The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/27/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Phoebe panics when she realizes that Shane saw the accident; he saw her mother, so what does he want from her?

Eric pours martinis for him and Stephanie and asks how did Taylor’s A. A. meeting go? She remarks that it was good and she’s finally beginning to come out of the terrible depression she was in after Ridge left her. He’s a little taken aback when he hears that Thorne has planned a romantic dinner for the two of them.

By the pool at Taylor’s, Thorne has prepared a beautiful, romantic, candlelit atmosphere. They exchanges kisses and she muses that she can’t believe he did all of this. He’s glad she likes it and states she has done more for him than he can ever thank her for. She asks is that what this is – a thank you? Coyly, he asks is that what she wants it to be? She replies she doesn’t even want to think right now. He restrains her when she mentions eating and he wants to work up an appetite. He asks if he may have this dance? She says it’s been too long, but glides into his arms.

Hector bemoans the fact that he knows McGrath knows about the accident, he was there the night Darla was killed. He’s going to use it against them and he’s going to blackmail them or something worse. And Phoebe is with him right now, and he needs to find her as she has no idea what she is up against.

Shane fights Phoebe off and tells her to relax, calm down, he’s not going to bother her. That’s why he was there that night and why he’s here now, he wants to help her. She thinks he left her that night, but he swears he stayed and was watching the whole time. She doesn’t want to hear all the gory details as he tells that he saw her aunt changing the tire and another car hit her. He wishes there was something else he could have done. He watched the news and saw the papers and knows they have no more leads. She was afraid of him then, but she has no reason to be afraid of him now.

Eric is surprised that Thorne and Taylor are on some sort of date tonight and Stephanie actually approves. She denies it but says Ridge left her for God’s sake. Eric mentions that was because of Brooke and she’s convinced herself that she has found the one man in the world who won’t disappoint her. Stephanie quips, “no offense, but that man doesn’t exist.”

Surrounded by candlelight and a blazing fire, Thorne pours sparking cider, the best that money can buy, into champagne glasses and they clink them in toast. She explains that he has no idea how much she needed this. She didn’t even know how much she needed this. She doesn’t even know what to do just to sit there and do nothing but relax and enjoy being together. He tells her she has lost Ridge and he lost Darla, but when they are together all those things just seem to slip away. And she hedges – when they are apart? He replies who says they have to be apart? Why keep tip-toeing around when he knows what they are both feeling? He takes her hand and tells her there is nothing to be afraid of……or to feel guilty about. He states he is happy. She makes him happy. And he’s ready to take this relationship to the next level.

Hector agonizes over the fact that he’s got to go find Phoebe. He has to get there. Harry shows up and Hector asks is there a cab outside? Upset when there isn’t, he tells Harry that Phoebe is in trouble. Shane isn’t who she thinks he is, and he has to find her. Harry offers to take him, he has Nick’s car. Phoebe questions Shane – so he’s known all along and pretended to be their gardener. He replies no, he was. He got the job to get close to her. She surmises so he could blackmail them. He denies that, no one is going to blackmail her. He did this for himself. He had to find her and track her down as she is the only one that understands what he is going through. He maintains he has this horrible image in his head of Darla hitting the windshield….and her mother’s car. That’s the reason he tracked her down and the reason they are here right now. He admits he lied to her who he was because he knew it would freak her out. He thought it would be better when she got to know him. He argues that no one else saw what they saw and nobody else is carrying that around inside them. He whines that he knows she has nightmares just like he has, with the sounds of this echoing in his head. He tells her this haunts him too. He knows it was her aunt and that Phoebe loved her. She starts to whimper and he reaches for her face and holds her. She cries he could get her mother put in jail for what he knows. He could ruin their lives.

Stephanie explains that Thorne and Taylor are just trying to get their lives back on track. Eric thinks it’s going to take them longer that that. She replies yes, but at some point you just have to get on with your life. He just thinks it is too soon. Both have been through a lot, separately. And they have come together and depend on each other for comfort, and that is a good thing, but…..he is still concerned. She replies that she doesn’t think they spend time together just because he is lonely, but because he really cares for her. Is Eric worried what people might say or how it might affect Alexandria? They both agree everyone loves Taylor and she’s an incredible woman. Stephanie declares she thinks she might be the one that will help Thorne find happiness again.

Taylor repeats the question – Thorne wants to take their relationship to the next level? He asks doesn’t she? He thinks it is time to tell everyone. He’d like to start with Ridge first. They have three kids together, so it’s only fair that he knows. Taylor gets up and remarks that Stephanie already knows. He maintains that she knows everything, no one can keep anything from her. But, he wants the rest of the family to know. That this started out strictly as a friendship and now it has grown into something – wonderful and completely unexpected. He turns her around and looks deeply into her eyes and tells her she has become terribly important to him and he couldn’t imagine his life without her. She confesses she feels the same way about him. He sighs, she continues – but they can’t expect everyone to be as excited about this as they are. They might not like the way it looks or thinks it is too soon. He tells her he doesn’t give a damn. His daughter is crazy about her, and he is too.

Shane rationalizes that his life could be ruined too, just because he didn’t come forward. He realizes it was an accident and that is exactly what he would have told the police if he had come forward. But, he promises he is NOT going to say anything. This is NOT what this is about. Her secret is safe with him. She wonders then why would he even come here and want to tell her this? He explains he just wants someone to talk to. He needs to get this out of his head. She’s had her mother all this time. He’s had no one. He’s just been carrying this around with him all this time. She says she is sorry. He says it’s okay, he just wants her to know she can trust him. He laments he just wants to be friends with her, that’s all. Harry walks up and opens the door and jerks him out, hits him in the face and Shane falls to the ground. Harry picks him up, grabs him around the neck in a stranglehold. Hector tells Phoebe to get out of the car, Shane isn’t who he says he is. She tells him she knows, he has told her the entire truth and she barks at Harry to let Shane go.

Eric tells Stephanie that he has been married to her long enough to know when something is upsetting her, what is it? She sighs that she just wants Thorne to be happy again, and he will if……..

Thorne declares to Taylor that he doesn’t care what this looks like or what people think. And besides his family thinks she is great. She opines that she hasn’t felt like she is so great these days. He tells her but she is. She’s great for him and for Alexandria, and he wants her in his life…..part of his life….part of his future. “I need you, Taylor.” She looks away and he turns her head back and confesses, “I feel like I am falling in love with you." She whispers that she feels like she is falling in love with him too. They kiss over and over and over and he picks her up and takes her to the double lounge chair. Sensing this might lead to something more, she begs Darla to forgive her.

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