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Harry has Shane by a chokehold and everyone is standing there on the side of the very foggy, busy PCH shouting at each other. Shane tries to get them to understand that Phoebe is not in any danger from him. Hector is livid and doesn’t want to trust him or even listen to his story. He dismisses Harry (though he rode there with him) and wants to talk to Shane alone. And he turns on him and says he is not leaving until he tells him what the hell he wants!

Eric comments on Stephanie’s mood and she explains that she is just happy that one of their sons is moving in the right direction. So now he knows she is really worried about Ridge. She admits yes, because he is with Donna and she guesses that is her fault since she drove Brooke away. As they discuss it, there is a knock at the door and she quips, “saved by the knock.” It’s Lt. Baker and it’s obvious that Stephanie is less than pleased to see him. Eric invites him on in and asks is this about Darla’s case and are there any new leads? He replies no, but it had been a while and he just wanted to touch base. Brusquely, she says she thought Thorne had made it very clear that he did not want to pursue this case, but put the whole thing behind him. She softens and says that Darla’s death was a real tragedy to all of them, but she doesn’t appreciate him coming there, like this, unannounced and opening up old wounds they are trying to heal. She stands by the door and tells him good-night and closes the door in his face as he walks out. Eric stares at her in amazement.

Thorne and Taylor lay on the lounge chair by the pool and are kissing and panting hot and heavy. Eventually, she says she can’t. He stops. She quickly says it isn’t anything he is doing. He knows it’s something though, maybe Darla? Awkwardly, she says she does want to be with him… he upset? He replies no and she doesn’t have to explain. It’s complicated. He touches her face and says it doesn’t have to be complicated, they can slow down. He’s in no hurry. She’s amazed that he is not upset or disappointed. He reveals, “I could never be disappointed in you.” He gives her a big hug.

Hector spouts that Phoebe doesn’t know the whole story. This guy was caught stealing a sandwich just down the road the same night and about the same time that Darla was killed. She replies that she knows; Shane has told her everything, he saw it all. And it’s okay, he’s not going to tell anyone. Everyone tries to talk at once explaining their side of it. Finally Shane tells him to chill, his secret is safe with him. Phoebe says she trusts him, Hector should too. Shane finally has one good suggestion – that they leave and not stand here on the side of the busy highway at the crime scene having a pow-wow. Baker could come by and see them all. He tells Phoebe to get Hector in the car and they are going to go back home.

Taylor laments that she wishes Thorne didn’t have to go. He says him too, but he needs to pick Ally up from his mom and dad or she will wake up and be scared. He laughs that neither of them are having as many nightmares, thanks to Taylor. Phoebe interrupts and tells them she is sorry, but she needs to talk to her mother alone, it’s important. Taylor thanks Thorne for a wonderful evening and he says he had a great one too, and gives her a hug and tells Phoebe good-bye.

Eric demands that Stephanie explain to him what just happened. She flips him off by saying she just didn’t want Baker here stirring up things, that’s all! Thorne made it very clear to him that he did NOT want to pursue the case, and now Baker is over there bothering them instead of Thorne! She says she is NOT upset, but she is annoyed. Eric tells her it doesn’t make any sense that she doesn’t want them to keep looking for Darla’s killer!

Back at Taylor’s, Hector continues his rant. He’d told Taylor that Shane was hiding something, and it now seems he was right. Shane is indignant that he wants to stand there and lecture him about keeping secrets. Taylor and Phoebe walk in and she chides Hector for being on Shane’s case. Hector says the word blackmail which perks up Taylor’s ears, and she wants to know what is going on? Phoebe tells her this was about the night of Darla’s accident. Taylor tells her that is a private family matter and they will discuss it later. Phoebe explains that Shane was there that night, at Big Rock. He starts to explain and Hector tells him to shut his mouth. Soon it’s another free for all. She is more than surprised to find out Shane was the homeless guy that scared her daughter. And Hector quips there is nothing like a little extortion to turn his luck around. She’s scared speechless when Shane tells her he saw everything and he knows she killed Darla.

Stephanie exclaims that Thorne is moving on with his life, and she doesn’t want anyone or anything to interfere with that. He remarks that finding Darla’s killer would give Thorne some closure. She corrects him that process has already begun, the moment that he told Lt. Baker to drop the case. He reminds her that doesn’t mean that the police need to stop looking. She says of course not, they have to by law, but she just doesn’t want them bothering him anymore. He suggests perhaps she just doesn’t want them reminding him of Darla when he’s getting so close to Taylor? Just as Thorne walks in, she confides to Eric that Thorne will never forget Darla.

