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Bridget thinks Christian is stalling when he’s looking at her charts and she doesn’t care about the white blood count. She just wants to know if she is pregnant? He gives her an ominous look.

Hector cautiously makes his way around Taylor’s house using his guide cane although he tells Taylor it’s almost too late to learn as he is moving out tomorrow. She tells him he doesn’t have to, but he thinks it is the right thing to do. She mentions that he needs friends and is this because of Thorne? He replies that he needs more than a friend. She wants to know where he’s going to go and he remarks that he has a friend with a guest house. It’s small but private. She’s still discussing this and him making the adjustment when Phoebe comes in with Shane from the hospital. Hector senses someone is with her and they tell him about Shane having the accident and going to stay there for a few days. Shane thanks them but Hector rankles a bit that an injury like that might take a while. Phoebe asks where are they going to put him? Shane quips they can put him anywhere, even a closet would be fine. Taylor answers that Hector just told her that he is moving out so Thomas’room is now available again, Shane can move in there. Hector sighs with displeasure.

Nick quickly locks the door and waits for Brooke’s entrance. When she is forthcoming, she is wearing his black shirt and he comments that it sure looks better on her than him. They cuddle and giggle and he says he has an issue with this whole ‘making babies’ thing. She springs on the bed and tells him she knows, it makes him think of changing diapers, mashed bananas and staying up all night. He answers that no, that’s not all. He thinks that Mother Nature tries to confuse them into thinking they should be interested in making babies just to keep the species going. She comments it must have worked because there are way too many people in the world. He cajoles that his point is he doesn’t remember Mother Nature says ‘oops, there is too many people. Let’s not let sex be fun anymore.’ She agrees, she doesn’t remember that either. She deadpans they need to check just to make sure. He says for the goodness of the human race, maybe they should keep it going. They kiss and it’s getting pretty hot and heavy while she breathes, “yeah for the goodness of the human race.” He quips that he loves Mother Nature and she echoes that.

Felicia says hello to the receptionist who tells her she is early for her appointment. Felicia says she wants to see her sister for a little while first. Lori tells her she thinks she is in Dr. Ramirez’s office. Inside, Bridget looks very worried with the folder she is holding and reading. She asks for a second run of these tests. Christian tells her she knows how accurate the lab is. They are not going to screw up a simple, straightforward test. She laments this can not be happening this way, it will complicate everything, even her trip to Africa. She whines that it will impact EVERYTHING. This could not possibly be more wrong. The whole night was wrong and never should have happened in the first place. But, now for her to end up pregnant!

At that moment, Felicia walks in and utters the last word. Bridget is pregnant? Bridge is aghast that Felicia just barged in. Felicia tells her that was not her intent, but now that she heard, Bridget has to tell her. Christian’s beeper goes off and he excuses himself after asking Bridget if she will be okay. She replies no, but he tells her to stay calm and he’ll be right back. Felicia meddles more and Bridget tells her she can not come there demanding to know her business. Felicia tells her don’t make this about her, she’s pregnant, so who’s the father? Bridget sighs making Felicia think it’s Dante. Bridget sets her straight immediately. She promises it isn’t Dante. But, she doesn’t know how much she wishes it was. Nosy Felicia asks if it was a one-night stand? Bridget admits it was, in a way only it wasn’t just some guy in a bar or at the hospital. Felicia says of course not, that’s not Bridget’s style. Bridget laments she wishes it were. She doesn’t know WHAT she was thinking or how this happened. Felicia asks again – who was it? Bridget says she wishes she could tell, but she can’t. How ridiculous, she will know soon enough, just a matter of time. Felicia reminds her that she is her sister, she can tell her. Bridget confesses that it is Nick. Felicia is rocked.

Brooke and Nick lay in each other’s arms and she coos to him that he’s such an incredible lover. He admits it’s true, it’s true. She comments on how happy she is, but being a mom she was thinking also of Bridget. She’s very proud of her and she’s going to do wonderful work over there. But, she can’t help but think she’s trying to get away from them. She just wishes she could find someone to have that special bond like they share.

