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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Nick and Bridget stare at each other as he quizzically repeats what she just said – she is pregnant. She glares back and replies yes, and the child is his (very irresponsible of her since she does not know this for a fact).

In the Forrester mansion, Shane smugly holds a photo of Taylor and tells himself – a million dollars, that’s a LOT of money. But, he wonders if he shouldn’t set his sight a little higher. With a family worth that much……..he contemplates what might happen if he became more than just friends……Hector walks in and wants to know what he is up to? Shane wonders how he knew it was him, and Hector quips it was his cheap aftershave. He may be blind, but he’s seen his share of con men and he vows to stick around long enough to make sure Shane doesn’t wear out his welcome. Shane fires back “oh, like you did?” Hector reminds him it’s only going to be a few days. That’s what Taylor agreed to and that’s what he is holding him to. Shane thinks he’s awfully sure of himself, for a man who isn’t who he appears to be.

Phoebe comes down and Hector is immediately in defensive mode when he realizes they are going out together. Shane says it’s the least he can do to thank her, go get a bite to eat. Hector is still against it and asks if her mother knows? She tells him to relax. She walks off and Shane follows after telling Hector not to worry, they’ll bring him back a doggie bag. Then he laughs wickedly and tells Hector to try not to burn down the house.

Accompanied by Stephanie, Taylor received a small medallion for being 60 days sober at her A.A. meeting. She voices how important this is to her and how this sobriety has been the hardest thing in her life. She mentions they are the lucky ones to have family and friends who love them enough and want them healthy and whole again. She points out Stephanie and mentions her son, Thorne, who has been so supportive and stood by her with his compassion and his goodness.

Brooke waits upstairs in a romantic candle-filled bedroom and picks up a fashion magazine with Ridge on cover. She flips through and reads about the dynamic duo making a big splash all across Europe. Donna Logan has stepped up beautifully for her sister, but where is Brooke Logan? Nick is practically speechless and Bridget tells him obviously it was a shock for her too. He asks if she is sure? She replies yes, there is no mistake, she just came from the hospital where she took a test, and the child is his. He’s completely silent, letting it all sink in. She repeats again, she is pregnant and she’d hoped her mother would never have to know about their night together, but she’s pregnant and it’s his child. Just say SOMETHING!

Hector checks with a detective on the phone about Shane and his arrest. Meanwhile, Shane is driving but pulls over causing Phoebe to ask why? It’s dark and foggy and Phoebe is scared to be on the side of the road. Shane tells her it’s okay, there are a lot of dangerous accidents here on the PCH, kind of like two months ago. But, she will be safe with him and he has a confession to make. This will probably freak her out and it’ll be kind of like the first night they met.

On the terrace, Nick is strangely silent while Bridget tells him she really came there today just to tell her mother what happened. She thought that was the only way they could continue a relationship. Then she stood while they renewed their vows and she felt so embarrassed and ashamed. Halfheartedly with a grimace on his face, he walks back in and picks up a wedding photo of him and Brooke and bemoans what has he done?

Taylor returns home and finds Thorne out by the pool area lighting candles. She expresses she can’t believe he did all of this and she had wondered why he wasn’t at the meeting. He asks about her medallion and she pulls it out and shows him. And tells him she couldn’t have done it without him. He’s very proud.

Nick is a little shocked that Bridget was going to tell her mother everything before she even told him. Why? She’s not sure. And she babbles on because of her problems with Nicole, she’d like to check the HCG levels again to be sure. She wants to be as sure as possible the pregnancy is headed in the right direction. He’s concerned. Suddenly Brooke comes sashaying down the stairs expecting her honeymooning husband. She’s caught dead in her tracks and remarks she didn’t know Bridget was still there.

There’s a very awkward, tense, moment which forces Brooke to ask if Bridget is alright? She replies no, it isn’t. Not quite knowing what else to say, she walks toward her mother and says here they were had a very special night ahead of them and here she is just messing it up. R. J. cries out and she replies that she will go get him, and she wants Nick upstairs very soon and she gives Bridget a good-bye kiss and they tell each other they love each other. Bridget and Nick exchange glances, and then Bridget sighs and laughs that her mother is very happy. He makes her happy. And she deserves tonight. Bridget says she will take the HCG test tomorrow and if all goes well, then she will come by and together they can tell her mom tomorrow. She opens the door and starts to go. He calls after her and goes to her and pulls her to his shoulder and she drops her head on it. Slowly he sinks onto the stairway, wiping his face, hair, unable to continue to go upstairs.

Thorne tells Taylor not to sell herself short. Taylor did this; she fought the fight and she will continue fighting. She remarks yes, every day, every year for the rest of her life. He commends her that there is no one he believes in more than her. No one he trusts more. She was there when some stranger took the light out of his life and when he thought it would never make sense, she was there to tell him it would. And miraculously it started to because of her. He didn’t know it would, or so soon, but it has. And he’s not going to question it or analyze it, but just accept it. And he’s going to be grateful that his heart can feel again, and that it can love again because of her.

Hector puts the clues together. If Shane was at Big Rock Market on the 15th, that was the night Darla was killed. More than a coincidence – he saw everything. He saw Darla get killed, and now he’s out with Phoebe! Please let her have her cell phone on.

Shane confesses that the first night they met, he had told her things were really bad for him, but he hadn’t been completely honest and didn't tell her that he was homeless. He had no place to go and no money and basically he was just living right down the street from here. And one night he sees this car stranded and offered the young girl help. She realizes now it was her and he was the one. She inches her hand inside her purse for the phone, but he grabs it. He goes on that he understands her being scared and reacting the way she did. He looked really, really horrible then. But, that was the first night they met. He regales the whole story – how he saw another car approach and it hit Darla. The other car stopped and she got out and ran to the crash site. “That woman was your mother, Phoebe.” And he knew that is who the police were looking for. In a panic, she asks what does he want? “What do you want from me?”

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