The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/22/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Felicia tells Bridget that she loves Nick and this baby could bring them back together. Getting an abortion could be a huge mistake.

While waiting on the phone for an answer, Hector muses that if this punk thinks he can weasel his way into this house…….He learns he was booked for theft in L.A. and has a restraining order in Atlanta, but no details. Hector muses again, “pack your bags, punk, you are outta here!”

Shane holds a photo of Phoebe and gloats to himself that he thinks she really likes him. And he cleans up pretty good, and to think he was only going to take her mother for a measly million. He glances down from the window at Phoebe below sunning by the pool and thinks he could really hit the jackpot here, she’s such a babe. Only…….enter Harry. She is totally off in thought and completely forgot their date or appointment. He laughs when she tells him about the gardener’s hand. He thinks that is very original and will give it a nine. He’s surprised to find it’s all true and she even brought the gardener back here to stay for a while.

Back downstairs at Brooke’s, she is pouring coffee while Nick buckles his belt and announces that “that” kind of exercise makes him hungry. She offers to make him something to eat but he announces he will get some on the way out. She jokes if he is trying to get rid of her already, he had promised he’d cleared his schedule for the day. He said he had but something came up and he needs to go take care of it. He teases that he might tell her what it is, if she’s good. She comes closer and he tells her to watch out, he’s a lot stronger than her so she better be careful. In a flash, she grabs his arm and pulls it behind his back and he hollers that hurts. Just as Donna walks in and quips that the honeymooners are fighting already.

Brooke giggles and lets go and Nick asks Donna, speaking of fighting…… how is she and what’s-his-name doing? Never mind, he doesn’t want to know. Says he has to head out, gives Brooke a quick kiss and tells the girls to be good to each other. Have a good chat, but make sure it’s about something other than Forrester. Brooke approaches and confronts her and asks her now what really happened with Ridge? And she’d better tell her nothing!

Shane watches Harry and Phoebe. She senses Harry has a problem with her having Shane there while he heals. He assures her it’s her home, do what she will. Her cell phone rings and it’s Shane from right upstairs. Shirtless, he fakes that he can’t find his pain pills and his arm is really hurting, so she offers to come find them for him. He offers – only if it’s not too much trouble. He takes the real bottle of pills and stuffs them under the bed and waits with a sly smirk on his face. She tells Harry to stick around, she’ll be right back.

Bridget tells Felicia that she is NOT going to have an abortion. She could never ever do that to Nick’s child. Felicia thinks that statement alone proves the two of them are meant to be together. Bridget rails that no it doesn’t. She would never go after her mother’s husband. Felicia quips that when she is going to start showing, what is she going to tell everyone, that it came from Santa Claus? Bridget tells her to stop, this isn’t a joke. Felicia knows it’s not. That’s why she’s trying to get through to her. She doesn’t seem to have a realistic plan. Bridget says really she does. She knows she told Nick that she could not tell her mother the truth, but now she feels like she has to. She deserves to know. Felicia doesn’t think that is much of a realistic plan. Doesn't Bridget think that will destroy her mom’s marriage? She confesses she doesn’t know. All she knows is that she will not do what her mother did about Deacon’s baby, and absolutely will not hide the truth.

Brooke asks Donna if Ridge is with her? She replies no, he is still in Europe. He wanted to spend more time with Steffy. She wants to know if she and Nick are okay? Brooke assures her it’s wonderful, she has no idea! She says good because she wants her to tell Donna that she is through with Ridge, forever!

Shane watches her cute, shapely behind as Phoebe bends down and finally finds the pills from under the bed. It must have fallen from the nightstand. She hands him the pills and tells him to take one, and get some rest. He begs that he’d like her to stay, he’d enjoy a little company if she doesn’t mind.

Hector comes down and mistakes Harry for Shane and tells him that he knows who he is so why not save himself a hell of a lot of trouble and clear out before he throws him out himself. Meanwhile, Shane is smoozing with Phoebe telling her that she has such a great smile and eyes…..every time he looks into them he sees this girl with such a big heart. She’s embarrassed and tells him to stop it and immediately tries to rush out. She does thank him for saying that, but he needs to get his rest, so she’s going to go and check back later. Later he tells himself, “that went pretty good. Well, it’s not going to happen overnight. But, it is going to happen.” Then he glances out and wonders what those two knuckleheads are talking about?

