. She knows how much he wants a child and how much he loves her. That’s the way he looks at it, “that’s the way I CHOOSE to look at it.” They both agree to that and he gives her a hug and says they will make this work. She asks if she should be there when he tells Brooke? He opines he thinks he needs to do this alone. Bridget has a feeling she knows how her mother will react. He says he will just have to not go there and bring her back safely.

Jackie pulls up a chair and gets in Brooke’s face and tells her if its help that she needs, she will be DELIGHTED to help her. Brooke explains again that she and Nick have made a decision. Jackie wants to be sure it is NOT just Brooke’s decision. Brooke says that having a child with her won’t replace Nicole in Nick’s heart. But helping her raise Hope, that will fulfill his need. She offers that if Nick really wanted a child, he would tell her, but he doesn’t.

Shane continues that he only wanted Phoebe to get to know him first. He just wanted to protect her. If he had said something earlier, they would all have shut the door in his face. He tells her he just wants to be a part of her life. She puts him off by saying she has to go get changed…….for her eighteenth birthday. She leaves and he has this fantasy of Phoebe saying yeah she is going to be eighteen, legally an adult. And that could be fun – she wants to be free, grown-up and she doesn’t want him to leave – ever! In his fantasy they kiss and Shane smiles, very pleased with himself.

Taylor tells Stephanie she wishes Shane knew nothing about this, but he is here. And she’s just trying to convince herself that she can trust him. Stephanie says Taylor can, but she won’t. She doesn’t like Hector saying that the guy has a restraining order against him and he was here the same night Darla was killed and he never showed up for his arraignment. Stephanie tells Taylor from everything Hector has said, this boy sounds like real trouble and she thinks they have to get him out of here.

Jackie won’t give up. She tells Brooke they’ve only been married a short time, maybe she will change her mind. Brooke politely tells her that isn’t going to happen. As Nick walks in, she blurts out that the last thing she needs in her life right now is another child.

Shane walks into the house and is just around the corner and overhears the conversation when Stephanie says she thinks they have to find a way to neutralize this thing and not do anything to make him angry. Taylor tells her they need to go as she is taking Hector for a doctor’s appointment. Stephanie says she will stay as she wants to talk to Phoebe and see what she wants to do for her birthday. Shane steps out face to face with Stephanie and laments he thinks he’s the fellow she is supposed to neutralize. She walks toward him with a big smile and asks exactly what is it that he thinks he wants “Mr. McGrath?”

Bridget sits in the darkened office alone, crying and thinking back over losing Nicole. She rubs her tummy and says that won’t happen to this one. She won’t let it, and neither will his daddy. “Please Nick, just convince my mom this isn’t the end of the world.”

Nick walks on in as the ladies realize he is there. Brooke greets him with that his mother is disappointed in their not having children. Will he please explain it to her? Somberly, he tells Jackie that he needs to speak to Brooke alone. She asks if he is asking her to leave? He gives her a kiss on the forehead and asks if she minds? Curious, Brooke asks him what’s up? Seriously, he tells her there is something he needs to tell her. She tells him she has a meeting, but she could cancel it. Is something wrong? He replies yeah. Potentially wonderful news, but it just depends on how she looks at it. She says she will do her best. He replies he knows she will.

He stammers that life is funny and can throw them some curve balls, especially when you don’t expect it to happen. It seems frightening at first, but then so many good things can come of it. And the best way is to face those fears, and they can turn out to be blessings. She’s a little taken aback and tells him that now he is making her a little bit nervous. He reminds her they love each other, right? And they’ve worked very hard to make a life together for the two of them and her children. “And nothing is going to take that away. I won’t let it.” She stares at him and asks what is he talking about? What is he trying to tell her?

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