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Written By Wanda
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Frantically, Phoebe wonders to Bridget why she can’t find out Shane’s status in surgery. Being a gardener is a side job, he’s really a carpenter and needs his hands. She feels terribly guilty and needs reassurance that he’s going to be okay. Bridget hugs her and tries to reassure her that she will find out what she can about his surgery. When Taylor hears, she calls Phoebe and inquires what happened? And tells her she will grab a cab and be right there.

Brooke leaves a message for Bridget to give her a call, they need to talk. Nick asks if she is that worried about Bridget going to Africa? Brooke opines that she didn’t want Stephanie to know it, but yes she is. She’s really worried about WHY she is going. It’s like she’s trying to put as much distance as possible between herself and Nick. She knows she just said that this was something Bridget should do, but is it really? She laments that she really wants Bridget to be happy, but she hasn’t been since she lost Nick. And she feels like this is something she should have seen. She’s done this since she was little; she always runs. And she doesn’t even know if it is her place to ask her not to. He tells her that it’s okay, she is her mother. But, Brooke reminds him that she is also his wife, and Bridget never got over losing Nicole. She had her urn out and her little blanket, and she really misses her. Brooke states she also knows he and Bridget would still be married if Nicole hadn’t died. She benefited form Bridget’s loss! All of the joy and happiness she is enjoying now because she is married to him. She hugs him and says and that is at Bridget’s expense.

Bridget tells Phoebe the surgery went well and the doctor will come up and fill her in. There is a slight chance he could develop scar tissue and have some limited mobility in his hand, but it could have been so much worse. She thinks he will be fine with full recovery with rehabilitation. Phoebe sits vigil by Shane’s side as he sleeps and whispers that all is going to be fine now. He stirs and through hazy eyes finally realizes it’s Phoebe and asks what happened? He asks about his hands because they hurt. She tells him with therapy he will be good as new. She apologizes again for causing this and she vows to be there for him in whatever he needs.

Bridget pops in and catches Brooke crying on Nick’s shoulder figuratively. Quickly, she fills them in on what happened with Phoebe and the gardener. And that she intended to come over earlier to tell them about Africa. That isn’t the reason she is crying, is it? Brooke says it is not just that. She knows Bridget is having a hard time being around Nick. It’s okay, they have been talking about it. Very uncomfortable, Bridget tells them frankly she is tired of talking about it. And if she needs to go away to keep from talking about it, then so be it. Brooke maintains that she is just running away; why doesn’t she just stay and deal with her problems. Bridget thinks she simply can do something more productive. Brooke points out that she’s hurting still over losing Nicole. Bridget states that 500 children die in Africa from a poverty-related illness every hour. She couldn’t save Nicole, but perhaps she can help save these children. Brooke still points out that she is concerned. This is just like when she ran off to Copenhagen to try and avoid all her issues. Nothing changed when she came back. Bridget admits that nothing may change this time, but at least she will get a different perspective. Nothing may ever change, but she has to believe that it can. Brooke shrugs as she puts her hands on Bridget’s shoulders and tells her maybe she is just being selfish. She really likes having her here, especially since Rick is so far away. It’s really meant a lot to her and she’s really going to miss her. They hug and Bridget looks over Brooke’s shoulder at Nick and stares at him intently and says that she will miss “you” too.

Shane opines to Phoebe that he’s been taking care of himself all his life and he can take care of this too. But, Phoebe insists on wanting to help. He tells her no. His arm really hurts now but the doc fixed it and there is nothing more she can do. He’ll take care of the rest of it from here on. She reminds him that he’ll need support, but he tells her he’s more of a loner. She wants to call his family but he tells her no, they are way back in Atlanta and he doesn’t talk to them that much anymore. He tells her she’s really sweet, but he’s going to be really busy with physical therapy and stuff for a long time. She really doesn’t have to hang around and play nursemaid to some gardener guy just because she feels guilty. She says she will only feel guilty if he doesn’t let her help him. He realizes she is not going to let him talk her out of this.

