The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Bridget informs Christian he’d better hold off on the immunizations and give her the pregnancy test. She remembers the hot night with Nick and tells Christian there is a slight chance.

Phoebe goes a little overboard in assuring Shane that it is all settled and as soon as he gets out of there, he’s going home with them. Taylor vocalizes to Phoebe that she thinks paying for his hospital bills is enough and she will get him a nurse, but they don’t need to take him in. She’ll even cover his wages he’ll lose. Phoebe still politely argues what’s the big deal – he needs a friend, not a check and they have a HUGE house (never mind I guess that they don’t know him). Shane is also shocked that she wants to do this when she barely even knows him. She retorts that it’s the right thing to do. And she keeps chastising her mother that what is the problem? Is she afraid he is going to hurt them? Finally she excuses them and tells Shane that she needs to talk to her daughter alone. The grin seems to indicate he’s rather enjoying this little fight over his cause.

Bridget gets rather worked up over the possibility of her predicament. She keeps telling herself it was ONLY one night, then her thoughts turn to when she was pregnant with Nicole and Nick talking to her tummy…….and how happy they were. She cries that everything would have been so different if Nicole had lived.

Jackie sits with Hope and they delight in putting transfer tattoos of a rose on her face and hand, just like Uncle Nick. She can’t wait to show Brooke and Nick when they arrive home. He promptly asks for her to pick out a tattoo for him too. Jackie takes her upstairs to show her brother. Brooke laments how much Hope loves Nick and he replies he sure loves her too. Brooke feels she is lucky to have four wonderful children and one wonderful husband, and they kiss. Which prompts Nick to ask her what does she think about them having their own child?

Once again, Bridget remembers her night of comfort with Nick and subsequently him telling her that he wants to confess all to Brooke and Bridget is adamantly against it. Christian hands her a cup and tells her to leave the sample in the restroom and they’ll get the results back tomorrow. She asks if he can put a rush on it and he declares that he can, and they’ll know in a little while, the sooner the better. She sinks down in a chair lamenting that it HAS to be negative, it just has to be. She can’t be pregnant, not like this.

Brooke ponders having another child. He knows they haven’t discussed it before and she knows it is a very difficult issue with him. For a while he thought R.J. was his, and then Dino and then he lost Nicole. And being a daddy was something he was really looking forward to. He replies that technically he is. He has two beautiful step-kids and he couldn’t be happier. She’s confused and then asks does that mean he doesn’t want to have a baby? He gropes for an answer and quips he doesn’t know; she is the one who’d be having it! So she needs to tell him. Is this something she wants to do?

Taylor asks Phoebe what is she trying to do and she only replies she wants to do the right thing. Taylor opines she knows she feels guilty, but there is a limit to what they can do. Phoebe grumbles about nobody wanting to help other people anymore. Taylor offers she thinks they are doing quite a bit for him. Phoebe continues to harass, what would a couple of days in their house hurt? Taylor admits that Phoebe is a very sweet, compassionate person. That’s what she loves about her, but she just doesn’t understand how complicated this could be. Phoebe doesn’t see it that way. Either they do something for him or they don’t. Taylor offers that it is her responsibility as her mother to help her make the right decision. Disappointed, Phoebe walks away. Taylor follows and reminds her that they can’t just invite strangers to live in their home. Phoebe throws it back in her face that she invited Hector to live there without asking Phoebe. Again Taylor points out they don’t know the first thing about this guy. She needs to be a little more cautious about people. Phoebe grumbles that Taylor didn’t used to be like this. Taylor asks her what is really going on here? Does she feel that guilty? She knows what that is like; she lives it every day. And she knows that Phoebe wants to do the right thing and do something because they didn’t with Aunt Darla or Thorne. Her mother points out that she’s been through so much and she’s just starting back to school, she needs to focus on herself, not this. Phoebe pleads, “Mom, I NEED to do this. I need to help him.” Taylor softens a bit and says he does seem like a nice guy, but what about Hector? Phoebe thinks that is even better, Shane will know he’s not there alone with them in the house. Taylor gives in and says maybe for a few days until he can make other arrangements. Phoebe hugs her neck and thanks her. She re-emphasizes that they really owe him and he really is a nice guy, she can tell. She promises.

Nick tells Brooke this is not something you make assumptions about, so he thought he’d better ask. Is this something she’d be interested in? She laughs that she loves kids and she knows she would adore his, they’d be funny. He wants to know if it would be a possibility? She replies with a giggle that it could be whether they plan for it or not. Nick asks, “well a possibility you’d consider, possibly?” She does point out that the kids are older now and they can travel and easier to do things. He could teach them to sail and go to exotic places that he tells all those wonderful stories about. But, you can’t do those things with a baby. He admits that sailing off to Fiji on a whim wouldn’t be in the cards. He reminds her that her kids may not be of his blood, but they are his kids. She agrees and she knows the kids know too. He says that him being a father, having his own child, maybe it’s not meant to happen and he’s okay with that. He tells her he’s raising two beautiful children with the woman he loves. He couldn’t be happier. She gives him a big kiss and hug and he tries to look happy.

Shane laments to himself of his good luck to have Phoebe. She’s so sweet and kind….and pretty….but he is so dumb, what is he doing? Phoebe comes back in and wants to apologize for her mother. She really didn’t think he was a bad person and it took her a while to say yes… least for a few days. He grins – a few days in a Beverly Hills mansion, oh my God, it sounds great. Phoebe tells him he will be their guest and he has to do nothing but just focus on getting better. He giggles that he thinks he’s feeling better already. He tells her she is the sweetest and thanks her. Then asks her to come closer and he gives her a kiss on the cheek……which obviously pleases her. She almost blushes.

Nick tippy toes around and states to Brooke that it is so quiet upstairs. He thinks his mom has got it handled. She reminds him if R.J. is down, he’ll be there a while. He whispers why don’t they slip up to the love shack then? She playfully agrees, they probably won’t even know they are gone. He teases that no screaming. She tells him it could be a little risky. He says they will lock the door. She giggles she is not talking about that kind of risk. She’s saying if they aren’t sure about a baby, then they’d better be more careful and not so spontaneous. He laughs and tells her okay, but he meant what he said before – her kids are his kids. She knows he would do almost anything for her, and he agrees that he would. She cups his neck and tells him for the first time in a long time, she feels like she’s on solid ground. And she’s really truly happy. She loves him so much and he makes her feel so safe. And does he know what that means to her? She quickly kisses him and playfully taps his nose and states that she is going to run upstairs, and he’d better follow in a few minutes. And she does practically skip upstairs. He watches with a pensive, worried look.

Bridget paces and is happy to see Christian come back and he states that he has the test results. She tells him not to wait, share. Slowly he tells her that he didn’t just do a pregnancy test, he did a CBC and chem panel….if she was going to Africa for a few months, he wanted to be sure she wouldn’t have some health problems waiting to crop up. She’s anxious to get the immunizations so tells him to please give her the results of the tests. Is she pregnant or not?

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