Hector apologizes to Harry and tells him he just lost his eyesight and he’s not good at voices just yet. Harry says it’s okay and offers him a chair right behind him. Hector determines that his name is Harry and Harry fills him in that he’s a new friend of Phoebe’s and he’s staying on Nick’s houseboat. Now he wants to be filled in on this Shane. Phoebe walks up at this time and asks Harry if she can make this up to him by going somewhere and talking? Hector chimes in that he needs to talk to Phoebe. When she asks, he says it can’t wait. Harry chirps that Hector doesn’t seem to think too highly of her live-in gardener. She responds that he’s paranoid. Hector still asks Harry if he and Phoebe can have a few minutes alone? Phoebe is not pleased with this, but Harry says he has places to go anyway. He just wanted to stop by and make sure she hadn’t fell in a hole or something. And next time maybe she could call and let him know when she can’t make it. They say their goodbyes and then she turns on Hector and tells him thanks a lot! He tells her she is going to thank him, and she’s going to mean it. It’s about her friend, McGrath. She doesn’t want him to even go there. But, he tells her that he knows she feels guilty. He knows she almost chopped his hand off, but he’s telling her, the guy is trouble.

Out at about the patio area, Nick is on phone talking to someone while putting out candles and making later plans that Brooke knows nothing about and he’d like to keep it that way. Brooke repeats the question – is she DONE with Ridge? And she asks why? Donna thinks it is obvious. Brooke says she knows she followed him all around Europe and that Donna has probably thrown herself at him. And knowing Ridge, he probably responded. Donna informs her they are NOT sleeping together….not that she wouldn’t love to. And that’s why she is here, to find out where they stand. Brooke tells her that she loves Ridge and always will. Donna responds that he loves her too, doesn’t Brooke know that? And she and Ridge can be standing arm-in-arm overlooking the harbor of Monte Carlo and suddenly his smile just fades and she can feel him slipping away. She states that she wants to make her own memories with Ridge. “And I truly feel that the road of my life….why I’ve never been married, why I’ve always felt something was missing…..that it led me here to Ridge.” Brooke tells her wait a minute, that she is the one with the cosmic love story with Ridge, not Donna. Donna realizes that, but she is married to Nick now and she begs Brooke to just let her know if she’s let Ridge go? Brooke expresses to her that she and Nick have worked through their issues. And their relationship is stronger than ever. And Nick would never let her down the way Ridge has. Donna regales that she will then have a long, happy marriage. So that means she won’t stand in the way of her and Ridge? She says that means so much to her and thanks her with a big hug.

Bridget just waltzes in and overhears as Donna tells Brooke that she knows it’s hard for her to think of her and Ridge. But, with Nick she feels like she has found somebody who will never let her down. She truly believes that. Bridget’s heart just sinks.

Shane lounges in bed smiling to himself, thinking of his moments with Phoebe and that she is something else! Hector tells Phoebe that he ran a background check on Shane. She interrupts and says she already knows about him. He came to L.A. to work in the movies and ran into some bad luck. Hector informs her that he had a restraining order in Atlanta, and even arrested for theft here in L.A. and he didn’t show up for his court appearance. Still with proof on the fax, she wonders if Hector is making this up. Shane is a nice guy, she can tell. He hands her the paper and tells her to look at it and then tell him what a nice guy he is. Shane comes down and sees this exchange.

Donna tells Brooke that she is going to call Ridge and tell him that she arrived safely. She says hello to Bridget who now has walked into the room. She exclaims that Donna really looks happy. Brooke tells her that she is ready to start her life with Ridge, if she can. Bridget remarks that has to really hurt Brooke. She points out she and Nick are married now, they said their vows and their marriage is stronger than ever. She senses something and asks Bridget what’s wrong? Bridget says, “oh, mother” and hesitates. Brooke jumps in and says she knows she doesn’t really like to hear it when she and Nick are doing well, but they’ve been talking about her going to Africa and it seems to make sense. She’s going to have a good time there, practice her skills, be in a new country, meet new people, who knows……maybe she’ll meet a wonderful person…..a doctor….Bridget says she is not going to Africa after all. She can’t. She has done something.

Dumbfounded, Brooke asks what is she talking about? Bridget rambles but tells Brooke that she is her best friend in life, and how much she loves her and relies on her. She’s the only person she has shared her whole life with. They’ve had a lot of problems but always made it through. There even was a time that she judged her….and she really thought she could be a better person than that. She criticized her choices and pointed out lives that she had affected. Not only was that very, very, unfair, but totally naïve. Things just don’t turn out like you expect. She knows now that you make one bad choice in a tiny moment of weakness and then you live the rest of your life with the ramifications. Brooke asks her what is she trying to say?

Bridget groans that people say they are given challenges in life to overcome. And God, she hopes they can overcome this one. She says she is just terrified of losing Brooke, but she deserves to know something and she just prays that she can forgive her. Wide eyed, Brooke replies, “what is it, Bridget? What have you done?”

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