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Written By Wanda
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Pacing the room at Brooke’s, Bridget wrings her hands and finds this very hard to explain. Brooke interrupts and states that she is a grown woman. She can lead her life anyway she pleases, she is not going to hear any criticism from her. Bridget agonizes that the truth is, she has disgraced herself and everyone around her, but most especially her mom.

By Taylor's pool, Hector holds the fax sheet and tries to convince Phoebe that Shane is a thief and more; he’s dangerous. Why would there be a restraining order against him? As he is asking Phoebe to take a look at it, Shane comes up from behind and snatches it out of his hands. He tells Phoebe that she doesn’t need a blind private eye. Yes, that is him, but all she had to do was ask him.

Bridget brings up Africa, none of which had anything to do with the real reason she was going. Brooke spouts that doing the right thing for the wrong reason doesn’t take away from the good that she can accomplish. Bridget points out she is not going to do any good so no good will be accomplished. Brooke pleads with her that changing her mind is NO disgrace and she is in fact relieved she is not going and she is sure Nick will be too. On cue, he walks in and asks relieved about what? Brooke is happy to tell him that Bridget has changed her mind about going to Africa. Bridget fills him in that it is not that she changed her mind, but what is going to happen for the three of them. Brooke approaches her and takes her by the hands and says, “stop it. I’m not going to let you agonize over that too. I love you, I trust you. And I know you don’t have any designs on my husband.” She asks Bridget to just relax and then she wants to know what Nick has held behind his back? Nervously he pulls out the bridal bouquet and says he knows most people wait a few decades to do this, but they’ve had their share……but he’s asked the reverend to come over and renew their vows. She looks so pleasantly surprised and touched. He glances at Bridget and says he’s sorry, he didn’t know anybody would be over there. He finishes telling Brooke that the first time they did it with a justice of the peace, so now he thought maybe with the reverend they’d want to do this under God’s eyes… just the two of them. What did she think? She exclaims that would be great, so romantic, she’d love to. She gives him a big appreciative hug and he glances at a pensive, nervous Bridget. He hands the bouquet to Brooke and asks her to come out on the terrace with him. They look down on the scene below, beautiful, green, candlelit, flowers galore with the reverend waiting. Why she would want to, but Bridget follows as well and watches the happy couple.

Shane explains to both, he came to California and wanted to be a carpenter. To be one, you had to be in the union and pay your dues, in order to do that you had to have a job. Hector smarts that most unemployed people don’t become thieves. Shane says it was only a sandwich….yeah, he was hungry, living in the outdoors, couldn’t clean up. Who was going to hire him like that? Had she ever done something that she knows she shouldn’t have, but there just was no choice? Hector grills him on his failure to appear and his restraining order back in Atlanta. Shane manages to innocently explain both of them. Then he acts highly indignant that Hector is questioning him. Is there anything else he wants, perhaps an old high school report card? Hector retorts that just because he has all the answers doesn’t make them true. Phoebe shrugs and asks does he ever admit he’s wrong – ever?

In his own way, Nick tries to explain to the reverend why this fresh start and the reverend tells him the text he usually uses is for the 40th and even 50th anniversary. Nick asks if he has something in there for people in their 10th week? They all feel better when he says he’ll think of something.

Felicia catches Bridget staring out at the ceremony and surmises she hasn’t told them yet. Bridget replies, “the only thing my mother knows how to do when she sees me unhappy is tell me how wonderful I am. Oh, Felicia, she’s so far from imagining what’s really going on.” Felicia quips that maybe it doesn’t need to be told today. Bridget wonders what that makes her? Felicia says cautious because she doesn’t even know if she can carry the baby to term (ouch). Bridget asks if she really thinks she needs to hear that? Felicia tells it like it is – if she wants to be honest with herself, Bridget needs to ask herself why she was hell-bent on delivering this news today. When if she waits, God forbid, there might be nothing to tell. Unless she thinks she has another chance at Nick. Because if that is the case she’d better get out there right now and do what she came here to do. Bridget tells her she is not angling for Nick. She just wants to tell her mother as she thinks that is the straight-forward thing to do. She realizes the timing is awful, but there will never be a good time. She’s just going to tell them the truth today.