Taylor brings Shane and Phoebe some tea and Taylor tells him she is glad he is okay. He’s lucky he didn’t lose a hand. Hector makes a snide remark about yeah, him being lucky. He asks pointedly if he has any family here in town? Shane answers that no, they are all back in Atlanta and they really don’t talk that much. Hector asks if he has a place here and Shane tells him sort of, just a studio that he rents from week to week. Taylor tries to stop Hector from asking more nosy questions of their guest, but Hector insists that he thinks all of this is pretty convenient for Shane. Phoebe speaks up and asks what’s his problem? He comments that as a landscaper he should know about hedge clippers, so he thinks that was pretty careless. Shane says he doesn’t want to be rude, but what is with him. Does he think he deliberately cut his hand on purpose? Hector concludes that whatever happened, he is using it to his advantage. Phoebe answers, “Hector, aren’t you being a little hypocritical? I mean, when Mom asked you to stay, you couldn’t say yes fast enough.” Hector denies that this is the same thing. Taylor intercedes and says she told Shane he could stay there and now it looks like Hector isn’t going to move out so why doesn’t Phoebe show Shane to the guest room? And, if he needs anything, just let her know. Shane smoozes by thanking her again and that she is a very kind person. He gives a smirk to Hector as he thanks them for everything. When they are gone, Hector comments again that he can’t believe she is doing this. She tells him it’s for Phoebe. She feels responsible. The guy was hurt on their property and she wants to handle it, properly this time. He knows, but he still thinks she is overcompensating. And he wouldn’t let the guy get too comfortable there. She tells him then it’s a good thing he is staying to make sure they are safe. He says maybe he will just for the time being. He inquires about a fax machine up in Thomas’ room. There’s something about this guy that he doesn’t like and he’s going to find out what it is.

Phoebe shows Shane to his room and he looks around and is pleased. He remarks that it is a major improvement. She asks about his hand, if he needs more bandages and checks to make sure the bed has linens, and some more pillows to elevate his hand. He grins with the expression that he has it made!

Brooke and Nick discuss kids and that they don’t need to worry about Bridget. She is allowed complications. She’s doing what she has to do, setting a new course in life. She purrs aye, aye Captain and he wants to know if she is making fun of him? She asks and what is he going to do about it? He suddenly grabs her and she giggles as he kisses her after saying he is going to punish her the way a good captain should.

Felicia reminds Bridget that Nick worships the ground that Brooke walks on, so she’s trying to figure out how this happened. Bridget remarks it was just another night that Brooke left him to go to Ridge. He couldn’t handle it anymore. He’d had enough and he meant it this time, and he had been drinking. He took off his ring and Bridget said she was there. As a friend, but one thing led to another. She cries she really doesn’t want to break up this marriage. Felicia allows if Nick let this happen, perhaps it is falling apart on its own. Bridget doesn’t think so because they got back together the next day and they are better than ever. She bares her soul that her mother’s cross was sleeping with Deacon and having his child. And Bridget had criticized her for hurting people and years of selfishness and thoughtlessness and she swore up and down she’d never be like her. And now she is exactly like her!

Hector talks to someone on the phone and tells them that is all the information he could get from the landscaping company without asking too many questions – Shane McGrath from Atlanta. Is that enough to run a check on? He vows if there is anything on this kid, he’s going to know about it.

Phoebe plops down on the couch next to Taylor and asks where Hector is? She comments that he is so annoying, always with the whole fireman ‘I’m going to save everyone’ syndrome. Taylor says he just wants to make sure they are okay, be glad there are people like that. Phoebe states he just doesn’t know when to stop. But, she is so grateful to her mother for letting Shane stay there. She knows it’s the right thing to do. Taylor says okay, but just remember it is only for a few days.

Shane groans but gives out a big comforting sigh as he glides on the big bed and lounges about. He grins, “Yeah, this works. Oh, this feels so good. Now the trick is, I try to make this thing last.” Hector waits for the fax machine and is told this guy has a record right there in L.A. While he is waiting, he surmises, “well, whoever you are, punk, don’t get too comfortable here because you are going to be on the road again soon.”

As Brooke and Nick lay snuggling and enveloped in each other’s arms, she gleefully tells him it feels so good…..not just that……but she meant it feels good to be with a man she can trust completely, that won’t betray her. It’s like a safe harbor. He tells her she is beginning to sound very nautical, does she know that? She says she is serious, she knows he would never betray her and that makes her feel so safe. She strokes his face, kisses him and tells him she loves him.

Bridget confides that she cursed her mother for sleeping with Deacon and having a baby with HER husband. And she would tell anyone who would listen what a horrible, horrible person she was. And now Bridget is pregnant by HER husband. Felicia concedes it is different. Bridget says yes because she judged her, and you know what else is different? She states she is not going to handle it the way Brooke did. She will not create the same mess that she did. “Felicia, I know what I have to do. As much as I hate….hate the thought of this, I know what has to be done.”

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