Taylor pops in and Phoebe lays into her how guilty she feels and has Taylor feeling responsible since he’d come to help her with her privacy issue. Phoebe now feels even worse but vows to Shane that they are going to take care of everything.

Brooke gets a phone call from Sally and says she will report to shipping right now. She leaves and a nervous Bridget tells Nick that she should leave too. He offers to walk her out; she declines. He tells her there are other ways to avoid him. She simply says that people need her help. There’s a lot she can do and it will be better than sticking around here. Sensing her discomfort, he says if she is leaving because of what happened between them, doesn’t she think it would make more sense to just tell her mother the truth? Bridget replies, “no, I don’t. We agreed, Nick. She will never know.” He tells her that her mother loves her, but she says telling her this probably will only make her hate her, and probably him too. It’ll be better this way. With her gone, he can just focus on his marriage and not how he almost ruined it. He admits that is not the way he sees that night. She tells him then maybe he should. “To me, it was a really beautiful good-bye.” She tells him she loves him and she wanted to be his reason for living, but it didn’t turn out that way. And he knows if it was meant to be, Nicole would have lived. And they would still be together. And she’s just going to make the best of it. And if she can’t make it the best for herself, then she’s going to make it the best for other people that have it far worse than she does. “I wish you and mom all the best.” She gives him a hug and a kiss on the neck. He watches her walk away with a sinking feeling in his gut.

The doctor examines Shane and they discuss physical therapy. That with it, he should regain normal function. Shane thinks that will take a few days, but the doctor advises with an injury like this, it’ll probably take months. Shane can’t do that. He says he has to get back to work to pay his rent. The doctor tells him he can file for workman’s compensation if he was injured on the job. He argues that he has no insurance, he won’t be able to pay for this. When he sees it is upsetting Shane, he tells him not to worry, he can talk to accounting before he leaves. Taylor steps in and tells him not to worry about a thing. They will take care of the hospital bill. Phoebe echoes this. She tells her mother in fact Shane only has one hand and he’s going to need some help. She thinks they should take him back to their place. She tells Shane she told him that she’d take care of him, and she promises she will make this up to him.

Brooke questions Nick why Bridget left? He states that she said she had things to do. Brooke says that isn’t all she said. He tells Brooke that he told Bridget there were other ways of handling the situation other than running off to Africa. Brooke says she doesn’t know. She’s thought about it while she was going downstairs, and she’d certainly miss her, but if Bridget can’t find happiness here…….Nick finishes – she wasn’t likely to find it in Africa. Brooke laments at least she’ll regain confidence and boost her self-esteem. And who knows, maybe she will meet some nice young man who’ll be just as interested in helping people as she is.

Bridget sits in Christian’s office while he prepares some immunizations. He asks if she has made her decision yet about the assignment? He was going to ask Felicia later today. She apologizes that she just hasn’t had time to discuss it with her. He says that she is his next appointment, she can stick around if she’d like. She asks if he is going back to Africa soon? He tells her as soon as he can. But, in the mean time, he’s glad there are other doctors willing to step up and make the commitment. Every contribution helps. Sending money is incredibly important, but they really need to get feet on the ground, doctors and medicine into the villages and refugee camps. And he reminds her these immunizations could save her life. He gives her a list of all the drugs she will be getting with their warnings and side effects. Just go ahead and read it and sign…..and she isn’t pregnant, right? She gives a quick no. He remarks he has to ask as some of these drugs could cause some serious birth defects and he’s required to test her if she has been sexually active since her last period.

Suddenly she remembers the recent night on The Marlin and tells Christian maybe he should wait and test her. It’s hardly worth mentioning, but there is a slight chance, a very small remote chance…..He reminds her that she knows if it comes up positive, she can’t go on this trip? Glumly and rolling her eyes, she replies it won’t be. “I am not pregnant, I can’t be.”

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