Shane coyly pretends he doesn’t want company forcing Phoebe to knock and come on in anyway. He tells her that what he needs is a place he can stay where people don’t think he’s going to slit their throat in the middle of the night. She says she hopes he doesn’t hold it against her what Hector just did. Shane says he hopes she doesn’t object to his spilling his guts the way he just did. She confesses it was the only way to get him to stop and Hector is the one who should be embarrassed. Everything Shane said made sense. He wonders if she feels differently about him now. She replies no, because she knows not everyone grew up the way she did. And she too got in plenty of trouble, her mother just never knew. She doesn’t think he’s a bad person and he IS staying there. He talks her into changing his bandage since he was clenching his fist when Hector was harassing him. His mind fancies, “so innocent, virginal. God, you’re killing me, Phoebe. What do I do here? Do I still take the million from your mom or what? How do I play this thing?”

The minister starts the ceremony and both bride and groom say I Do. He tells them he is asking them to renew their vows before him and God and to recommit themselves to that work of love that they have undertaken. Brooke starts her vows – she will never forget how close she came to losing him. It was like falling through the dark with nothing to hold onto. “With your love, it makes he feel so safe, so strong, and I felt so lost when I thought I had destroyed that. I love you and I promise never to take your love for granted…..ever again.” He starts that he failed her, there is no other way to say it….and for her to please not argue or disagree….he knows he has failed her. Loving her is the easy part and he couldn’t stop if he tried. But, he fell in love without limits. So, no more uncrossed lines in the sand. No more old fashioned ‘you love me my way or I’m leaving’. That’s over. So before Heaven, and her and this man, he promises he will never let that happen again. The minister says a prayer and all say Amen. “What God hath put together, let no one put asunder.” And he tells Nick he may kiss the bride. Brooke giggles. Seeing the whole thing, Bridget turns away a little sickeningly.

Nick thanks the minister for coming on such short notice and as soon as he is out of sight Brooke ditches the bouquet, grabs him with both hands and pulls him closer and remarks that he’s really stuck with her now…..forever. They playfully kiss and he says that is the whole point. And is she really okay with this? Surprise birthdays are one thing, but surprise weddings…..She thinks it was beautiful although she loved their first one too and she wants to get married every year. He quips that is sort of standard operating procedure for her, isn’t it? She says she meant with HIM, silly. Can they? He remarks that depends. Does he get a honeymoon every year? She tells him of course he does. She teases that she will be upstairs and he’ll come up in a few minutes.

Shane confides to Phoebe that when he got his first paycheck, he did go back and pay for that sandwich. She thinks this is ridiculous. This is America, we don’t put hungry people in jail. Still, they could be looking for him and she vows they won’t find him here. And she’s serious. No one better mess with her when she thinks she is right about something. He asks if she knows she is right about him and she replies she knows he’s not a criminal. Hector walks up outside the door and strains to overhear their conversation. Shane wants to know if she will go to dinner with him on his last paycheck? He feels like he should turn it over to her and her mom but he knows they won’t take it. She tells him he should use it for something he really wants. He replies this would sort of be for that. He’s never going to be able to thank her the right way, but he can do this. Please, if she will let him. She says yes, but no meat unless she cuts it for him. He laughs and says no, no, no, no knives for her, Mrs. Scissorhands, he’s hurting here still. She apologizes before she leaves.

Hector makes a quick phone call and tells the person that rap sheet wasn’t enough. “Butter wouldn’t melt in this guy’s mouth.” He’s got to help him check out this guy’s story and pretty quickly.

Nick looks up the stairs and starts to go up when he notices Bridget coming in from the terrace (in her stalking mode). He remarks he didn’t know she was still there. She folds her arms and says he didn’t think she’d want to stick around and hear him say his vows, especially since it wasn’t that long ago she thought that they might do that? She doesn’t know why she stayed. How did it go? He tells her this was important to him. Her mother doesn’t know why, but Bridget does. He whispers that he has come around to her way of thinking that they shouldn’t tell her mom about them sleeping together. He has let her down in the worst way possible and he will never do that again. Sarcastically, she says wow, everything is working out PERFECTLY for him. He wants to know what she means by that? She replies just tell her mom congratulations. He grabs her by the arm as she tries to go and reminds her this is what they agreed upon, they wanted this. To put the night behind them. She flips well she guesses they did. But, it’s just like bad movie monsters that keep POPPING back up. He tries to tell her again this is what they agreed on and he never led her on and she knows that. She chides that he really doesn’t want to be having this conversation. He states he’s only looking to his future and that is what she should be doing too. She breaks away from him and says she can’t! “I am pregnant. And yes, it is YOUR child!”

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