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Written By Wanda
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Pacing the living room floor, Nick calls Bridget and reaches her at the hospital. Nervously, he tells her he can’t do this, he won’t make it through another night. He tells her that her mother has to be told. When will she be finished working? She tells him it’s not work, but she is having a blood test. He won’t be put off, he wants to be there. He doesn’t want to have to go through that again, like they did with Nicole.

Brooke comes downstairs ready to go to the office and comments that Nick is up early for a newlywed. He quips he thought he’d make the coffee and he pours her a cup. She gleefully remarks she’d like to renew her vows every single day. He asks about her day and she says it’s going to be pretty full, but not to worry Ridge is not back in town yet. He says believe him, he wasn’t thinking about Forrester. She remarks good because she knows trust can’t be restored overnight. He states that he loves her and there will be no more questions about where she is going or what she is doing, anything to do with Forrester, he promises. Likewise she tells him she is sorry that she ever put him in a position to ask those questions. Playfully, she asks if she will see him for dinner tonight and they exchange kisses and their I Love You’s. Her giggle turns to a face of concern with Nick.

The lab tech, Jerry, draws blood from Bridget and she asks him to keep this just between the two of them. She will owe him big time. Felicia pops in and tells her she was a hard one to track down. How come only the janitor knew she was here? She introduces Felicia to Jerry, vice versa. Bridget asks if she is sick again? Felicia quips why is it when she tries to be nice, everybody thinks she is sick? She is just worried about what happened yesterday. Did Bridget tell her mother? When she hears no, she says maybe that is wise. Bridget advises her that she did tell Nick thought. Felicia wonders how he took it? He always did want to be a father. Bridget offers she is not exactly sure this is what he had in mind. Felicia admits the timing of a child can often be inconvenient. But, this is maybe just a little more so. Bridget tells her she is having her HCG levels tested to confirm the first test, but then also to see if the pregnancy is viable. She confesses she can only be a few weeks pregnant, so she’s not sure how much it will even show. Felicia gets it – this is what she is doing to put off telling Brooke. Bridget says no, she just wants to be sure. Felicia asks – sure of what? What is she hoping for? Does she even know?

At Forrester, Eric is working with two live models when Brooke comes in. He dismisses the girls and she tells him she would never scold him and he knows she worships the ground he walks on……but, why is he using her office? Jokingly, he asks who is she? Oh yes, she’s the absent CEO. Weren’t they married once? She tells him that’s cute. He asks her to please forgive him for trespassing the sanctuary. He just thought somebody should disturb the dust. He realizes her husband has sort of eased up on the reins when Ridge is away. She states that Ridge is no longer a factor. Eric opines – not when he’s on another continent. She comments he can think what he wants. He returns, “what I’d like to think is that you would eventually come to your senses the way you always do when you marry someone like me, who is not Ridge.” He thought she was shortening up the process between ‘I do’ and ‘oops.’ She brags that she and Nick renewed their vows yesterday….what does that say to him? He answers, “desperation?”

Nick knocks on the door and finds Bridget waiting. She tells him her friend, Jerry, just took the blood. He’s nervous and wants to get out of that room, but she tells him to close the door. The less people that see them together, the better. She’d rather no one know about this and this way with her friend there will be no paper trail. He quips why don’t they just go down to Tijuana and call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Jones? She’s happy he finds this situation so amusing. He assures her he wasn’t trying to be amusing. She now knows why her mother went to such extreme lengths to hide her pregnancy with Hope. He informs her that hiding something here is not an option. She asks if Brooke has to be told, has he thought how she is going to react? He tells her ‘if’ is not a word they are going to use in their vocabulary. He won’t listen when she mentions the word miscarry although she tells him it is a medical reality. She knows what she is talking about. He doesn’t want to argue with her. This is HIS child and it will be born strong and healthy.

Eric wonders why Brooke would renew her vows after ten minutes of marriage? Good-naturedly, she tells him that he’s one of the dearest people in the world to her, but right now he’s on the verge of really irritating her. He spouts that people usually renew them after 40, 50 years……or does it just feel that way? She laments when will she ever learn to not discuss Nick with anyone who’s last name is Forrester? He tells her that used to be her last name, and he has to believe it will be again. She wants him to concede how much she loves her husband. She thanks him when he says he does see. He tells her love is only one of the connections that exist in a marriage and he thinks maybe not the strongest one….or they would still be married. It wasn’t meant to be, he sees that. But, she does belong there with them. She is their centerpiece. “You brought us life… brought us children.” She offers she also brings trouble… least that is what Stephanie sees. Eric differs, she is actually ready to accept her. Brooke states – with clenched teeth. He says maybe, but she sees it as inevitable. It’s only Ridge who has lost faith. Brooke laments that Ridge seems very happy with Donna. Eric tells her that Ridge is not happy. He’s miserable and Eric hates that. But, even miserable people can put on a smile and seem to be happy. Brooke admits she knows that and it hurts when R.J. asks about his daddy. But, they tried and it just didn’t work out. He left her. Eric finishes – and she ran to Nick for safety. And that’s why she ran to Eric. But, how safe were they?