Thorne explains his early night with Taylor. It was amazing and he tells his mother it probably would have never happened except for her. If not, he would still be filled with this rage and anger, and now he’s not. He’s very excited about the future. She gives him a big hug and says she is happy for him.

Taylor whimpers. Hector tells her not to answer anything, don’t confirm anything. Shane tells her she doesn’t have to, he saw it all and she had no choice. Darla was there in the middle of the road, it happened in a split second. It wasn’t her fault. He’s not going to come back here and cause her more pain, she’s been through enough. Hector demands to know then why did he come here? Shane explains that he has all of this running through his head, more than Hector knows. And it’s going over and over and over and he needed to talk it out with somebody. Taylor surmises it’s not just a coincidence that he ended up being her landscaper…..and that he had some proposal for her. Again, Hector keeps bringing up the fact that Shane was going to blackmail her, he’s sure of it. Taylor panics and goes berserk. It doesn’t matter what Shane is going to do. It matters what she is going to do! She announces she doesn’t know how she thought she could ever keep this hidden, but now that the truth is out, Thorne has to be told.

Thorne tells them that he never thought he could be this happy again……and so soon. He knows they think this is just gratitude toward Taylor, and he thought that too at first, but……’s not and not after what they shared tonight, he is sure of it. He’s falling in love with Taylor. “I want her in my life. I want her in my daughter’s life too.” Stephanie smiles and tells him she is sure Taylor wants that too. And she and his dad will support that. He thanks them and for keeping Alexandria. He ends with saying he’s going to go get his little angel and get out of their hair. He chuckles, that for the first time in a long time, he’s feeling very positive about things. Alone, Eric accuses Stephanie of encouraging this pursuit of Taylor? She rationalizes she wants him to be happy. And she thinks he’s going to be okay……she thinks everything is going to be okay.

Thorne leans down by his daughter’s bed and tells the sleeping princess that he planned a special night for Taylor and it ended up pretty special for him as well. He flashes back on their dining and dancing and getting closer. He tells Ally that life can be filled with things they least expect. Like losing her mommy, but not all surprises are bad. Some of them can be wonderful, like what he is feeling tonight. It can make you happy and fill you with a hope that you never thought you’d feel again. And that’s what Taylor has done for him. He remarks that if they give this an opportunity to see where this goes, he thinks they might have a chance to look forward to more great surprises. He strokes her hair and gives her a kiss and says he loves her.

Taylor shouts that if Thorne is going to find out who hit and killed his wife, he’s going to find out from her! Phoebe says he won’t find out, Shane isn’t telling. Hector snorts, no, according to him! Phoebe pipes in again that no one said anything about extortion except Hector. Shane tells her she has nothing to worry about, he’s not a threat to her, her family or her relationship with Thorne. He explains that Phoebe has already told him how much Thorne and his daughter mean to her and her to them. And he’s been caught up in bad spots too where his whole world turned upside down. And Hector finishes – then he saw this tragedy as being the answer to ALL of his problems. Shane says no, what he did realize is there are some really good people in this world who are not so callous that they have someone arrested for just trying to eat. And he goes on about them picking him up at the hospital and giving him a place to stay and pay for his bills……that really blew him away. Hector quips that isn’t going to happen again. Shane continues – does Taylor really think he would show up here and repay her for her generosity by causing her more problems? Hector storms for her not to listen to him anymore! He tells Taylor to listen to her daughter, because she is right. He could have easily gone to the police, but he didn’t. That reward could have been more than enough to put him back on his feet. Hector shares again that does she know how much leverage and power this guy has over them right now? The ultimate secret? Shane saw the opportunity to see an even bigger payday. (Hector, this is NOT your house and you are getting on my last nerve). Shane tells them do they realize if anyone finds out, they all go to jail here? And if she tells Thorne, it will shatter him and it will rip her family apart. She doesn’t want that and neither does he. Undecided what to do, she cries what does he want?

He says simply a place to stay…..the opportunity to keep working for her….her friendship…..her trust…..and in return he will give her his loyalty and his silence. “I will not let you down, Mrs. Forrester, you can trust me.”

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