Felicia walks in and hears this last part. She jokes well here is the CEO, guess they can’t booze it up in here today. Safety she heard. She thinks they need to issue crash helmets as soon as possible.

Bridget and Nick discuss losing Nicole and what that meant, how she went a little crazy. And she tried so hard to fill it with Dino and Dante. And he adds himself. She says no that was different. He knows that. He reminds her that their life now is not their life then. And this child is not that child. And the life they dreamed of together, that has to go in a scrapbook of things that were meant to be but never were. She cries that doesn’t mean she has to like it. And he can’t blame her for just thinking it would be so much simpler if the test came back negative and their was no child. He confides that when his mother found out she was pregnant with him, she didn’t tell his father. And she lied to the man she was married to. Things would have been a lot easier without him. And he doesn’t want his son or daughter brought into the world that way. And will this end his marriage and Brooke turn her back on them….he doesn’t know. But, the rock-bottom line is that life trumps everything. EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter whether they are happy or sad. “Because life chose us, not vice versa.” And it has chosen them to make new life. Now what compares to that? He is sure this isn’t how they imagined becoming a mother and a father, but so what? It’s here and it’s real. And he refuses to see this as anything but a blessing. He hugs her and she cries on his shoulder while clinging to him.

Nosy Felicia tells Brooke that what she finds ironic is that when she had the hots for Brooke’s husband, it was at least partly because Nick was the danger choice. But, to Brooke, he is the safety choice. Brooke says she always says the most interesting things. But, she was just telling Eric that her marriage was not open for discussion. Felicia states that it isn’t up for much else either. Predictable is want she wants so she’s colored Nick all one color. Pasted him into this gray wool suit so he matches the Rock of Gibraltar. Brooke tells them okay, they can laugh at her all they want since they have nothing better to do with their lives. Eric denies anyone is laughing. She lectures them on the time when it comes to security and stability and knowing that the person you are with is going to come home every night. Felicia states that she used to have certainty…..that she was going to die in three months. But, it’s fictional, nobody’s sure, nobody’s safe. Brooke says she is. She knows Nick would never do anything to hurt her. Felicia warns her not to put that on Nick or she is surely heading for a fall. Brooke wonders why they are doing this to her? Eric opines because with one breath she sounds like a world-weary woman who wants to retire with her knitting, and in the next she is like some teenager. People do make mistakes.

Felicia wants to know what she wants with safety anyway? She’s Brooke Logan, the ultimate adventuress. What she doesn’t need is a protector. She needs a fellow adventurer to take the highs and lows with her. Maybe it’s Nick and maybe it’s not, but she’ll never know unless she lets him out of that mental straitjacket she has him in. She apologizes that she doesn’t mean to be obnoxious, it just comes out that way. Brooke shrugs now that she knows she is not competent to live her own life, she’ll go back to work. Eric admits they sort of ganged up on her. She laments she is used to it. Then he tells her that she does know she is making Ridge pay for mistakes her father made? She admits there may be some truth to that. He warns her that she may not be aware of the price she is making Nick pay. He didn’t sign up to be the perfect father she never had. One mistake and what happens to him? She thanks him for his concern and says she will cross that bridge when she comes to it.

Sitting side by side on the bed/table in the office, Bridget asks Nick if he knows why she loved him? He replies because of the boat? She replies no, because he could change her. Just being himself, he can make her a better version of herself. “You can take me from being ashamed and afraid and turn me into feeling beautiful inside. You did that just now.”

Jerry knocks on the door and comes in to tell them the tests were positive. The HCG levels are very strong and the baby is healthy and developing well. She takes the papers he hands her and manages a nervous smile, and tells Nick, “I guess when God answers your prayers, it’s a little bit much to just complain? Looks like we’re having a baby.” Neither know whether to be happy or sad, but Nick has flashbacks of him and a happy Brooke and he can’t seem to shake that worried look on his face.

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